Ch 78 – Some Shock And Awe

This chirping language, inside Lei Yu’s group, only Nami understood what the guy was saying. Lei Yu shook his head, intending to ignore them so he turned around and was ready to walk away.

“Stay where you are!”

The youth that had just recovered from being unconscious screamed out while pointing at Lei Yu. Even though he couldn’t understand the words, Lei Yu could still understand the tone of his dog mouth so he stopped. Lei Yu slowly turned around, his deep profound eyes staring at the youth and his inflamed manner. Relying on having a lot of people with him, the youth puffed up his courage and cursed: “Who the f*ck do you think you are? You actually dare to show off having two hot girls accompanying you?”

Nami didn’t know where her courage came from, but she repressed her fear, strode forward and pointed at the youth yelling: “Don’t you dare insult the young master!”

“Young master? It’s him?” The youth sneered while looking Lei Yu up and down; he wasn’t used to seeing such a tall person that looked like a giant compared to himself. The youth then said to Nami: “Follow me, and you won’t have to worry about living expenses for the rest of your life.”

“Nami, what is he saying?” Lei Yu frowned, the two of them conversing made him extremely confused.

“Did everyone hear that? This kid is actually trying to use English, hahaha…” The youth looked at his twenty something companions laughing out loud.

Anger appeared in Nami’s eyes as she stared at the youth. She turned around and answered Lei Yu: “Young master, he… he’s insulting you!”

Nami also spoke in English and the people’s laughter immediately stopped. Within the crowd, a twenty something year old girl with a small cherry-like mouth had a look of surprise. Since both her hands were raised up, the upper piece of her swimsuit slid up about 1 centimeter and made her look even more attractive.

“Isn’t that the assistant of the mysterious young master?” The young girl exclaimed out loud.

Lei Yu and Cui Ying Ying couldn’t understand her words but Nami did. She was surprised to see the young girl pointing straight at Cui Ying Ying.

“It looks like she really is!” People within the crowd started discussing this subject.

The youths present were all children of either high-ranking government officials or business tycoons. That day when Cui Ying Ying hosted the banquet, there were only a lucky few that had the opportunity to attend with their parents; but most of them weren’t qualified to go.

After they bragged about it, all the friends that were unable to attend the banquet were filled with envy. Because these youths practically worshipped this legendary mysterious young master, they wanted to witness the honor of bathing in his presence. But alas, the closest they’ve ever come near the young master were the texts about him on the internet or in the newspaper; no one had seen his true face.

Originally, several of these rich girls had sparkling eyes upon seeing Lei Yu. But the companions they were mixed with ruined the chance, so they could only hold back and not say anything. Now that there was such a suspicion, suddenly all the girls could not help looking up and down at Lei Yu, starting to feel a bit embarrassed.

Another youth opened his mouth and said: “Do you guys remember a video online? It’s the three of them!”

Everyone started thinking about it; some time ago, the internet circulated a crazy online video, a man and two women were greeted by sixteen bodyguards in black clothing and then invited into a stretch Hummer. The mere bodyguards were driving in Mercedes-Benz S class cars that were top of the line, then the identity of this young master must really be amazing.

The young men and young girls began to get excited; the two beautiful women in their eyes became even more grand and majestic. And this young master in front of them was getting more and more attractive; his tall figure, broad shoulders and toned body; it was starting to make these girls have a fanatic crazed look.

Lei Yu and Cui Ying Ying watched these eyes of ill intent rapidly change, and they were both puzzled by it. But the whole thing about the mysterious young master, Nami did not know anything so when the situation became like this, Nami did not know how to explain it. And of course, Cui Ying Ying and Lei Yu did not know what these people making “gu gu nang nang” sounds were talking about.

“Hey!” The youth that was previously knocked unconscious still had belly full of anger, he did not care about any young master or young mistress. Ever since he was born, no one had dared to hit him before, so when this wealthy youth’s temper came up, not even ten heads of cattle will be able to bring it back down. He pointed at Lei Yu and said: “Just by her calling him young master, do you guys really think he’s the mysterious young master? Don’t be fooled! Remember that I was just knocked unconscious by a bottle!”

Nami pouted her cheeks as if she had forgotten her previous fear, then retorted: “Weren’t you just about to sexually assault me?”

“You! You shameless sex slave! Your father I,¹ took a liking to you so it should be considered your honor!” The youth cursed through clenched teeth.

The twenty something young men and young women also could not tolerate his actions since they clearly saw the whole incident from beginning to end. As Nami was buying drinks, the youth grabbed one of his buddies and tried to forcefully pull Nami away, and now he was saying Nami was shameless. If they were dealing with ordinary person, these youths would not care one bit, but the people in front of them were possibly the mysterious young master and his companions. For such a thing to happen to their idol, even if it were their parents, they would still curse them out to defend the idol.

