Ch 76 – Death At Midnight

Cui Ying Ying’s people were bustling with activity. With the information provided by Cui Ying Ying, Lei Yu started combing the vicinity of the nightclub he had previously visited, hoping to find some clues.

Cui Ying Ying used the relationship that Cui Ying Corporation had with people in the Kou country to grasp who controlled the nightclub behind the scenes – it was a small branch belonging to the Yamaguchi-gumi.

Investigating late into the night, Lei Yu finally found his target. Coming out of an Audi, a scantily clad woman draped her arms around the shoulders of a man before walking off.

Quietly following behind the two, Lei Yu sat down at a table off to a corner at the nightclub. Many young girls came to strike up a conversations with him but were all rejected by Lei Yu’s cold facial expression. The main point being Lei Yu did not know what sort of bird language¹ these people were chirping at.

It was then time for the main attraction. Lei Yu endured the stench and watched the girl’s solo performance. Once she was done, the naked girl picked up her clothes from the ground and left the dance floor. Lei Yu also stood up and exited the nightclub. He stood at a corner across from the nightclub and condensed his internal energy, completely hiding his life force. He quietly watched the people entering and exiting and finally found his target again; it was still the same man and woman. Lei Yu then got into his car and tailed behind the Audi.

The dimly lit streets would only have street lights after long intervals, shining down a yellow light. There were only two luxury cars currently on the road.

Lei Yu followed the Audi to a hotel before coming to a stop. Lei Yu waited for the two to get out of the car before he rushed up to follow.

He watched the blinking lights of the elevator before it stopped at the sixth floor. Lei Yu pressed the button for another elevator before heading up to the sixth floor as well.

This floor had at least thirty rooms on it; and to search one room at a time was an impossible matter. Fortunately, this girl left behind that special stench which could not be dispersed.

In front of a room, the smell appeared more intense here. Lei Yu did not actually stop but kept on walking by. When he first got off the floor, he saw a surveillance camera at the end of the hallway. He made it look unintentional as his hands slightly covered his face while he walked to the camera’s blind spot. After waiting for ten minutes, Lei Yu was kind of impatient so he started walking towards the target room. Using his unique lightning ability, he destroyed the magnetic lock on the door and rushed inside the room.

A woman’s moaning and gasping could be heard in the room. The sudden appearance of Lei Yu made the woman unable to react. Her sexy bare hips were still constantly moving up and down while her eyes were filled with surprise at the sight of Lei Yu.

As for the man on the bed, he was already unrecognizable. His body was bloody and the fresh blood covered the white bed sheets dying it red; it seems that this man had already died.

“Why are you here?” Surprisingly, this woman actually spoke English to him. Lei Yu definitely felt this was strange, but thinking about it, perhaps when Nami called him young master, this woman came to some sort of conclusion.

“You’ve probably committed many wicked acts in your life huh? I don’t know what your goal is but are all the people in the Kou country this depraved?” Lei Yu softly asked as he frowned and looked at the corpse that had been tortured beyond recognition.

“Who are you really?” Asked the woman as she removed her lower body from the man’s penis. She then wrapped her naked body with the blood-stained bed sheet.

Seeing how calm this woman was, Lei Yu acted indifferent and said: “I approached you because I wanted some answers to my questions.”

The woman’s expression was also indifferent, not having that previous self-pleasure expression. She slowly sat down on a sofa by the window; lit a woman’s extra slim cigarette, and gently exhaled the smoke. She then asked: “What do you want to know?”

“I want information on Otsuka.” Lei Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly as he replied.

The woman’s hand slightly flicked the cigarette and the ashes scattered onto her chest that was not completely covered by the sheet. Not beating around the bush, she asked: “You are Tenglong country’s Lei Yu?”

It looks like Lei Yu’s name had already become well-known in the Yamaguchi-gumi. Since that was the case, Lei Yu no longer needed to hide anything. He continued to ask: “Where is Otsuka right now?”

“I don’t know.” The woman turned her head away completely ignoring Lei Yu. But in actuality, she was releasing a scent. The scent of this smell became more intense and strong; it appears that she thought she could silently notify her companions. Little did she know, Lei Yu was the first to notice the smell and the stench of the smell had become really unbearable. If this was the case, he could not give her any opportunities. If someone was really to come, then things might get messy and his identity may be found out.

In this situation where the smell was increasing, Lei Yu stared at the stench-filled woman before arriving in front of her in almost an instant. He raised his hand and grasped her neck, “I’m sorry but you forced me. If you hadn’t made that move just now, then you probably wouldn’t have had to die. But it’s too late now, you have to die or else my plans would all go down the drain.”

Lei Yu’s eyes flashed with hatred before he exerted force into his fingers. *Crack* The woman’s eyes were still wide and round but her neck had already been snapped by Lei Yu.

It’s not that the woman didn’t want to resist, but in the face of a strong opponent like Lei Yu, even if she wanted to resist there was nothing she could do. Besides, Lei Yu’s action were fluid and fast like water so she did not even have a chance to retaliate.

