Ch 68 – False Identity

At a luxury hotel, Lei Yu was quietly watching some random television program. Due to mental fatigue, Nami had already entered a deep sleep; her petite body was curled up to one side of the sofa. He had originally wanted her to sleep on the bed; however a familiar guest would be arriving soon, so Lei Yu gave up on that idea in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

“Ding dong.” The hotel room’s doorbell rang. Lei Yu had wanted to get up to open the door, but Nami suddenly woke up and beat him to it.

“You are…” Standing outside was a beautiful girl, her eyes revealed an unmatched sensual side of a woman that even made Nami feel a bit jealous of.

Seeing Nami, the girl was a bit surprised. She then tried asking: “Is Lei Yu here?”

“Ying Ying, quickly come in!” Lei Yu shouted from inside the room. Cui Ying Ying smiled and went inside but did not forget to take a few glances at the beautiful body of this foreign land’s local girl.

“Young master, I will wait outside, just call out if you need something” Seeing they had guests, Nami bowed respectfully before turning to leave. Lei Yu smiled and nodded his head, “go arrange for dinner, later Miss Ying Ying and I will dine together.”

“Yes, young master.”

Cui Ying Ying looked more confused. Blinking her charming eyes, she glanced at Lei Yu and Nami as if thinking of something.

Three days have passed since the hotel incident. Lei Yu was originally treating Nami as an interpreter, but ever since Nami started calling him young master, they way she acted and treated him completely changed. It seemed like he was treated like he was really some young master from some prominent family. The way Nami acted was exceptionally respectful to him, Lei Yu couldn’t help thinking: She’s not treating me like I’m her owner right? I heard the girls in the Kou country enjoyed becoming maids, what if…”

Once Nami left, Cui Ying Ying asked: “What’s the meaning of this? I am completely confused by your actions.” Having lived abroad herself, Cui Ying Ying naturally understood the English that Lei Yu had just spoken, and understood what Nami had just said. So naturally, it was hard for her to not be confused.

Lei Yu scratched his head, “I’ll explain about this later since it’s complicated. But for now, Cui Ying Ying, I only asked you for advice on how to proceed, yet why did you personally show up?”

Initially because of the unclear relationship between Lei Yu and Nami, Cui Ying Ying could not quite focus. But now that the two were conversing by themselves, hearing Lei Yu say her name, it made her heart feel like a sweet honey pot had been spilled all over the place.

Immersed in her sweet thoughts, Cui Ying Ying had to be pushed by Lei Yu a few times before she woke up from her fantasy. “Ah? Oh, I just wanted to come by and see what you were planning. Anyway, I thought you would never hide anything from Ai Er? Why aren’t you letting her know about this situation?”

“The thing is, there’s no way I can tell her the reason for this. When you go back, don’t tell them I’m in the Kou country, or else all hell will break loose!” Even though he had already explained the situation to her over the phone, Lei Yu had to repeat himself to make sure Cui Ying Ying understood it.

“Don’t worry, I will be kept this a secret. So tell me, what are your plans young master?”

“Uh…” Scratching his head, Lei Yu then said: “I want to create a false identity inside the Kou country, and this identity must have a certain prominent status, therefore I’m asking for your help. Can you help me think up of a way to save money but also create the best results? I remember you went abroad for further studies in economic management, so you should have a way to make this happen right?”

Cui Ying Ying thought for a bit, then said with a frown: “This is not an easy task, who are you trying to get close to?”

Lei Yu nodded and said: “You can say, the false identity must have a distinguished position, preferably someone covered in gold and diamonds so that wherever I go, I would draw people’s attention.”

“Lei Yu, what on earth are you trying to do? This… isn’t this a bit too difficult?” Cui Ying Ying had foreboding thoughts but she couldn’t quite describe the feeling. Even though seeing Lei Yu in the Kou country, she didn’t think too deeply about his reasons. But if she was to think about little Ke, then she would more or less guess the connection and know what he was planning to do.

“Is it really that difficult? It seems that my original plans will not work out. Well, I’ll just have to try another path then.” Lei Yu was a bit disappointed.

When a woman loves a man, one of the worst things for them is seeing that man disappointed. At least at this point, Cui Ying Ying was that type of woman. She then suggested: “The Lei family’s wealth could match a country, if you were to ask, they will definitely help you out.”

“Do not mention the Lei family in front of me! I do not have any relationship with them!” Lei Yu’s voice was a bit agitated; this subject was one of the wounds in his heart. The bandage covering this wound was called ‘temporarily forgetting’ it, revisiting it would only make his wound more painful.

“I’m sorry, I… I forgot that you don’t like people mentioning your past, I’m sorry!” Cui Ying Ying hurriedly covered her mouth to apologize.

Sighing heavily, Lei Yu forced himself to smile: “Forget it, if there’s really no way then I’ll think of other means.”

“Let me think some more.” Cui Ying Ying was lost in thought. Lei Yu dared not to make a noise in fear of disturbing her.

After a while, Cui Ying Ying mysteriously smiled: “Don’t worry, in less than a month, I promise to make you respected in all of the Kou country. But I need your full cooperation in order for it to work.”

“Oh? What great idea did you come up with that can take care of this in a month?” Lei Yu asked excitedly.

“Heehee.” Cui Ying Ying laughed. “Now is not the time for that question, give me two days to formulate the plan. Once I have the complete plan, then I’ll tell you. The most important thing for you to figure out now is how to explain this to Ai Er.”

Lei Yu tightened his brow. The reason he did not want Ai Er to know was very simple, he did not want the person he loved to worry. But since he has decided his course of revenge, then he must stay the course. This will also allow him to face little Ke, who is resting in peace.

If Ai Er knew about this situation, then regardless of consequences, she will definitely come find him. Lei Yu was reluctant to put Ai Er in such a dangerous position. Even if it was Cui Ying Ying in front of him, once the plan looked like it has taken root, then he would send her away. This type of dangerous place, it’s best for the people close to him to stay far away as possible. Lei Yu only hoped to take on any difficult situations by himself, he was not willing to lose a single one of the few family members around him.

Lei Yu tightly shut the windows and opened the door. Seeing that Nami had returned, he assumed the dinner reservations were already made. “Nami.”

“Oh, young master, what do you need?” Nami bowed while asking.

“It will be hard on you but don’t let anyone come in, including housekeeping.”

“I understand, please be rest assured young master.” After replying, Nami closed the door. Nami stood outside, her mind constantly thinking back to what happened a few days ago. Thinking how Lei Yu silently and effortlessly killed the manager, she was definitely scared. But it felt like a big rock had been lifted from her heart, her mind kept remembering the things that happened to her a decade ago.

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