Ch 75 – A Night Adventure

Trying to improve his mood, Lei Yu decided to take Cui Ying Ying and Nami out and about. Being cooped up inside the hotel all the time wasn’t too good.

Although Lei Yu thought the Kou people were extremely vile, but the country’s scenery was very beautiful. Just the view of the mountains alone would make one feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Within the car, the three were driving around the windy roads of the mountains for more than two hours. During this time, the two beautiful women did not know what Lei Yu was keeping inside his heart; he just kept staring off the eastern coast at a small island. The repressed anger was continuously burning in Lei Yu’s heart but now was not the time for it to explode; running over there by himself was like him being a masochist, seeking to be abused. He will wait until his identity reaches a certain degree, then these people will approach him on their own.

When they returned to the city limits, the sky was already getting dark. The neon lights dotted the dark skyline and the multitude of colors caused one to become dizzy. At a distance, a huge neon sign had some words that Lei Yu could not read, but he could see men and women outside the place rocking their bodies back and forth to rowdy music coming from inside. Lei Yu asked: “Nami, what kind of place is this?”

Nami was sitting at the front passenger seat; she looked at the neon sign before replying: “Young master, that’s a nightclub.”

“Ying Ying, are you interested in visiting a nightclub of the Kou country to hang out for a while? I feel like drinking a bit.” Lei Yu smiled and looked at the rear-view mirror while asking Cui Ying Ying.

“I haven’t drunk any alcohol in a long time, but if you want, I’ll accompany you.”

They parked their car close to the front entrance of the nightclub. Like a gentleman, Lei Yu opened the car door for Cui Ying Ying and the three strode inside.

At the front entrance, several gang affiliated youths saw the two pretty girls enter and immediately gawked at them. In the Kou country, there were many pretty girls, but they rarely saw those with such charm as these two. One had an extremely sexy body while the other possessed a charming aura that was hard to forget, especially her pair of seductive eyes.

Lei Yu and the two were walking inside when they heard some whistling behind them. Lei Yu slightly pursed his lips; looks like pretty girls are not bound by what country they’re from; no matter where Cui Ying Ying went, she would always attract the male race.

The three then entered into the main hall; a scantily clad girl with an exaggerated sized chest bowed and greeted them in the Kou language. Nami approached the scantily dressed girl and exchanged a few words; they were then led to an area of the hall.

It was currently around ten o’clock at night and the atmosphere was quite lively. The explosive bass from the music made the trio’s heart feel weird, but Cui Ying Ying who used to frequent places like this quickly adapted to it. As for Lei Yu, he possessed a powerful body so he was not seriously affected. But when it came to Nami, her face did not look too good but due to the dimly lit room, no one was aware of it.

They sat down at an empty table near the dance floor. The young girl that brought them there left while another pretty girl brought over an alcohol menu. When she saw Lei Yu, she went over to his side and seeming to accidentally brush his arm with her huge soft mounds. Lei Yu deliberately shifted his arm away and did not pay any attention to the girl’s gaze.

After receiving the alcohol menu, it was fortunate that there was also English on it. Because the music was too loud, Lei Yu pointed at Cui Ying Ying implying for the waitress to ask her to select the drinks. Seeming to understand Lei Yu’s gesture, the alcohol menu was given to Cui Ying Ying, but the waitress continued standing next to Lei Yu; her scantily clad bare buttocks kept brushing against him.

These types of moves were what most men enjoy receiving, and would welcome it with open arms. But with two beautiful women beside him already, the young girl’s behavior actually annoyed him somewhat. He pushed the girl’s waist away lightly without using too much force; she should understand the meaning of it.

Quickly selecting some alcoholic drinks, the three stared at the dance floor where young men and women were dancing like crazy. Everyone here was very open; men and women whom were complete strangers would still embrace and grind each other, some even started intensely kissing.

The three just drank their alcohol feeling slightly out of place. Cui Ying Ying was not surprised with the scene since she has encountered these situations in the past, and Liu Hao also helped her out of bad situations many times before. As for Nami, she kept pressing her hand against her chest as if she was having a hard time dealing with this environment.