Just as he exited the elevator back down at the hotel lobby, a black car pulled up to the entrance and stopped. Two men got out of the car so Lei Yu with extreme speeds, picked up a newspaper from a coffee table and obscured his face with it before sitting down on the sofa. The two men only glanced in his direction before getting into the elevator. Indeed, they were heading to the sixth floor.

Lei Yu’s memory was pretty good, weren’t these two men the ones that he saw on the road right next to him? It was mainly because of their unique smell, a stench that could not be blocked by any means.

Lei Yu had thought about going upstairs to finish off the two, but thinking on it some more, since the woman had already released her scent, exactly how many of her companions would be responding? It’s probably best not to take the risk, so Lei Yu got into his car and rushed back to his hotel.

At least now he had some clues; nightclubs will be his starting point. As long as he focuses his attention there, he will eventually get more clues.

Cui Ying Ying’s mood seemed pretty good. As Lei Yu entered the door, he saw her happy smile with a mysterious look.

“What is it? Did today’s selection go off without a hitch? I’m beginning to think something knocked you on the head making you lose your marbles.” Lei Yu shrugged, looking at her puzzled.

“This is what I call ‘catching a white wolf while unarmed.’² Without spending a penny, I netted lots of money!” Thinking a bit more, Cui Ying Ying shook her head, “that’s not right, we did fully invest in this. The two banquets cost us more than two hundred thousand U.S. dollars, so this investment of ours is no small amount!”

“How come you’ve never brought this up? Why would the banquets require such a large amount of money?” Asked the surprised Lei Yu.

“Of course it’s expensive; this is standard for the luxuriousness of a 5-star hotel. If it wasn’t for this, how could we gain the trust from these cunning foxes of the business world?”

Lei Yu smiled, “what do you plan on doing next?”

Today’s selection is pretty much done; I’ve already selected two investors. One of them is willing to invest $70 million U.S. dollar to start a talent agency, we’ll call it Meng Yu.” Cui Ying Ying revealed a bright smile as she said this.

“Seventy million!” Lei Yu’s jaw almost dropped to the ground, his mouth was agape in an O shape and his eyes were round and wide.

“That’s right, and the investor said he was willing for each party to hold 50% of the new company’s shares. Basically, we don’t need to fork out a single penny.”

Lei Yu swallowed hard, “there’s still free lunches in this world? Isn’t this money a bit too easy to get?”

“This is called a celebrity’s effect; your reputation in this world has been awakened. From now on, there will be many more people looking to cooperate with you, and that’s just the start.”

“You’re saying…” Lei Yu calmed his inner excitement, and continued listening to Cui Ying Ying’s astonishing plan.

“About investing in real estate, I reached a consensus with two high-ranking Kou officials. They agreed to develop the waters near the eastern side of the country so we could build an overwater maritime city off the coast. But we need to inject a large amount of capital for this, and it’s not something we can pawn onto others. I’ve already discussed this with my father and he’s willing to invest in a small portion. And the other portion will be taken care of by a private owner that mostly deals with light industrial products and services. We only need to provide some “benefits” to these two high-ranking officials and they will take care of all the necessary documents. I am certain this business idea will net us big profits.”

Lei Yu probed a bit and asked: “So how much is that small investment is your father making?”

“One hundred million.” Pausing, Cui Ying Ying then continued, “U.S. dollars.”

“F*ck! That’s crazy!”

Listening to Cui Ying Ying ramble on about business strategies, Lei Yu just couldn’t comprehend the complexity of it. But one thing he was actually clear on; several A-list celebrities in the Kou country that were also well-known around the world, were actually willing to leave their old company and join the newly formed Meng Yu Corporation. Just this matter alone made Lei Yu marvel at the thought.

In the eyes of ordinary people, celebrities were the object of their pursuit. In no way did he ever think that in less than half a month, these celebrities had become people working for him, the young master; this was indeed incredible.

In fact, the person that was most happy from this situation was Cui Ying Ying. This was her first time going out to sea and looking for gold, she did not expect to find bucket loads of them. And in accordance to the whole budget, their own investments in this did not even reach one percent. For a girl that had just left school, this was simply a fantasy. She never thought she could pull this off so the feeling of accomplishment she felt, words could not describe them.

Making Lei Yu a prominent figure had succeeded beyond expectations. Lei Yu had now become a figure that everyone wanted to know, but unfortunately his whereabouts were too mysterious, up until now, still no one really knew who this young master was. Perhaps there were some people that knew his identity, but they have already been gotten rid of.

As for Nami, from beginning to end she knew nothing; she had never left the side of Lei Yu the entire time. Whatever was going outside, it was certain she had no clue. Whenever Cui Ying Ying spoke with Lei Yu, they would use the Tenglong language so of course she couldn’t understand any of it. If Nami were to know of Lei Yu’s current identity, she would definitely rejoice for having chosen to follow by his side.

Sitting on the sofa in a corner, Nami was in a daze. She was thinking back ten plus years ago when her parents had a tragic accident; that scene was something she would never forget. At the same time, she would also never forget her benefactor Lei Yu.


¹ – Just the author’s way of bashing the language.
² – A scam artist without doing anything was able to get money.

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