Ch 74 – Small Eastern Island

The huge crowd of people flocking to the hotel caused the Kou country’s government to utilize their police force to maintain order, and the degree of madness these people were exhibiting had fully fallen into Cui Ying Ying’s expectations. This atmosphere was not the mass wanting to meet just a mysterious young master anymore, but she had successfully stirred this situation into the mass wanting to meet a world renowned superstar.

Cui Ying Ying was very intelligent; the distance between the hotel they were staying at and the hotel where the banquet was being hosted at was not too far away. She chose to walk so that it would not attract people’s attention. This could also add some mysteriousness to it, but the main point was to help conceal Lei Yu’s residence location without luxury cars giving it away.

If the reporters caught wind that the young master whom had acquired a world-known jewelry brand and was going to advance his business into the Kou country; was actually living at this little mediocre hotel; then he would probably become the laughing stock of the country in an instant.

With no one paying any attention to her, Cui Ying Ying walked into the hotel’s entrance.

“Miss, please present your invitation.” A young man in a security guard uniform stepped in front of Cui Ying Ying’s path.

A bit confused, Cui Ying Ying did not understand what the other person was saying. But after seeing the scene where reporters were being blocked from entering, this uniformed person probably wanted her to show something, but why would she have an invitation she sent out to others?

Smiling politely while speaking English, Cui Ying Ying said: “I’m sorry sir, if you don’t allow me to go in today, then this banquet will be cancelled.”

How could this little security guard understand English? This hotel was not near the airport so foreign guests were non-existent, so the requirements for hotel staff were naturally less stringent.

Not waiting for the young man’s reaction, Cui Ying Ying stepped aside and continued walking in. She happened to bump into a middle-aged man, looking up; it was the hotel’s lobby manager. With one look, the manager recognized the person in front of him. Before he could even say anything, the young security guard ran over and grabbed onto Cui Ying Ying’s arm. With a smile at the manager, he then said to Cui Ying Ying: “If you don’t have an invitation today, you can’t enter the hotel!”

The manager took one look and immediately became stunned. Only after a short moment did he finally recover, “you idiot! Let go of your dirty hands right now!”

The young security guard was confused. Cui Ying Ying straightened her clothes, turned her head to survey the scene, and then said directly to the manager: “You did a pretty good job on maintaining security.”

Upon finishing her statement, she didn’t care about what just happened and only walked past the two to press the elevator button.

The instant the elevator door closed, one could see a scene where the manager was lecturing the security guard as if he was lecturing a small child.

Lei Yu was in his hotel room sitting cross-legged. Gently breathing out some turbid air, he then stretched his arms and heard “pak pak” sounds coming from all over his body.

Ever since he reached the [Discharge] stage, there were no signs of him making any leaps in progress. Lei Yu was not in a hurry, with his current age, whether it is in Tenglong country or the Kou country, those with the same strength as him were usually reaching the ages of an elderly person. The youngest was probably in their forties or fifties.

Being at his current stage, progress was originally very slow. Coupled with the fact that lately, he was unable to calm his heart and mind down, Lei Yu still began to blame himself somewhat.

Nami was sitting on a sofa in the living room daydreaming, but when she heard some sounds coming from the bedroom, she recovered her senses.

Lei Yu hurried into the bathroom to wash up before putting on some clean clothes.

“Nami, do you want to go outside with me for a bit?”

“Sure, young master.”

Although Lei Yu thought being with her felt good, but he felt Nami had really made him her master. As to why? Lei Yu did not ask, perhaps this was a custom in the Kou country?

The two exited the hotel’s main entrance. On a whim, Lei Yu wanted to go and see what was going on with the banquet. Grinning, he got into his convertible and they drove towards the banquet that was not too far from their current location.

Traffic jams were a driver’s most annoying situation, and the current congestion he encountered was definitely not normal. Lei Yu carefully looked about; the hotel where his banquet was held at was cordoned off and most of the cars were unable to get close but still tried. This shocking scene made Lei Yu completely give up. If he had to personally deal with such a scene, he would probably just stand there in front of everyone dumbfounded.

Just at this time, an odor wafted over from the side. Lei Yu gently sniffed and frowned, a stench had almost made him throw up. He turned his head to the side and observed a black car; inside the car sat two people dressed up in a very strange manner. He could also see flies flying back and forth around these people… Lei Yu hurriedly pressed the button to close the top before closing the windows tightly in order to escape this disgusting smell.

His mind was actually pondering: Can’t these two people smell their own disgusting stench? Did this stench come from their own body odor?

Through his own unique lightning’s gravitational force, he subtly released his internal energy out, enveloping the surrounding black car. Very quickly, Lei Yu came to a conclusion: These two people weren’t ordinary, inside the Kou country; their strength would be comparable to an Intermediate Ninja. But the way they were dressed were nothing like the previous ninjas he had encountered so Lei Yu wondered what was going on?

While Lei Yu was deep in thought, the car behind them started beeping their car horn like crazy. Lei Yu looked up and realized there weren’t any cars in front of him and he was the one blocking traffic now. He hurriedly shifted gears, stepped on the throttle, and drove past the hotel and left the area.

