Ch 69 – Shocking News

Lei Yu returned into the room, he then made a gesture to Cui Ying Ying to keep silent before dialing the phone.

“Ai Er.”

“Ah, I’m fine, don’t worry. Right, right, how would I not miss you? Yes, I know, oh, I’m planning on going to a deserted place to cultivate. If it’s quick, then it’ll take a month or two, if it’s slow, then I estimate about three months. And don’t worry about me, when I get back, you’ll have to make some good food for me! Bye, okay, I understand. You have to be well-behaved too.”

After hanging up the phone, Lei Yu exhaled a deep breath. Actually, he was not willing to hang up the phone, hearing the voice of Ai Er; his heart had a feeling making him unwilling to part from her. He wanted to immediately fly home and see the person he loved.

Seeing Lei Yu’s expression, Cui Ying Ying smiled and said: “What’s wrong? Too reluctant to let her go?”

Lei Yu smiled, “I was reluctant to part with her but there’s nothing I can do. Oh yeah, can’t you just tell me your plan now?”

“Hmph, it’s a secret!” Cui Ying Ying wrinkled her nose and then said: “Aren’t you treating me to a big meal?”

The three arrived at the first floor restaurant. Since Lei Yu did not give her any special requests, Nami just reserved a table in the main dining room. Under the attentive eyes of everyone, a man and two women entered the room. With a rare resolute face and deep profound eyes, many young girls had an intoxicated look to them after seeing him. And the two girls were extremely eye-catching; all the males in the dining room cast eyes of brutish desire, as if they wanted to grab the two girls and make them theirs.

This time, Lei Yu became a bit smarter, he ordered a table filled with cooked food; the raw sashimi was too hard for him to swallow. This meal he had made him very happy. Apart from Nami occasionally looking at the plates of food she was eating off of, her eyes would mostly be looking at Lei Yu.

Lei Yu decided to make a household name for himself in a short time was justified. If he alone went and inquired about the Yamaguchi-gumi, and if he was found out, it would be difficult for him to escape. If they came to his house, it would be slightly more manageable.

As the saying goes, a strong dragon cannot repress a local snake¹. Instead of going to someone’s house to pick a fight, might as well let them come to him. As long as he makes some preparation, everything would be simplified.

The only issue is that Lei Yu still doesn’t know what Cui Ying Ying is planning in order to achieve his purpose. No matter how much Lei Yu asked, she would not say anything. She just kept saying as long as he fully cooperated, everything would work out.

After dinner, Lei Yu helped Cui Ying Ying rent a hotel room. When Cui Ying Ying invited Nami to stay in her room, she was rejected. “Sorry Miss Ying Ying, I need to serve the young master so I cannot leave his side.”

Although she was even more surprised by those words, but because it was getting quite late, Cui Ying Ying did not ask for details. The word ‘serve’ had a plethora of meanings, so it was hard for her to not think about some type of special relationship. But after thinking about Lei Yu’s personality, she did not worry about it anymore. She, a big beauty in the eyes of all men gave herself to Lei Yu but was still rejected; therefore there was nothing to fear right?

Moreover, Lei Yu’s feelings to Ai Er were absolute. If it weren’t for the death of little Ke, Lei Yu would never accept the love from another person.

“Nami, you should go rest, if I need anything I’ll call you.” Lei Yu smiled and took two blankets from the wardrobe by the front door a laid it down on the ground. Nami slightly bowed; behind her sweet smile was unlimited happiness. As long as she could stay by Lei Yu’s side, not matter what, she would be very happy and satisfied.

Seeing Nami enter the bathroom and change into pajamas, the light hitting her white smooth skin made it even more enchanting. It was inevitable for Lei Yu to glance a few extra times. Nami gently laid down on the living room floor, and quickly entered her dreamland, inadvertently revealing her smooth and long slender legs. Lei Yu swallowed hard before going into his bedroom.

Two days later. Apart from occasionally going out shopping with Cui Ying Ying and Nami, Lei Yu did not see this Cui Ying Ying, he had no clue what she was up to.

“Young master.”

Lei Yu heard himself being called so he started stretching his neck a bit and stopped cultivating. Opening his eyes, he saw Cui Ying Ying in front of him and was suddenly startled, “why are you addressing me that way?”

Cui Ying Ying smiled sweetly, “I’ve completed my task. Starting today, your name is no longer Lei Yu, and you could also say you are no longer Lei Yu. Outside in the public, we will address you as young master. A little later, there will be a car to take you away, and right now, I’m going to tell you some things you need to do today.”

Waiting for two days, he was finally able to know what Cui Ying Ying was planning. Lei Yu quickly stood up and smelled a stench coming from himself. Embarrassed, he said: “I’m sorry, I’m going to take a bath, I will be ready soon.” Lei Yu then hurriedly rushed into the bathroom. Although there weren’t too much growth when he cultivated overnight, but the grime expelled from his body seemed to be especially much more. After washing up for half an hour, he realized he had forgotten to bring a change of clothes with him since he was rushing about. Lei Yu wrapped a towel around the lower-half of his body and stepped out of the bathroom; rows of solid muscle were presented in front of the eyes of two beautiful girls. His upper-body had an inverted triangle figure; coupled with his messy hair and deep profound eyes; the two girls suddenly became infatuated, ogling at this man in front of them. Lei Yu smiled and said: “What are you two looking at? Wait for me while I put on some clothes.”

As Lei Yu walked away, Nami and Cui Ying Ying both looked at each other and spontaneously laughed together. They could see that the other had a red blush on their cheeks.

“I’m ready!” Lei Yu came out, interrupting the two beautiful girl’s fantasy. Lei Yu had no clue what had just happened.

Cui Ying Ying took out a stack of white paper from her Louis Vuitton purse. On the paper, it was packed densely with English as well as a copy of the Tenglong language. This was to make it easy for Lei Yu to read.

Reading the entire plan, Lei Yu gave a thumbs up. “Ying Ying, you’re amazing. In today’s society, using the media is indeed the best means of publicity. As long as there is spotlight, the main character will soon become the hottest discussion amongst everyone.”

Cui Ying Ying’s plan was to notify several media outlets, tell them a mysterious figure had returned from the United States and was ready to hold a grand banquet. Many celebrities throughout the country had been invited to this banquet, and during the banquet, there will be an announcement that would shock the entire Kou country.

The media were afraid of false hype, but if they were to get a hold of a piece of news no matter how bland, then they will do everything possible and without the fear of consequences, to embellish or even exaggerate that piece of news. These past two days, since the three were occasionally wandering the streets shopping, they did not pay attention to the media.

In fact, these two days, a piece of information had already caused madness throughout society. The business community; the showbiz community; and it even spread to the government as well as the top ranks of the underworld.

Multiple newspaper headlines wrote that a mysterious ‘young master’ returned from the United States and will be announcing a shocking event at a banquet.

Even though it’s a simple sentence that did not contain any hidden meanings; but a day earlier, Cui Ying Ying has started printing a number of invitations and sending it out to major newspaper outlets. Not only did she invite reporters and editors from major newspaper outlets, she also invited many celebrities. With such a gathering that gave multitude of benefits to the media, they would naturally be happy to oblige and unknowingly become a pawn to this plan.


¹ – A strong person may still lose out to someone who is familiar with the environment, knowing where all the good ambush points are, where to hide etc.

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