Lei Yu finally noticed Nami’s strange behavior, and looked over at her with a puzzled look. Nami gently shook her head implying she was okay, just that she hasn’t adapted to this type of environment yet.

Around 10:30PM, the music gradually came to a stop. A handsome and young man went onto the dance floor while the rest of the people returned to their tables.

Even though this young man was good looking, but he could still not escape the dwarf gene, he was only about 1.65 meters in height (5ft 4in). In the Kou country, this was considered the average height.

Lei Yu listened to the young man “ooo ooo lala” for half the night as if hearing a sermon on the Bible. Once the young man was finished, he heard the musical sound of a female voice and the lights went out. White smoke started spraying out from the dance floor and lights started flashing. Unknown at what time but the young man had disappeared from the dance floor. A human figure came out from a small black door behind the dance floor; the person had wavy long hair, and a tall body figure that was entirely unlike the features of the average Kou person.

The lights suddenly brightened and a spotlight shone on a girl who had appeared. A black leather skirt showed off her slender smooth legs; she was only wearing a bra on her upper body; and she seemed to be wearing black eyeliner that made her look more seductive. The girl then stuck out her tongue and licked in a circular manner around her lips. The noise she caused was no less than the previous music level.

Lei Yu then frowned, not because the beautiful girl before him was not attractive enough, but because he smelled something familiar. Even though the smell was really faint, and an ordinary person would probably not be able to detect it, but Lei Yu could clearly smell it; this was a disgusting stench that would make someone throw up. Lei Yu immediately thought of when he was on the road and outside of the banquet, there were two people inside a black car; the smell was almost the same but this time, the smell had a gamey smell to it. Looking at the direction the scent was coming from, it should be coming from the girl that had appeared on the dance floor.

The girl tossed her light wavy hair while she slowly strutted her sexy body to the center of the dance floor. Two chains came down from the ceiling and the girl grabbed onto one with each hand. While midair, she swung herself around the audience in a circle before returning to her original spot. Lei Yu had confirmed his thoughts that this girl was not normal; although she was only an Elementary Ninja, if she did not reveal herself to the eyes of ordinary people, no one would realize she was a ninja.

At this point, the music became more euphoric. Listening to it, Lei Yu could only feel goose bumps forming on his skin, but the surrounding males continued howling in delight, beating on the tables and blowing shrill whistles.

What made Cui Ying Ying happy was that Lei Yu did not have much reaction when this sexy girl appeared on the dance floor. Unlike the hungry look of the men present, Lei Yu even had a slight look of disgust on his face.

She didn’t know why Lei Yu was disgusted; only he himself was clear on that reason. If this girl was allowed to continue performing any longer, he was afraid that he would really throw up; he really could not tolerate this stench.

The girl at the center of the dance floor appeared to be removing the only piece of clothing covering her chest. Two white towering peaks were suddenly exposed to everyone present; the entire audience started getting even more excited. There were even some men that wanted to rush onto the dance floor to have some fun with the girl.

Lei Yu forcefully stood up from his chair which gave Cui Ying Ying and Nami a scare. They thought Lei Yu couldn’t handle it anymore and wanted to rush onto the dance floor as well. But when they saw Lei Yu keep making gestures with his hands implying he wanted to leave, the two girls then finally felt relieved.

Before Cui Ying Ying and Nami could stand up, the half naked girl from the dance floor started moving towards Lei Yu’s table. Because she was already performing at the edge of the floor, the young girl only took a few steps before arriving in front of them. She used a seductive gaze that she thought would capture Lei Yu’s heart which caused the rest of the men present to start cursing.

Cui Ying Ying and Nami’s mouth were already agape in an O shape. The young girl ignored the two and placed one hand on her breast gently rubbing it while she placed her other hand on Lei Yu’s chest.

Lei Yu did not show much reaction before waving his hand, motioning Nami to come over. Recovering from the surprise, Nami went over to Lei Yu’s side.

