Ch 73 – The Whole Story

The sensation of the event was huge. The next day, not only were the major media outlets broadcasting it on television, but many newspapers everywhere had headlines stating: “Young master is advancing into the Kou country, business tycoons are eager to cooperate!”

Moreover on the Internet, someone uploaded a video that was shot using a cell phone from a long distance. Although the picture was kind of blurry, but it still resulted in tens of millions of hits from viewers. Overnight, a small thread at a forum site became a major place where professionals would discuss and debate the whole situation.

In the video, a man and two women walked into a stretched Hummer; a dozen men dressed in black suits appearing to be the bodyguards of these three young people all got into four Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This video has been reproduced multiple times and even landed onto Tenglong country’s websites. Within a short time, this scene had become the talk of the crowd, of course, many of them were praises and of admiration.

Some reporters went through special channels to inquire on any news about the young master’s acquisition of Cui Ying Corporation. The Board of Supervisors and the Board of Directors did clarify the situation so how could it be fake? Suddenly, television and other media broadcasts created a sensation again with the clarification. Some newspapers that only printed fresh stories actually made an exception and reprinted this new piece of information.

“Isn’t this a bit too sensational?” Lei Yu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. Causing such a scene, even when he was still with the Lei family, he has never seen his father Lei Yun Tian cause such a ruckus.

“Don’t worry, since I’ve started this, I will take care of it all the way to the end, I won’t leave any bothersome leftovers around. Just pretend you are playing a game, but don’t forget you can’t give out any names. So who cares if they come looking for us?” Laughed Cui Ying Ying.

“Then the day after tomorrow’s banquet, what should I say when I make my appearance? I don’t understand any of the business lingo, what if I embarrass myself? Asked Lei Yu.

“The day after tomorrow is not the time for you to make an appearance yet.”

“Still not time? Isn’t that being over cocky now?” Endless sweat was dripping down Lei Yu.

Cui Ying Ying laughed, “don’t worry, I will arrange everything, just enjoy your time staying at this hotel with Nami and I will take care of everything for you.”


These past two days, Cui Ying Ying never left the hotel fearing she would bump into some reporters. If they really found out about this place, then even if Lei Yu wanted to hide, there would probably be no place in the entire country he could hide in.

Even after the banquet on their way back to where Lei Yu was staying, they had to change their cars twice. This situation was like an undocumented worker afraid of revealing his identity to the authorities.

As for those bodyguards and luxury cars, Cui Ying Ying only had to pull some strings. For a worldwide reputed Cui Ying Corporation, would they not have direct reseller stores or licensed distributors in the Kou country to call on?

These direct reseller stores or licensed distributors would definitely send a few cars to wait on Cui Ying Ying. They were aware of the Board of Supervisors secret meeting, but even though they knew some young master had acquired the corporation, they did not know the in-depth content of the meeting. Cui Ying Corporation was basically playing a huge joke on the entire world. Being able to assist this young master, the dealers all felt it was an honor for them, making this mysterious young master’s fake reputation increase in believability.

Tenglong country, a large mansion was built on top of a mountain top. The mansion gave off a luxurious and ancient feeling. In front of the main entrance were six young people dressed in black modern clothes that were observant and alert. They were walking back and forth, and paying attention to any intruders that may come forth.

Inside one of the many offices of the mansion.

A middle-aged man put down his newspaper and slapped the desk top with his palm. “This Cui Zhong Hao… immediately contact him, I want to see him now!”

“Yes master, I will contact him right away.” The Elder hurriedly left the office and punched in a series of telephone numbers, contacting the chairman of Cui Ying Corporation, Cui Zhong Hao.

Not long after, a private helicopter slowly landed on top of an empty field. From the inside, a forty to fifty year old middle-aged man exited, followed behind by two large burly men that appeared to be bodyguards.

“Boss Cui, my Lei family wanted to acquire your Cui Ying Corporation but was rejected by you. Can you explain to me regarding the news I’ve heard today? Are you intending to offend our Lei family household?” Lei Yun Tian placed a newspaper in front of the middle-aged man, his voice filled with anger.

“Boss Lei, this whole thing was actually schemed up by my foolish girl.” As the head of a multinational company, Cui Zhong Hao was naturally not afraid of anyone. But when facing the Lei family whose fortune could match a country’s, no matter how courageous he was, he would not dare offend them. Cui Zhong Hao could only reveal the truth of the situation.

“The girl you are referring to is Ying Ying?” Lei Yun Tian’s tone softened. Even though there were some doubts in his mind, he knew being angry doesn’t solve anything.

“That’s right; it’s all because of her. In fact, this situation is somewhat related to your Lei family.” Cui Zhong Hao then said: “Your son Lei Yu has been pretty close to my Ying Ying recently. I am not too clear on the whole story but the only thing I do know is that your family’s second young master already has a girlfriend. But Ying Ying is adamant on being with him, even though they cannot be together, she is still willing to unconditionally expend herself. Being her father and unable to persuade her to listen, I can only help her to the best of my ability.”

“Boss Cui, you should tell me everything in detail.” Lei Yun Tian heard his son’s name and was suddenly puzzled.

“A mysterious young master returning from the United States and acquiring Cui Ying Corporation was all schemed up by Ying Ying. There is no such person, from what Ying Ying explained to me; Lei Yu wanted to make a big move in the Kou country, but needed some type of influence and prestige, so Ying Ying was bent on helping him. You should know that all my wealth was accumulated solely for my precious daughter, so when she requested my help, how can this father not help? Not to mention… Lei Yu is part of the Lei family, even if Ying Ying cannot be together with the second young master, I will still try my best to help out.”

After these statements, Lei Yun Tian finally understood what was going on. But whatever Lei Yu was trying to accomplish in the Kou country, he had no way of figuring out.

“I fully understand the situation now. Everything you’ve said today, the most pleasant thing to my ear was your last sentence.” Lei Yun Tian’s domineering aura could not be imitated. No matter how wealthy Cui Zhong Hao was, he would dare not offend this lofty figure. Since Lei Yu was in fact a member of the Lei family, then confessing that one of their own was involved in this situation allowed him to not offend this fearsome clan.

The Elder accompanied Cui Zhong Hao to send him off before returning to Lei Yun Tian’s office.

“Master, what is Lei Yu playing with?”

Lei Yun Tian shook his head, “I’m not sure, but in order for Lei Yu to have a change of heart and return to our Lei family, we have to come up with something. Make some preparations; we’re going to the Kou country to see what Lei Yu is up to.”


The next day, a mess of people were hanging around the entrance of a luxury five-star hotel. A variety of brand name cars were neatly parked in the front parking lot. A host of distinguished figures steadily trickled into the hotel. There were a bunch of small time reporters and the daydreaming second-rate stars sticking around the front entrance, hoping to catch a glimpse of the young master; this caused a chaotic traffic jam of humans. At this moment, anyone able to enter the hotel could not help feeling proud of themselves.

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