Ch 64 – Nami The Interpreter

The girl’s face was blushing but managed to say: “It’s like this, when I had left previously, I forgot to have you sign some paperwork. Because you are using our laptop, our repository needs a record of it, therefore…”

Lei Yu understood her errand. Taking the girl’s pen and small notebook, he accidentally touched her hand in the process, that smooth feeling surprised Lei Yu a bit. Do all the girls in Kou country have such nice skin?

After being touched, the girl’s heart started beating faster. She took the signed notebook, bowing quickly and rushed off in a hurry.

Walking into the hotel’s restaurant, the style of decoration was completely different from Tenglong country. After ordering some dishes he had not eaten before, Lei Yu was a little disappointed. Even though their service was attentive; each girl that came to his table would pour tea for him on their knees looking extremely respectful; but the plates of food were mostly raw and Lei Yu was not used to eating it like that. After only touching a few things on his plate, Lei Yu left the restaurant with his stomach barely filled.

Right now it was getting late and Lei Yu suddenly thought of one thing; since he was by himself abroad, Ai Er and Nuo Hu would be worrying about him so he should take care of business as soon as possible.

Lei Yu went to the hotel lobby’s front desk and asked: “Excuse me; do you have any interpreter services I could use?”

“Hello sir, each and every employee in our hotel can understand and speak English; it’s our hotel’s policy. If you have a need, you can select any staff member that’s right for you, but it’s quite expensive, the daily fee is $300.” Explained the front desk staff.

Lei Yu’s eyebrows perked up, thinking to himself: sleeping with a girl for a night was not this expensive, why was it so expensive for an interpreter? Fortunately for Lei Yu, money was not a big issue nowadays for him. “I can pick anyone I want?” Asked Lei Yu.

“Except for the restaurant staff and the front desk staff, you can pick anyone you want from the hotel room staff since it’s easier for us to fill in their shifts after they leave.”

Lei Yu nodded, thinking of the previous klutzy but gorgeous and sexy girl, his mouth twitched slightly. “Good, then I will pick the girl that previously came by my room for me to sign a notebook.”

“The person you picked is…” The front desk receptionist was not too clear on who Lei Yu was talking about.

Frowning, Lei Yu then said: “Can’t you guys go figure it out? How am I supposed to know?”

“I’m sorry sir.” The front desk receptionist hurriedly bowed to apologize. She then picked up the phone, said some words in the Kou language, and her face looked surprisingly anxious. Lei Yu thought: would this bitch be saying bad things about me right now?

A short while later, the front desk receptionist hung up the phone and respectfully said: “Sir, we have found the person you specified. If you could please leave a deposit, then you can take her out with you.”

“Damn it, I’m not even selecting an escort, but I have to leave a deposit?” This was what Lei Yu was thinking but he did not say this out loud. While in a country he disliked, it was hard for Lei Yu to not be in a bad mood.

After paying $500 for the deposit, Lei Yu put the receipt in his wallet and sat down on the lobby’s sofa waiting for the girl he picked.

Several girls working at the front desk were whispering between each other, “it would be great if he picked me *sigh*, unfortunately us front desk staff cannot accompany guests outside, such a disappointment.”

“That’s right! Look at him, he’s so handsome! He looks like…”

But the words of those several girls, Lei Yu couldn’t understand them. Besides, his distance from them was quite far away, and the girls were whispering to each other. Basically, it was impossible for Lei Yu to know they were talking about him.

Five minutes later, the girl that previously delivered the laptop to Lei Yu ran up with her face blushing red, “sorry sir to keep you waiting, my name is Nami, I am in your care.”

Lei Yu nodded his head and did not reveal any expressions. Brushing away some hair that was covering his eyes, Lei Yu revealed his pair of deep profound eyes. He walked out of the hotel’s main door first while the beautiful girl called Nami hurriedly rushed out to follow.

Those several front desk girls began whispering amongst themselves again, “wow! Did you see that? When he brushed back his hair, he looked so cool!”

“His gaze is really enchanting!”

“I really envy Nami.”

The Kou country was regarded as a country, but to borrow from a self-proclaimed comedian’s word from a certain big country, “the weather forecast would only require one sentence: there is rain today.” This showed the size of the Kou country¹.

Indeed, the sky began to drizzle already. Lei Yu walked in front while Nami was behind holding onto a pink umbrella that appeared from an unknown place. She was covering the taller Lei Yu with the umbrella and appeared to be having some difficulty. Nami’s height compared to other women in the country of Kou was considered rather tall, about 1.63 meters (5Ft – 3In), but when compared to Lei Yu, she was too petite. The males passing them could feel their heartache for her, and add the fact that Nami had such a beautiful appearance; the males could not help silently cursing Lei Yu.

They two walked for about half an hour and Lei Yu did not say a single word during that time. Nami did not dare to say anything either, only walking by his side, following with an umbrella.

The previous meal Lei Yu had was not filling, and coincidentally, the road junction ahead had a KFC. Lei Yu turned his head around: “Have you had dinner yet?”

Nami shook her head. Her charming face with the wet hair and wet shirt from the rain made Lei Yu slightly hesitate, “let’s go, I’ll treat you to KFC, I’m not used to the food you people eat.”

They two ordered a full table of fast food. Initially, Nami was kind of shy, eating slowly and daintily. Gradually chatting with Lei Yu a bit more, she became more used to him and her small mouth took big bites of the food.

From ordinary conversation, Lei Yu seemingly slipped in to ask about ninjas in general. In the beginning, Nami was semi-avoiding the topic, but Lei Yu’s gaze made it difficult for her to avoid the questions, so she simply introduced the basics to him.

Inside the country of Kou, the number of ninjas in the population was considered very small. Within the population of about 100 million people, there were no more than five thousand ninjas. From this, we can see the extent of respect ninjas have in the Kou country, the reverence they receive here is almost on the same degree as cultivators in Tenglong country.

Most ninjas have joined the Yamaguchi-gumi organization, while the others belong to the country. The reason for this was because the benefits of a ninja joining the Yamaguchi-gumi were twice as much as what the country would have given them.

As for how powerful the forces of the Yamaguchi-gumi were, Lei Yu did not ask in detail but was able to estimate it from what he was told. In control of most of Kou country’s ninjas, how weak would they be? And their abundance of wealth linked them to the country; of course government officials would regard them as a cash cow. Therefore, the power of the Yamaguchi-gumi in the country of Kou should be on a quite fearsome level.

Of course, with regard to the location of the Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters, this small-time hotel staff would naturally not know, she only knew that the Yamaguchi-gumi monopolized many industries and the scope of their reach were very wide across the country.

Lei Yu had attained his goal. Even though he did not get too much useful information, he was able to gain some general knowledge of the Yamaguchi-gumi. The two then left the KFC restaurant.

Nami originally thought they were going to walk back, but she did not expect Lei Yu to wave down a taxi. The two then took a taxi back to the hotel.

Opening his hotel room door, Lei Yu went in. Nami also came in, and he saw her start to pour more hot water into the teapot. Lei Yu did not care too much, he just smiled at her as a gesture of gratitude.


¹ – People who are confused, there’s not enough surface area to have multiple weather systems to warrant separate weather forecasts.

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