Ch 63 – First Time Abroad

There were some people that received first hand news of Lei Yu’s departure. One of them being Ming Sect’s leader Du Zhang Hai; Martial Sect’s Eagle Group Commander’s son Xiao Fei; and the Lei family’s master Lei Yun Tian.

They each were occupied with their own thoughts. Lei Yu’s departure was a good thing for Xiao Fei, giving him more opportunities to get close to Ai Er, especially since their residences are not too far apart, the distance between them being only a few steps away.

Originally, it was Du Zhang Hai that notified Lei Yu about Otsuka going back to the Kou country. His goal was for Lei Yu to go there and not return, since if he continued staying in Martial Sect, then in the future his strength would become problematic.

The plane slowly landed on the airport runway. A youngster’s height that would be considered fairly tall in the Kou country was dressed in loose clothing. A black wheeled suitcase was being pulled behind him as he exited the airport’s main doors.

This youngster is no other than Lei Yu who had just arrived in the Kou country.

On the side were two men bickering over something. He eavesdropped on their argument but Lei Yu was at a loss, he was simply unable to understand their language, what was he to do?

Lei Yu did not wave a taxi down; he did not speak with anyone; just pulling his luggage along and walking forward aimlessly.

Even though Lei Yu did not study the Kou language during his studies, his proficiency in English was pretty good. The word “Hotel” was something Lei Yu easily recognized, and the size of the hotel in front of him was quite big. Its location was only about six – seven hundred meters away from the airport (0.3 – 0.4 miles). Lei Yu stepped inside of the hotel and a young looking doorman hurriedly took over the luggage in Lei Yu’s hands. He spoke in polite words that Lei Yu did not understand, so Lei Yu opened his eyes wide and asked in standard English, “do you understand English?”

“Yes sir.” Lei Yu’s skin complexion and hair color were similar to Kou citizens, but his height was somewhat surprising to people, that’s why the doorman treated Lei Yu as if he was a native of the Kou country. But after hearing Lei Yu’s English, he was able to react agilely.

“I need a room as well as a laptop.”

“I understand sir, please come with me.”

Arriving at the front desk, Lei Yu went through the process of renting a hotel room. The female receptionist deliberately looked at Lei Yu’s appearance and her face slightly blushed. Lei Yu’s face and appearance could not be considered particularly handsome, but he possessed a unique deep gaze and a confident look. Add that to a tall and muscular body, it caused this girl’s heart to waver since she was accustomed to seeing short average men.

After Lei Yu received a keycard to his hotel room, he gave a faint smile. Even though he hated the Kou country in general, it’s not like he hated every person in it. This young and beautiful receptionist had exuded a style to his liking so Lei Yu felt he couldn’t be stingy with his smile.

After that smile, chaos went through the female receptionist’s heart and she jumped into the office behind the front desk like a rabbit. The doorman then said: “Sir, please come with me.” After that, he brought Lei Yu to the elevator, and then brought him to room number 3688 before stopping.

“Sir, this is your room here. If you need anything, please press the remote control in your room and our staff will be ready to assist with all your needs.”

“Thank you.” Lei Yu then entered the room. The room was indeed lavish, although there were only two areas, but the space was a full eighty square meters – the living room and bedroom were separated by a wall. Lei Yu opened the curtains and looked at the outside scenery. He inhaled a deep breath allowing oxygen to keep his mind awake, which also eased the pain in his heart somewhat.

On the bedside, he noticed there was a placard with several services the hotel provided; fortunately it was all English so Lei Yu could understand it.

On the right corner of the placard all the way at the bottom, it mentioned if one wanted “special services,” please call **********.

Laughing a bit, he wondered if a lot of women in Kou country provided these types of services.

Lei Yu pressed the bedside remote control and shortly after, there was a knock on the door. Perhaps the staff who responded was notified previously, they inquired in English, “sir, what assistance are you in need of?”

“Where is the laptop computer I requested? How come it hasn’t arrived yet?” Asked Lei Yu.

“Please wait a bit, we’re currently applying for one through our headquarters, it should be sent over soon.”

The hotel staff then left. Lei Yu lay down on the sofa and stretched, his mind was figuring out what steps to take in the future.

Having just arrived in the Kou country, everything around him was still unfamiliar. He had previously received a strange phone call telling him the Kou country person he was looking for was called Otsuka. Even though he was in the Kou country now, not even mentioning finding Otsuka’s whereabouts, he didn’t even know where the Yamaguchi-gumi was located.

Lei Yu was not an impulsive person. Only after careful verification, he did find the immigration records of this Otsuka person at the airport before leaving for the Kou country.

The room’s doorbell interrupted Lei Yu’s thoughts. Opening the door, a beautiful girl dressed in the hotel’s uniform was holding a silver and white laptop with English letters “SONY” on the cover. The laptop was transferred to Lei Yu’s hand, then bowing lightly, “sir, is there anything else I can assist you with?”

Lei Yu lightly smiled, “what other service can you help me with?”

After such a question, the girl suddenly blushed. Although she was dressed in unisex uniform, three or four of the buttons from the top of her the white shirt she was wearing was unbuttoned, exposing a view of her bountiful cleavage. Two soft white mounds could be partially seen bouncing up and down while the girl was breathing, which was extremely enticing.

“If you need it, the hotel will do its best to meet your request.” The girl’s mind was in turmoil as she hurriedly replied.

“Oh?” Lei Yu raised his eyebrows, but then smiled, “I don’t need anything for now, thank you.”

As the girl was leaving, she could not help looking back at the already closed door of Lei Yu’s room. In her heart, should couldn’t help thinking about Lei Yu’s looks and the words he just said. Just thinking about it made her tense up; she couldn’t forget the deep expression in Lei Yu’s gaze that had a trace of sadness in it. If any girl saw his eyes, they would want to do whatever they could to placate that sadness. This was a feeling that the girl would not easily forget.

Lei Yu hoped to find some clues on the internet, but it was futile after searching for an entire afternoon. Closing the laptop, Lei Yu went to open the door ready to leave and eat something when he encountered the previous girl that delivered the laptop to him. The girl was standing there, her left hand holding onto a small notebook while her right hand was about to press the room’s doorbell.

“Do you need something? Asked Lei Yu.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, sir.” Said the girl while bowing, revealing her tempting chest in front of Lei Yu’s eyes. Even though his disposition was firm, those two white mounds bulging out was hard for anyone to not look at. Lei Yu weren’t like those hypocritical people that wanted to look but pretended they weren’t interested. If he wanted to look, then he would boldly and openly look at them, but this also made the girl tense up. The words she wanted to say previously were completely forgotten, she just froze there with a red blush on her face.

“How come you’re not saying anything? Is there something you need from me?” Asked Lei Yu once again.

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