Whispering something in Nami’s ear, Nami then said to the half naked girl: “My young master wishes for you to not disturb him.”

At this time, Lei Yu went over to Cui Ying Ying’s side and grabbed her hand; with his other hand, he grabbed onto Nami’s hand. The three then left the nightclub under the watchful eyes of everyone around the dance floor.

Leaving behind the shocked half-naked girl, Lei Yu’s face kept flashing through her mind. Firstly because she was moved by Lei Yu’s aura and his profound deep eyes; the second was the statement Lei Yu made. “Could he be a ninja?” A ninja in the Kou country was highly respected and would rarely appear in public. But after recalling Nami’s words, she addressed him with two words “young master” which made it hard for her to believe.

Several pairs of hands were trembling and reaching for the girl’s chest, but she detected them and deftly shifted away with a laugh. She lightly strode back to the center of the dance floor to continue with her performance.

“Lei Yu, what’s going on?” Cui Ying Ying asked with concern when she saw Lei Yu breathing in forceful breaths.

Lei Yu shook his head, “I’m fine, just needed some fresh air.”

In Cui Ying Ying’s heart, she thought Lei Yu hated those types of women. No wonder when she took the initiative to chase after Lei Yu, she was met with rejection. And of course, Nami was thinking of the same thing as well.

Driving back to the hotel, Lei Yu went into his bedroom deep in thought about something.

“So those two men in the black car and the woman tonight were somehow related, they all had the same smell. But why were their smell not detected by ordinary people?”

Any thoughts of abnormal humans would lead Lei Yu to think of the Yamaguchi-gumi; could it be that these people with the stench were part of the Yamaguchi-gumi?

Lei Yu opened Cui Ying Ying’s bedroom door, “can you investigate who or what type of people opened the nightclub for me?”

“No problem, I’ll give you a response tomorrow.” Looking at Lei Yu, Cui Ying Ying asked: “What’s going on? Did something happen?”

“Nothing, there’s just something I don’t quite understand. Go to sleep early, I’m going back to cultivate.” Lei Yu smiled before closing the door and leaving Cui Ying Ying’s room.

The Thursday one week later arrived very fast. Today was the time to screen their partners and the signing of artists. Cui Ying Ying left the hotel early, leaving words: “It’s still not time for you to reveal yourself yet.”

The distributors in the Kou country for Cui Ying Corporation provided an office building for Cui Ying Ying’s use. The place was currently very lively; according to Cui Ying Ying’s expectations, these prominent businessmen did not care how much capital they had to invest, all they cared about was cooperating with this extremely popular young master.

There was actually a fierce competition going on right now that involved the changes of a numeric nature.

“I’ll take out $20 million U.S. dollars to invest in the talent agency!”

“I’ll invest $35 million.”

“$40 million!”

The current office building had actually become an auction site. These shouts by the business leaders were like music to Cui Ying Ying’s ears; she then walked to the front of the conference table quietly watching the business tycoons on scene.

Focusing on efficiency was a business’s fundamentals, but having a good reputation and powerful foundation was the soul of the company. Having a company with a strong foundation that they could rely on as a partner would save them a lot on publicity and strategies.

As the saying goes, “a tall tree catches the wind” proved to be right. Our “tall tree” young master has caught the attention of many people causing a sensation; competing in order to cooperate with him was an inevitable situation.

But for someone to gain such a fast momentum in a few short days, there’s probably not many people in this world capable of doing it.

Lei Yu was fortunate that he had Cui Ying Ying’s help, but he was even more fortunate because Cui Ying Ying was Cui Zhong Hao’s only daughter; he doted on her and treated her more important than his business, that’s why such a miracle could happen.

More importantly was Cui Ying Ying’s mind; looks like her studying economics and management in the United States was not just for show. She was also able to grasp the psyche of a businessman which was very useful in the business world. If we were to compare her business sense to Lei Yu, Lei Yu would simply be a complete idiot.

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