In the evening, Cui Ying Ying left the banquet and returned to the hotel to meet up with Lei Yu.

“How was today? Did everything go well?” Asked Lei Yu.

Cui Ying Ying placed a white plastic bag on top of the table and then slowly sat down. “Pretty good, today, I’ve selected ten well-known business tycoons of the industry. I will make a final selection next Thursday night. Oh yea, there were eighteen first-rate stars attending today, hoping to sign on to our newly established talent agency.”

I really don’t know how you’re going to handle this in the end, are you really going to cooperate with these major companies? On what ability do we have to do this?” Lei Yu asked full of concern.

Cui Ying Ying naughtily extended her delicate fingers and clamped them onto Lei Yu’s nose; Lei Yu did not try to avoid it or else would she so easily succeed? Gently squeezing her fingers, Cui Ying Ying then said: “Really, don’t you know the powerful effects of a star? You, in the Kou country or maybe even the whole world, have become a well-known figure now. Not mentioning that you may have to take money out to look for a partner, even if you now took advantage of your reputation and made others finance the whole operation, they would probably agree to it and not complain one bit.” Pausing, Cui Ying Ying then revealed a charming face: “I never thought you would actually already have fans now. I really don’t understand the Kou country girls and how their thought process works, haven’t they seen better looking men than you?”

Although he couldn’t understand what Cui Ying Ying explained, but he did understand her last sentence. Lei Yu smiled slightly and said: “Perhaps because the men of the Kou country are either too short or too ugly looking.”

“Don’t be so smug.” Cui Ying Ying smiled tenderly at him before taking out several exquisite looking lunch boxes from the white plastic bag. “You and Nami haven’t eaten yet right? I ordered some abalone for you guys from the hotel since I heard it was quite good; quick, have a taste.”

Lei Yu had driven Nami around in a large circle, but since there weren’t any good places for them to check out, they eventually returned to the hotel. They indeed have not eaten yet; when they were actually getting quite hungry, Cui Ying Ying happened to appear with food in a timely manner.

This abalone was the highest quality type; there were a full six of them drenched with a golden soup; the appearance made it look extremely appetizing. Lei Yu picked up a fork and poked one before handing it to Nami. Someone like Nami had never tried this type of food before so was naturally surprised and excited. Even though Kou country was surrounded by the sea, the cost of this abalone was not someone of her status could afford to enjoy. Just smelling it was enough to satisfy her; she never dreamed of actually getting to taste this delicacy, so she carefully ate it savoring every bite.

This was not the case for Lei Yu; he had been too hungry so with just two or three bites, he devoured one of them. To him, he saw this type of abalone as just a common dry abalone or the imitation kind, so this luxurious delicacy for Lei Yu had become a complete waste on him.

“Can’t you eat a bit slower?” Cui Ying Ying pouted.

Lei Yu who had already cleared out two abalones and almost done with the third laughed, “well, I was really hungry!”

“How come you never asked if I wanted some? Just devouring everything with such ferocity.”

Lei Yu blinked, this was indeed an awkward situation. He hurriedly shoved his half eaten abalone in front of Cui Ying Ying, “you want a bite?”

“So hateful! Who would want to eat your saliva?!” Although her mouth said that, her heart felt extremely happy. If she were truly to take a bite, wouldn’t that be considered an indirect kiss with Lei Yu?


In the waters near the eastern side of the Kou country, therein lies a small island. Even though this island was small compared to the Kou country which was technically a big island, it was still the size of a small city.

There weren’t a lot of buildings on this island since it was mostly forest and mountain slopes. Upon the island, many people were actually stationed here, every one of them carrying a weapon on them. And at every one thousand meters there would be a big building with monitoring devices constantly flashing. Everyone was alert and paying 120% attention for intruders.

Near the center of the island, there was a place that was completely different from the rest of the island. This place was simply paradise on earth; an artificial lake directly linking to the surrounding ocean; the lake was crystal blue; and next to the lake was a huge villa with at least three thousand square meters of living space (32,000 sqft); this was basically a vacation mansion.

A dozen or so lounge chairs were setup next to the lake. Getting further away from the lake was a huge round bed, and covering over the bed was a large awning. On top of the bed lay a dozen or so innocent looking beauties that were completely naked and lounging around a short middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man’s hair was very long; a black rubber band was used to tie up his hair. The rubber band did not look like anything good; it almost looked like a used condom.

With a dark scar across his face, narrow tiny eyes that were almost just a crack; he was enjoying himself by lying on top of a girl’s white stomach. His left hand was kneading the soft breast of another girl, while his right hand was holding onto a phone talking about something.

“What’s the origin of this young master?”

A voice came over the phone, “I’ve tried investigating but haven’t found any clues. But this young master acquiring Cui Ying Corporation, my people in Tenglong country say the information is reliable.”

“I want another thorough investigation; I want to know why this powerhouse suddenly appeared inside the Kou country.”


Putting down the phone, a young girl opened her legs. She then slowly sat on top of the middle-aged man’s lower portion, and the moans of two people could be heard.

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