Nami’s body was trembling; apparently her anger was at its limit. Lei Yu lightly patted Nami’s shoulder and softly asked her: “Nami, what is he talking about?”

“Young master, we should quickly leave this place.” Nami’s eyes started turning red again, and the tears in her eyes were about to drip down.

“Don’t worry and tell me, don’t you remember seeing how powerful I am? Do you think I’m afraid of them?” Lei Yu comforted her by using a low voice that could only be heard by them two.

Nami held back her sobbing for a brief moment, her voice trembling while she repeated the words of the youth. Lei Yu’s temper instantly rose up, he then shouted: “You son of a bitch!”

Everyone blinked, what country’s language was that? Not one of them in the crowd could understand his words. Cui Ying Ying was immediately aware of Lei Yu’s anger or else he would not curse out using Tenglong words; she hurriedly shook her head at Lei Yu.

Lei Yu then sneered, “I’m not that dumb, I learned this move from Liu Hao, it’s enough to frighten these sons of bitches!”

After saying this, Lei Yu pointed at the youth and said in fluent English: “You idiot, do you know what type of people are the most respected in the Kou country?”

Removing his sunglasses and shaking away some hair that was blocking his face, Lei Yu’s eyes were filled with an elusive look. But this kind of look had become a deadly weapon against women; the deep profound gaze made them go crazy, the girls all stared at Lei Yu with fanatical eyes.

Lei Yu slightly shifted his foot apart half an inch, slowly raised his right hand, and then started condensing internal energy into his arms.


With a loud shout, he punched the sandy ground with his fist. Cui Ying Ying’s reaction was considered not slow and immediately hid behind Nami’s back; she then used her Louis Vuitton bag to cover Nami’s eyes.


A loud noise was heard. At this moment, the twenty something people that had surrounded in a ring were covered with sand and dust, the effect was similar to a tornado that had just blown through causing a sandstorm that rushed towards everyone present. Everyone was covered in sand; those with a fast reaction had closed their eyes in the shortest amount of time, while the ones with a slow response naturally felt the sand sting their eyes, followed by tears involuntarily streaming down.

“Waa! Ninja!” Someone within the crowd shouted out.

Suddenly, the twenty plus attractive men and women had their mouths agape, especially the youth that started this whole thing; he was already so scared that he fell on his ass. And in the middle of his shorts by the crotch area, a wet patch of sand was seen; it’s doubtful anyone would believe the wetness was caused by seawater.

Each and everyone that looked at Lei Yu had a sluggish face of fanaticism. This kind of worship on their face was even stronger than them seeing the prime minister of the Kou country; it was like they couldn’t wait to kneel at Lei Yu’s feet can loudly call him grandpa².

After that, Lei Yu pulled the two super beauties away from the surrounding crowd, leaving behind the group of girls in spring fever mode and the boys who seemed to have just seen superman, all standing there dumbfounded.

As for the youth that caused this, he was already scared silly. Even he had guts and looked down on the legendary mysterious young master; he would still not dare to insult anyone that was identified as a ninja. Even if it were an Elementary Ninja, in the eyes of ordinary people, their existence were already overwhelming.

Lei Yu’s simple deterrence was only seen by these twenty plus men and women. Because that punch was performed while they were surrounded, the people on the outside naturally did not know what happened. Seeing Lei Yu’s trio coming out, everyone craned their necks hoping to see what had happened inside the encirclement. Apart from seeing a group of youths with lifeless eyes, they couldn’t see anything else.

Towards these ordinary people, he couldn’t really fight with them, and even if he cursed them, they wouldn’t understand. Lei Yu did not want to lower himself to their levels so as long as Nami was okay, he will let bygones be bygones.

In the evening, the three of them returned to the hotel; whatever happened today was hard for Nami to forget. Cui Ying Ying was taking this a bit better, she already knew somewhat about Lei Yu’s strength. His disciple Liu Hao was already quite arrogant with his own strength, then it goes without saying that this super master lived up to his name.

But Nami remembered that within the crowd, someone shouted out ninja. Was young master really a ninja? Thinking about it, Nami shook her head. She wanted to ask Lei Yu but did not dare; this question would continue to keep bothering her.

Lei Yu actually didn’t care about what happened this afternoon; to him, it was just a tiny incident that wasn’t something he should bother thinking about anymore.

Nami obediently sat on the sofa off to the side of Lei Yu, her eyes unconsciously staring at Lei Yu who had turned on the laptop and opened up a website. Suddenly, her face froze.


¹ – Chinese people use that when they want to act big/tough/superior to the person they are speaking to
² – Exaggeration of worship

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