Ch 65 – Special Services

Ch 65 – Special Services

“Please have some tea.”

“Thank you.”

Putting down the cup, Nami went into the bathroom. Lei Yu turned on the laptop, randomly going through today’s e-mails. Lei Yu found it odd when he started hearing the shower head going off inside the bathroom. After about ten minutes, the sound of the bathroom door opening was heard and Nami came out wrapped in a white towel. One could clearly see that besides the towel, she wasn’t wearing any other pieces of clothing underneath. Her white skin was exposed where the towel could not cover, just enough to cover the most seductive areas of her chest and upper thigh. If Nami were to slightly bend over, the view will result in an instant nosebleed.

Lei Yu hurriedly asked: “What are you doing?”

“Sir, tonight I’ll be performing special services for you.” Nami’s voice showed a hint of embarrassment.

“Oh?” Lei Yu stood up, “I don’t need it, you can leave now.”

“But the money you paid also included such services, and since you personally selected me…” Nami’s heart was beating wildly; she did not know what else to say.

“I think you are mistaken.” Lei Yu then said, “I only needed an interpreter, I had also wondered why the interpreter service would be so expensive, I did not expect such services to be also included. I’m sorry, I do not need this special service, you can go back and rest now.”

A burst of disappointment assaulted Nami’s heart, but seeing Lei Yu somewhat oggle her, her face could not help starting to blush again. Gently pulling the towel, it slowly slid to the ground. A hot nosebleed gushing scene appeared before Lei Yu’s eyes.

Nami’s body was in great shape, as for the golden ratio; she had firm breasts; a slim waist and a round ass; plus with her white tender skin and charming flirtatious look; she was the embodiment of a beautiful piece of art.

Lei Yu suddenly felt a surge of heat go straight into his family jewels, causing it to suddenly stand up in a salute. After deeply inhaling and exhaling a few breaths, Lei Yu walked towards the direction of where Nami was standing. Nami tightly closed her eyes; her heart was already tensed to the limit. Although Lei Yu’s face was somewhat cold and his deep profound eyes were hard for one to grasp, but his cold exterior had already melted her heart. His eyes that revealed a slight trace of sadness in them made Nami want to console him. Waiting for Lei Yu’s pair of strong hands to grab her body, nothing happened after she waited for a long time. Nami opened her eyes and Lei Yu came out of the bathroom holding her clothes.

“Quickly put on your clothes so you don’t catch a cold. I already have a girlfriend so I have no need for such services.” Lei Yu said this rather flat out, seeming that to this perfectly proportioned female, he simply did not have any interest at all.

In fact, how many men could actually withstand such a temptation? In front of such girl with a hot and flawless body – even if a man had erectile dysfunction would react somewhat, and Lei Yu was a healthy young man.

Slightly disappointed with the outcome and seeing Lei Yu holding her clothes, Nami put on one piece of clothing at a time in front of Lei Yu before deeply bowing, “sir, you should rest early then, I will prepare the bed for your sleep.” After saying this, she expertly set-up the bed with speed before hurriedly leaving the room.

Lei Yu could only faintly smile while shaking his head. No wonder the room staff were able to leave the hotel with the customers, there was actually this extra service. But the requirements of this hotel were a bit strict; each employee must be proficient in English. Comparing this hotel to the international environment, it would be considered relatively common, but he did not expect this four-star hotel would also have such strict language requirements.

After Nami left, she was not too happy. But after thinking about Lei Yu’s words, “I already have a girlfriend,” she could not erase the favorable impression in her heart towards him. With his girlfriend not present and him as a male was still able to resist this type of temptation – it is really rare to find that in men nowadays.

In actuality, Nami did not know his thoughts and assumed this. Lei Yu was able to resist the temptation was mainly because he had Ai Er. And secondly, little Ke’s funeral had just passed, so there’s no way he would be in any mood for it. Additionally, Lei Yu already had conflicts with people of the Kou country. Even though the conflict was with the ninjas and the members of the Yamaguchi-gumi, but since they are from the same country, it was natural that Lei Yu did not want to get involved or waste his time with these things.

Calming his mood, and then sitting cross-legged on the ground, Lei Yu realized he had not properly cultivated in a long time. First, it was staying in the hospital for three months after challenging Nuo Yi Long to a duel. Then after being discharged, he encountered little Ke’s incident. Lei Yu could not be lax in cultivating because in his heart, there were still many important things he has not completed. The enemies that killed his grandfather, this main point Lei Yu will deeply remember and never forget.

A powerful internal energy with traces of lightning flashing about was circulated throughout his meridians. The current internal energy he possessed compared to when he first began to cultivate had stark differences; it was like comparing night and day.

A strong life force was accompanied by the “hissing” sound of lightning. Not only was it flowing in accordance with the cultivating methods, it was playing a role of tempering his meridians, bone structure, and even his skin. Lei Yu’s body was gradually changing, although the changes are minute, but over time, the benefits will add up to a frightful degree.

The next day while sitting inside Lei Yu’s room, Nami felt somewhat uncomfortable. Lei Yu raised his head and softly said: “Nami, there is something I would like you to help with, but don’t worry, I will pay you under the table for this service and any other costs you incur.”

“Sir, whatever you need help with just say it, there’s no need for additional payment; it’s the policy of this company.” Nami’s voice was very soft, simply no different from the noise of a mosquito. Fortunately, Lei Yu’s hearing was not too bad.

“No.” Lei Yu shook his head, “I would like to ask you a few questions, I hope you can answer them truthfully.”

Seeing Lei Yu’s sincere and deep profound gaze, Nami’s heart started to melt again. In fact, Nami was considered a “clean” girl, ever since working in the guest rooms department; she had never had to do what she did “yesterday”. Yesterday could be considered the first time she has ever been fully naked in front of a man. Perhaps it was because of Lei Yu’s gaze that brought out her impulsive side.

This hotel would rarely have guests requesting an interpreter. Even if there were requests for special services, it would be made in the evening when a guest would call down asking for advice. Although she had never received any work like yesterdays before, but upon entering the hotel as a new hire, she received a series of training which contained this type. If a guest requests for private service, then their service would also contain this “special” experience as part of the package.

“Sir, please go ahead and tell me.”

“How much is your yearly salary? In U.S. dollars.” Asked Lei Yu.

Doing some quick calculations, Nami replied, “probably a little more than four thousand U.S. dollars.”

Lei Yu thought for a bit before nodding, “I have here, a bank card.” Lei Yu pulled out from his pocket a green card, and the VISA logo was clearly printed on it. Lei Yu had just requested the card today in the afternoon, “there’s two hundred thousand U.S. dollars in this account. My request is very simple; you are to notify the hotel that you are resigning; and will become my full-time interpreter. The money inside this account should equal to your earnings from working at this hotel for fifty years. But I don’t need you for that long, I only need you to accompany me during the time I’m in the Kou country, and it should not be too long. Do you agree with my conditions?”

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  1. Vehnriel says:

    4k a year? Holy shit that’s cheap… Even using rates from a while ago….


  2. pothb says:

    This story is strangely hilarious, I get that people are saying they’re racist against the japanese, but man, do they make the chinese look bad doing it. Lei Yu seemed alright before but as soon as he goes to japan, he is instantly hostile against normal people.

    TBH, I was getting bored before, but this sort of weird racism makes it a bit funny to read.

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  3. CCE says:

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Man, 4k/year. Way too cheap. Not to mention they need to provide special services if asked. They probably can get a better salary working at KFC.

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  4. With the dark turn this novel took I’m afraid she will be raped killed or just left behind.

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