Ch 67 – Mysterious Young Master

“Oh really?” Lei Yu lightly sneered and took two steps forward. The middle-aged man suddenly frowned, did he mistake Lei Yu’s look? Perhaps the other party was not a citizen of the Kou country, that’s why he wasn’t afraid when the Yamaguchi-gumi was mentioned.

Without waiting for the middle-aged to talk anymore, Lei Yu instantly appeared besides the man, raised his hand and grabbed onto his neck. The middle-aged man with the strength of an Elementary Ninja thought he could easily break free, but no matter how hard he struggled, he was unable to escape from Lei Yu’s grasp. A realization appeared in his heart, this youngster in front of him was not an ordinary person!

“Answer a few of my questions and I can spare you from death!” Lei Yu narrowed his eyes, his emotionless words echoed inside the middle-aged man’s head.

“Let me go! Otherwise, the Yamaguchi-gumi will not let you off!” Lei Yu had encountered a lot of people with this type of stubbornness that came from the middle-aged man, and not surprising, this man will need to suffer a bit before he understands his situation.

The seemingly endless strength of his right-hand lifted the middle-aged man off the ground, and raised him above his own head. Lei Yu then forcefully slammed the man towards the ground, the point of impact along with the force of gravity focused on the middle-aged man’s head.


The sound of the middle-aged man slamming to the ground was heard. On the side, Nami had already covered her eyes. She did not think that Lei Yu was actually this strong, and today he was taking action on behalf of protecting her. The sweetness inside Nami’s heart was indescribable.


A mouthful of blood was sprayed out from the middle-aged man and the constant coughing made him unable to speak. His previous eyes of arrogance had been replaced with fear.

“Are you willing to answer my questions or do you prefer to lose your little life?” Lei Yu asked again in a cold tone.

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk! Just ask me!” The middle-aged man recovered somewhat but his voice was now trembling.

Lei Yu laughed, “if you had only cooperated earlier, then you wouldn’t have had to suffer this pain right? Let me ask you, inside the Yamaguchi-gumi, is there a person call Otsuka who is an Advanced Ninja?”

“You… you… how do you know about Lord Otsuka?” The eyes of the middle-aged man were filled with surprise.

“Looks like this man does exist, so where is he right now? Inside Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters?” Lei Yu coldly hmph’d.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man’s fear became one of terror. His voice trembled even more while asking: “Are you Tenglong country’s Lei… Lei Yu?”

“You’ve guessed correctly. Now answer my question, I am looking for Otsuka, other than a satisfactory response, you won’t be leaving this office alive!” Lei Yu’s words were filled with indifference; it seems the person in front of him wasn’t even a human being, but something no different than a bug.

Forcefully swallowing his saliva, the middle-aged man said: “Lord Otsuka is at… at the Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters.”

“Where is the location of the headquarters?”

Seeing the middle-aged man hesitate, Lei Yu tightened his grip around the man’s neck. Suddenly having difficulty breathing, the middle-aged man hurriedly flailed his arm and said: “I’ll say it! I’ll say it! Our headquarters is on a small island off the east coast of the Kou country.”

Releasing his grip, Lei Yu stood up. His heart felt a lot better at this point. Originally in a situation without any clues, he did not expect that Nami’s resignation will lead to a new trail of clues.

“Let’s go.” Lei Yu did not want to kill the manager but he knew at times if he didn’t kill, then it may lead to more serious consequences. His enemies may be alerted and trouble might seek him out. So only as a last resort, Lei Yu picked up a pencil sharpening knife on the desk; a flash of purple light appeared and Lei Yu finished off the middle-aged man that was just climbing to his feet.

Pulling along Nami that had been scared stiff, the two left the hotel. When Lei Yu registered his hotel room with the front desk reception, he did not leave any real information. For Dragon Group members, this was standard routine. When they were performing missions, they had to hide their identity all times so Lei Yu had numerous fake passports and identification cards.

Leaving in a hurry, the hotel immediately became lively. The guests were in chaos, the blaring of sirens, onlookers were gathered in a crowd, and the roadway was jammed. Far away, a man and a woman disappeared into the distant streets.

“Sir, I…”

“Don’t call me sir anymore, call me by my name.” Said Lei Yu.

“No, I don’t dare to!” Nami hurriedly shook her head. Not only did Lei Yu shock Nami with his actions, she couldn’t figure out the mysteriousness surrounding Lei Yu. Although she knew that following Lei Yu would be dangerous, but unbeknownst to her, she felt reluctant to leave Lei Yu’s side, one could even say she felt unwilling to no matter what.

Moreover, the things that happened today were related to her, so in her heart, she had a feeling of fear and respect for Lei Yu. At the same time, her heart felt a sense of throbbing towards him.

Lei Yu shrugged, “whatever you want, but I do not like people calling me sir.” Lei Yu did not want to say it, but the word “sir or mister” felt awkward to him, since that’s how people would address an already married man.

“Young master?”

“That’s doable, young master it is.” Lei Yu grew up being called young master, and now that he had left the Lei family, he hasn’t heard anyone call him that in a long time. It felt kind of good to hear it again.

“What people do you have in the family?” Asked Lei Yu.

“Only my (paternal) grandmother, my parents have died over ten years ago.” Nami’s voice did not fluctuate from sadness; it seems that she had already become accustomed to her current life.

Lei Yu’s heart ached a little bit since it inevitably reminded him of the deceased little Ke.

Although she was sullied, but inside Lei Yu’s heart, little Ke will always be a pure, sweet and an innocent young girl. He was unable to forget the short time together with her. As these thoughts appeared, the intense hatred in his heart for the Yamaguchi-gumi flared up.

If Nuo Yi Long and the others knew that Lei Yu came to the Kou country for revenge, they would definitely not allow his actions. Lei Yu wasn’t even strong enough to confront his true enemy, let alone targeting Kou country’s largest underground force. This was equivalent to a bottomless abyss, he could enter but most likely never to return.

Lei Yu wasn’t that rash, he must form some strategy in dealing with this. The so-called know thyself like you know thy enemy; Lei Yu was not in a hurry for a quick revenge. His goal was to thoroughly investigate the Yamaguchi-gumi before coming to any decisions. Perhaps his own strength was indeed too weak, even if he had Nami with him, she was just a physically weak girl that knew the local language.

They two arrived at a car dealership. Lei Yu was reluctant to operate the Kou country’s locally manufactured cars. On a side note, Lei Yu was interested in the Mercedes-Benz brand. While the brand was a usual favorite for those suddenly rich, but Lei Yu still really liked it.

Before he had no savings, but after being part of Dragon Group for these few years, he was considered quite wealthy now since the compensation from Dragon Group was definitely not little. Lei Yu decided on a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet costing about $130,000 U.S. dollars. Combine the car with his handsome face and dashing personality, he would definitely attract and charm many while driving on the roads, of course it was limited to the female sex.

Checking his bank card balance and calculating in accordance with the US dollar’s exchange rate, he had more than $500,000 dollars. Lei Yu also felt some headaches; after arriving at the Kou country for a short two to three days, he actually used up close to half of his savings. It looks like he was unfit to manage his own accounts, but at least what’s left of the money should be enough for whatever he needs to do.

Lei Yu’s identity was currently a mystery. Apart from Nami knowing, no one else knew. If he were to suddenly appear on the little island without preparation, it could become very dangerous. So, Lei Yu planned on falsifying an identity which would allow him to slowly get close to the source. It appears the trip to the Kou country will have to be extended. Inside his mind, Lei Yu already had a preliminary plan so he started dialing Cui Ying Ying’s phone number.

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