Ch 77 – Abducting A Beauty By The Beach

With the death of the hotel manager previously and now the death of a nightclub dancer, this caused a high degree of concern for the Yamaguchi-gumi. The Yamaguchi-gumi formed three small teams: The first to investigate this mysterious young master because they were really interested who he was exactly; and the other two teams would each investigate the death of their two members. They were hoping to find some clues but little did they know their efforts would be futile, Lei Yu did not leave anything behind for them to find.


For a pleasant and romantic time, the best choice was the beach. With the smell of the ocean air, experiencing nature’s wonder was an enjoyable thing. Cui Ying Ying was wearing a sexy swimwear that exposed a lot of skin; she stood there opening her arms wide and feeling the ocean breeze against her skin.

Someone had mentioned this before: Nowadays, it’s so different from the past; it used to be that when one moves the swimsuit out of the way, they would see a butt. Now it was the opposite, if you move the butt out of the way, you can now see a swimsuit.

But what Cui Ying Ying was wearing wasn’t that exaggerated; at most her soft buttocks were half revealed while her curvy waist with long slender white legs could be fully seen.

Cui Ying Ying alone was enough to make any man’s soul escape their bodies and go to heaven right away. But the swimsuit Nami was wearing, if a man had even a trace of being a heterosexual, their blood would instantly rise up in their bodies and their nose would spray blood all over the place.

With a curvy slender waist, her rounded hips were simply wrapped in a white cloth; her large mind blowing round chest; it even made people worry for her safety. Would she tip forward and stumble to the ground from the weight? The size of her big chest was considered only heard about in legends.

The two sexy beauties on the beach attracted all the men’s perverted eyes. As for Lei Yu, he was wearing a pair of large sunglasses; his head resting on his crossed palms, and lying on a large towel with a look of enjoyment. Lei Yu’s body had a healthy glow and toned sculpted muscles showing off what a perfect man’s body looked like.

If those two beauties had the ability to attract all the men’s attention here, then Lei Yu had gained all the women’s affectionate glances. One could see many beautiful women had rested their chins on their folded hands with a dazed look while their fantasies ran wild.

“Ying Ying, will you be recognized here?” Asked Lei Yu with some concern.

“Don’t worry.” Cui Ying Ying smiled and said: “I doubt they can recognize me when I’m not wearing my business attire, and even if they did recognize me, they’ll probably be filled with doubt.”


On the side, while Nami was smearing sunscreen on her white thighs, she asked: “Young master, are you thirsty? Do you want me to go get you a drink?”

Lei Yu nodded, “sounds good. Oh yeah, could you also get some sushi rolls? I’m a bit hungry.”

“Yes, young master.” Nami stood up and her chest started bouncing up and down. Lei Yu could not help ogling since it was just too mesmerizing. If Lei Yu did not have a strong tolerance, he may have already stretched out his hand and grabbed them for fun.

As Nami left, Cui Ying Ying stretched and touched her toes. When she straightened up, her upper body also started bouncing up and down. She then approached Lei Yu and asked: “Can you tell me what exactly you are doing in the Kou country? Aren’t you afraid of making Ai Er sad? The way you are lying to her, it’s not very appropriate right?”

There was a slight pain in Lei Yu’s heart. He thought of Ai Er’s innocent appearance; her clean and pure eyes; Lei Yu really didn’t want to lie to her. But things have progressed to this point now, it’s pretty much impossible to back off from it now; not to mention Lei Yu never thought of stopping his plans. Since he had already planned on doing this, he might as well see it to the end. No matter what, he was a member of Dragon Group; he felt he had a responsibility to find the culprits that brought the contaminated batch of insects into Tenglong country. Additionally, little Ke could not die in vain; if anyone tried to interfere while he was tracking down Otsuka, Lei Yu will not hesitate to get rid of anything blocking his path.

“I’m sorry; I currently cannot tell you my purpose. But once everything is over, you will naturally know everything.” Lei Yu’s gaze fell upon a small distant island, although not very large, it was still the size of a city.

Seeing that Lei Yu was reluctant to tell her anything, Cui Ying Ying did not continue asking, Lei Yu probably had his reasons. At least Cui Ying Ying knew that Lei Yu would not hurt anyone important in his life. Cui Ying Ying very naturally put herself in Lei Yu’s category of important people.

