Ch 62 – Suffering Indignity Again

“All of you must die!” Lei Yu’s glare turned to the remaining few people, his eyes showing no emotional fluctuations. His empty eyes made those bastards want to jump out of the building to escape.

At this time, little Ke stood up with lifeless eyes, went over to one of the burly men that had already died, took a knife from his waist and aimed it at her left chest before forcefully stabbing in.

“Ahh!” Lei Yu hurriedly turned around, “little Ke!”

Forcefully holding this girl that had suffered repeated misfortune, Lei Yu’s chilling eyes disappeared, replacing it were eyes of endless deplore and sorrow. An anxious look had covered his entire face yet little Ke appeared to be very peaceful, her mouth muttered, “able to see… you rescue me twice… I’m already… very satisfied. Lei… Lei Yu, I love… love you. But my body… my body… is no longer pure, I do not want to tarnish you, I don’t want you to be disgusted with me. Thank you for coming to save me, in my next life I will…”

“No! No little Ke! Don’t die!” Tears were pouring out of Lei Yu’s eyes, a piercing scream cried out in front of this girl that had suffered so many misfortunes. Everything was already too late, little Ke stabbed a critical spot.

Lei Yu gently placed little Ke on the ground, his palms condensing a strong surge of lightning, placing his hands on top of little Ke’s two exposed soft breasts and pressed down. The electric current rushed into little Ke’s body causing her body to starting shaking. But that move was unsuccessful, so Lei Yu attempted a second time, and a third time, but was unable to reverse heaven’s decision.

“Little Ke! Little Ke! Wake up! Wake up! Hurry up and wake up! You cannot die! You cannot die!” Lei Yu’s tears continued to stream down, dripping onto little Ke’s white skinned stomach and flowing to her navel.

The rest of the people started to shuffle, wanting to escape in a hurry. But they did not dare to make any big movements in case they disturb this Lei Yu that was experiencing a mental breakdown.

“Stand still!” Lei Yu’s voice was very low, slowly standing up straight. From experiencing his previous grief, Lei Yu became completely in rage. His previous tender eyes instantly turned into a hair-raising killing intent.

“You… you have killed so many of our people, now it’s just the death of one girl, you… what else do you want to do?!” The middle-aged man’s voice was trembling; he finally knew what fear was. Apart from seeing super-strong experts in the Kou country, this was the first time he felt such terror in Tenglong country.

“Your people raped my friend, am I wrong to kill them? Your people came to my house to kill me, so am I wrong to kill them? Your people made my friend commit suicide, am I wrong to want to kill you?” Lei Yu asked three consecutive questions, yet the other side could not respond at all.

Inside his heart, the middle-aged man was cursing Nagasaka and all his ancestors. That lecherous pervert could have grabbed any girl, but happened to grab the friend of this god of killing. Looks like his little life would end here today.

“It is my fault for not instilling discipline into my men that caused this blunder; please… please forgive us Mr. Lei Yu. How about this, what do you need? Money? Beautiful girls? I will give it all to you, but only I hope that you will spare us today.” This middle-aged man was exactly the deceased Nagasaka’s superior, Otsuka.

“I will honestly tell you guys, I was going to kill everyone here for sullying little Ke. But forcing her to commit suicide, I will completely destroy your organization!”

“Bastard!” Otsuka stared with wide eyes, “who do you think you are? Daring to look down on my Kou country’s Yamaguchi-gumi organization?” The Kou people were like this, they will tolerate any personal insults you throw at them, but you can’t insult their organizations or their country or else you will piss them off.

Lei Yu did not care about the words of these disgusting insects, killing intent briefly flashed in his eyes. His body was like a ghost that suddenly drifted across; the several people did not even see how Lei Yu suddenly appeared in front of them. A palm strike crushed the skull of one of the Elementary Ninjas; then right after, his body left a ghostly afterimage by the dead ninja. The next moment, another person fell to the ground; his neck had been twisted to an unimaginable degree.

Lei Yu’s figure was extremely fast, Otsuka who was standing rearmost felt that his men’s life were being taken one by one by the reaper of death. In a blink of an eye, all five ninjas were dead on the ground. Within a short time of Lei Yu arriving, his men included: three Intermediate Ninjas and five Elementary Ninjas, had all been killed.

Lei Yu’s figure stopped; like a demon, he approached Otsuka one step at a time. With a last ditch effort, Otsuka grabbed a rounded bead and forcefully threw it to the ground. The room was suddenly filled with smoke dispersing everywhere. Lei Yu’s actions were slightly delayed before rushing into the smoke. Unfortunately, it was too late, the middle-aged man was nowhere in sight. Lei Yu searched all over but could not find any traces of the middle-aged man. Filled with sadness, he tidied little Ke’s clothes before carrying her and leaving the place.

On the roof of the building, a man clothed in black was lying quietly while watching Lei Yu drive away in his car. Exhaling heavily, “this guy is really fearsome; I have to return to the Kou country to explain this situation to my superiors.” Making up his mind, Otsuka also quickly left the area.

Bringing little Ke back to his house, Lei Yu’s heart gradually calmed down. From around his own neck, he removed a heart-shaped pendant and lightly clasped it onto little Ke’s necklace resting on her pale skin. “I’m sorry, I did not have the strength to protect you, it was my fault.” As Lei Yu was saying this, tears were involuntarily streaming down again. “I accept your love; I am willing to always carry you within my heart. In my heart, you will always be forever pure. I believe Ai Er would not object to my actions.” Gently stroking little Ke’s already cold face, Lei Yu contacted Ai Er.

The pain that Ai Er suffered was just as much as Lei Yu. When she saw the heart-shaped pendant around little Ke’s neck, Ai Er understood what it meant. While embracing Lei Yu, she looked at him and said: “If little Ke was able to resurrect, I am willing to share you with her.”

Lei Yu sighed heavily. The next few days after cremating little Ke, Lei Yu had new plans. As for Otsuka, he gave Ming Sect’s Du Zhang Hai a simple excuse and rushed back to his country.

Out of the blue, Lei Yu received a phone call from an unknown person that Du Zhang Hai had arranged. The purpose was to tell Lei Yu that Otsuka had left Tenglong.

Lei Yu decided he would travel by himself to the Kou country, find the location of the filthy bastard Otsuka, and then kill him. Lei Yu did not tell anyone his plans, only telling people that he wanted to leave to get some fresh air. Ai Er insisted on going with Lei Yu because she saw the grief and dejection he had suffered from this situation, like he had abandoned all hope. No matter what, knowing her own boyfriend had another woman in his heart is something quite difficult to bear. But little Ke had already passed away, so as Lei Yu’s girlfriend, she had to have a fair and reasonable trait, and being gentle and considerate as a plus.

Lei Yu knows that his actions would cause Ai Er to worry incessantly, but this was something he had to do. Abducting little Ke was arranged by Otsuka, and little Ke committing suicide was ultimately the results caused by Otsuka. Lei Yu could not let this beast get away, moreover, this guy brought in insects filled with a dangerous bacteria into the Tenglong country. If it was not coincidentally discovered by him, who knows how many people would be harmed by it. Lei Yu decided he could not just let this go.

Inside Lei Yu’s heart, Ai Er, Nuo Hu, and Liu Hao were the closest people he had to a family, he did not want any of them to experience further dangers. No matter how strong and firm minded a person was, they would not be able to deal with a family member getting hurt. In order to ensure everyone’s safety, Lei Yu hurriedly left and embarked on a flight to the Kou country.

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