Ch 71 – The Grand Banquet

A bunch of words in the Kou country’s native tongue was thrown at Cui Ying Ying, which of course she didn’t understand. Pushing away the sea of reporters, Cui Ying Ying said in fluent English: “I’m sorry, but the young master will be arriving shortly so please be patient.”

Cui Ying Ying’s words were obviously a lie, but these reporters acted like they found some key information and stood their ground outside, waiting for the so-called young master.

Walking into the banquet hall in an exaggerated manner, many people had already gathered inside. There were famous stars from the entertainment industry; business tycoons; and even some government officials had arrived, they too wanted to take a glimpse and rub shoulders with this young master. They wanted to see who this young master was that had become an overnight sensation and the hottest topic in every household.

The banquet hall had 3,000 square meters of useable space (32000 sq ft), no less than any large auditorium. The four walls were painted with a special stucco burnished gold paint that gave off a grand and rich look. Four huge pillars were placed inside the hall, carved with delicate patterns; it was definitely done by some top class craftsmen. Inside the hall were two twenty meters long table side by side (65 ft); they were possibly formed by combining dozens of tables together. On the top of those tables was a gold colored tablecloth, followed by a large variety of delicious food. On the other twenty meter table, a variety of name brand wines were placed there; and many people were gathered at this table. Strangely, the tables filled with food seem to be deserted of people.

Everyone was dressed in clothes as grand and gorgeous as possible to show off their distinguished identity. In the center of the hall was a large empty space providing an area for people to dance. Occasionally, you would see some couples go out and intimately embrace each other for a slow dance.

In the front of the grand hall and on top of a large stage, a few young men there were reading over their densely lined script.

One could say the most eye-catching display of the banquet hall were the four large crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. A bright golden light illuminated the place, making the hall seem more grand and majestic. Everyone that was invited here felt proud of themselves since it showed they had risen high enough in society to be a part of this.

Of course to Cui Ying Ying, the most valuable group of people that had arrived here were the members of the media. All the reporters inside this hall were sent by the biggest and most well-known media companies in the Kou country. Included among them were people with a sharp tongue, but Cui Ying Ying had already come up with good rebuttals. With their news report, this young master will quickly become the hottest topic within the country, wouldn’t that satisfy Lei Yu’s request?

As for why he had to be known throughout the country, Cui Ying Ying did not know. Since Lei Yu did not say anything, then he had his reasons. As long as she was able to help him with his work, Cui Ying Ying already felt very happy.

“Everyone, please quiet down.” Cui Ying Ying picked up the microphone. Living abroad for more than a year, it allowed her to improve her graceful people skills. She did not have the typical Oriental beauty’s sense of modesty, but she gave off an aura of being extremely capable.

Everyone stopped their conversations. While holding onto their glasses of wine, they all gazed at the beautiful girl standing on the stage of the banquet hall. Flashes from cameras were constantly landing on Cui Ying Ying’s body

“Ladies and gentlemen.” Cui Ying Ying cleared her throat, “today I am apologizing on behalf of my young master.” Everyone present certainly understood English, so an interpreter was not needed.

“Our young master had to take care of some things so he could not personally come today, so he made me his representative. To everyone present today, I extend my sincere apologies.”


“What?! How could this be?”

“Isn’t this too arrogant?”

Discussions suddenly filled the air. Cui Ying Ying gently waved her hands, and although the atmosphere seemed a little anxious, everyone soon quieted down; one could only hear the sounds of cameras snapping pictures.

“Today’s goal of the banquet will remain the same, which is to announce one thing. And this announcement is just a small event our young master is participating in while staying at the Kou country. He had several other projects he needed to oversee the operations of, so I hope everyone here can understand.” Cui Ying Ying said this gracefully without being alarmed.

The sound of discussions started up again. “He invited so many celebrities of society yet in the eyes of your young master, this was only considered a small event? Who is he exactly?”

“That’s right, what does he actually do? Such a cocky statement!”

Hearing the sounds of discussion, Cui Ying Ying’s mouth formed a sneer; she had reached her preliminary goal. “Before announcing this thing, I have a message I wish to disclose to everyone.” Cui Ying Ying’s voice slightly increased its pitch, quelling people’s discussion. The huge banquet started quieting down again. Looking at everyone below the stage, Cui Ying Ying then said: “Prior to this, our young master made a trip to the Tenglong country. I do not know whether the present celebrities of society know of a Cui Ying Corporation?”

A middle-aged lady laughed, “everyone present definitely knows of them, the jewelry of Cui Ying Corporation is world famous, the diamond accessories on my body are mostly their brand. Within the Tenglong country, Cui Ying jewelry could be regarded as the most luxurious of items.” Although she said those words, but in fact she meant to belittle Tenglong citizens that they did not have the luck to enjoy it, while she was decked out with sparkling accessories. Even though Cui Ying Ying was somewhat angry, but she, whom was experienced in life, did not show any emotions, only smiled and said: “What this lady said was correct. Cui Ying Corporation is a large chain store; one could say that it may have monopolized the entire jewelry industry being the head of it. But a few days ago, our young master invested two billion U.S. dollars and took over this huge corporation, so it’s considered one of the many businesses belonging to our young master.”

If an ordinary person heard what Cui Ying Ying said, they would certainly think it was a joke. Two billion U.S. dollars, this figure alone will allow a person to stay firmly among the world-famous Forbes magazine’s richest list, yet she said this so casually.

One day ago, Cui Ying Ying had quietly contacted her father in Tenglong country. With her soft and hard persuasion tactics, her father finally agreed verbally, but of course no real contracts were involved. He could not handle his baby daughter’s pouty and charming words so he could only agree to her demands.

And the Supervisory Board along with the Board of Directors had already been notified and agreed to this. Although it caused a major ruckus, but actually Cui Ying Corporation did not lose a single penny, they only changed a single name.

“May I ask…?” A thirty something year old woman within the crowd of media picked up the microphone and brought it to her mouth: “May I ask if your statement can withstand our verification?”

Cui Ying Ying smiled faintly, “aren’t you insulting me and insulting my young master? Why would I lie to you for such a small business investment?”

The celebrities of society couldn’t help gasping, such a large corporation was actually just one of his many investments? Then what kind of amazing background does this young master have? This young master had such an unfathomable background, then no matter what, they must try to get close to him.

This was not only the thoughts of business tycoons present, but also some government officials were thinking about this.

While the celebrities in the entertainment industry had an alternative plan, especially the women who were dressed more provocatively. Each one began to fantasize, since this so called young master could make such a large investment, then he shouldn’t be stingy with money right? If they could engage in a short-term relationship with him, then wouldn’t just a little pinky of his fortune showered unto them will allow them live worry-free for the rest of their lives?

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