Picking up the sunscreen that Nami had just used and handing it to Lei Yu, “can you apply this on my back?”

“This…” Lei Yu hesitated, but Cui Ying Ying’s request wasn’t too out of line. Since Nami wasn’t here and there was only Lei Yu, he could only take the small brown bottle from Cui Ying Ying’s hand.

As he touched Cui Ying Ying’s delicate and smooth back, Lei Yu suddenly felt like he was touching a piece of peerless jade. As for Cui Ying Ying, her body couldn’t help shuddering and her heart beating faster. Even though this was a simple act of putting on sunscreen, but it still made her heart surge endlessly. This was the first time Lei Yu had touched her body, even though it was under such circumstances, she was already very happy with it. His face flushed red while he was looking down, and a fat guy could be seen at a distance staring at the scene dumbfounded to the point where he had even forgotten to chew the food that was inside his mouth.

“That’s strange, what is Nami buying that’s taking her so long?” Lei Yu suddenly realized the two had been here for half an hour and Nami had still not returned.

“Nothing bad should have happened right?” Asked Cui Ying Ying.

Lei Yu shrugged, “I don’t know but I hope nothing happened.”

“Should we go take a look? Nami has such pretty looks and a nice body; it’s possible that she’s being bothered by some men.”

Thinking about this point, the two nodded their heads. Simply packing up their belongings, they started walking outwards from the beach.

They arrived at an area with wooden huts where there were many shops that sold fast food and drinks, but they still couldn’t find any signs of Nami. Lei Yu frowned, even though he didn’t have any good impressions of the Kou people, yet Nami was the only Kou person that he cared about. Lei Yu felt that Nami was slightly different, and the days that he has spent with her up until now has made him start to value her. Unable to find her after searching for a while, Lei Yu started worrying.

“This is strange, how come we can’t find her?” Cui Ying Ying looked all around; Nami’s body was very special, one could say absolutely stunning so if she was in the vicinity, it was certain their eyes would be drawn to her. Yet even after walking around the place once, there were no signs of her.

“Sushi!” Lei Yu pointed beyond the wooden huts at a black a white object lying on the sand.

The two ran over and sure enough, near the fallen sushi and outside some nearby red and blue tents, two youths were pulling Nami trying to drag her inside. Nami was resisting with all her might, her face covered with tears and her red eyes made one’s’ heart ache for her.

Throwing the sunscreen in his hand like a long-range projectile, it struck one of the youth’s head. Lei Yu’s grasp of his own strength was near flawless so the throw will not take the youth’s life, but it will still knock him out cold.

With the sudden arrival of a brown bottle striking his buddy, the other youth turned his head and looked over. He first noticed Cui Ying Ying and his eyes widened, he then noticed Lei Yu who had a rather large and tall body compared to himself. He then started cursing but Lei Yu could not understand any of the words and kept walking forward.

The youth seemed to be afraid as he saw these people getting closer to him. He hurriedly screamed out to a distant crowd of young men and women whom were laughing and playing beach volleyball. That group then immediately came over.

There were almost twenty something people that came over and surrounded Lei Yu and Cui Ying Ying; such a large movement of people attracted the attention of many people. A lot of people were only looking from a distance, not daring to get close. These groups of young men were well-known for being scoundrels and troublemakers; relying on the wealth of their family, they would often bother and bully the girls. But everyone usually turned a blind eye to their actions, since as long as they didn’t bother them, who were willing to stand out and cause trouble for themselves?

Nami suddenly struggled forcefully and got rid of the youth’s grip on her. She then ran behind Lei Yu and pulled on his arm. Inadvertently, her two soft breasts were pushing against Lei Yu’s back, giving him a wonderful sensation that was indescribable.

Although they were surrounded by twenty something people, Lei Yu kept his calm composure. It was natural since these twenty something people were only ordinary people, so Lei Yu would not consider them much in his eyes. But the identity of these people was not yet known to Lei Yu. The youth that had been knocked out by the sunscreen early on woke up and shook his head, and seeing the current situation at hand, he pointed at Lei Yu and shouted: “You’re courting death! Do you know who I am?”

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