Ch 79 – The Boss Of Yamaguchi-gumi

A pop-up advertisement appeared, with a red background and yellow characters, a giant eye-catching headline read: “Young master discovered at the beach and heroically rescues a beauty.”

But this headline was written in the Kou characters so Lei Yu naturally could not read it. Upon seeing Nami’s facial expression, he asked: “What’s wrong with you?”

Nami blushed, and then translated the words on the headline for Lei Yu. After that, whichever website they went to would have the same series of headlines, but fortunately no photos appeared. It seems that the group of young men and women were simply too surprised and obsessed, they completely forgot to take pictures. Coincidentally after being surrounded, the people on the outside were unable to record or take pictures of the event either.

“How could it be that quick?”

Cui Ying Ying laughed, “have you forgotten how powerful the internet is? Before you became famous, I also relied on the internet and achieved pretty good results.”

Lei Yu blinked, then picked up an apple on the table before taking a bite. “Ying Ying, what’s the next step?”

Lei Yu was actually the most concerned about Cui Ying Ying’s real estate plans, the one where they were going to build an overwater city on the east coast of the Kou country. The location of this overwater city was what Lei Yu was looking forward to the most. Since it can be considered as a city, then the surface area would not be small. With what Cui Ying Ying revealed, the size of the city would be around fifteen thousand acres, or the equivalent of ten square kilometers. The size of this area is enough to scare someone to death, and this will become a huge revolutionary project. The funds that Cui Ying Ying will be injecting into the project was simply a drop in the bucket, but they had the support of the Kou government officials, and their partner was a head of the electronics industry, so there shouldn’t be any problems with the start-up capital. They could sell the buildings as they build them so the money will continuously come back, alleviating the danger of lacking funds.

And with the mysterious young master Lei Yu’s name attached to it, it would be hard for this luxurious masterpiece of an overwater city to not become the hottest piece of real estate ever. Based on the plan’s projection, the real estate prices may surpass the rates of the most expensive downtown area of the Kou country by at least three times. If you were to put these horrifically profitable numbers in front of an investor, anyone would be filled with doubt. Now it was different, with such a famous reputation backing it up along with the unique allure of an overwater city, this piece of undeveloped real estate has already caused a hype that could reach the skies.

However, based on common sense, we can only say that people of the Kou country have a pig’s brain in their head; as stupid and dumb as can be. Their Kou country was naturally surrounded by water; it’s already a mega city island. Cui Ying Ying’s idea was just to shift a city’s limit towards the edge of the water, add some houses to it, and with just that, it became the current hype.

Now Lei Yu’s concern was not centered on building the city, he was focused on the small island off the east coast of his new city. Establishing a city on a parcel of land the size of ten square kilometers, this was equivalent to shortening the distance from that island. Lei Yu was able to get closer to this Yamaguchi-gumi that was unfathomable to people.

It’s not that the project can be completed whenever one wants it. Without three to five years time, pulling a city by the sea out of thin air could only be read in mythical tales. So recently, Cui Ying Ying had become quite busy, and she had also notified Lei Yu: “It’s time that you revealed yourself.”

“When should I do it?”

“You will have to participate in tomorrow night’s groundbreaking ceremony.”

Lei Yu wanted to laugh and cry. “Damn, we’re building an overwater city off the coast, the f*ck we need to break ground?” Lei Yu was thinking this and did not say it out loud.


Ever since the duel between Lei Yu and Cai Zhong, Tenglong country had become quiet. Du Zhang Hai of the Ming Sect seems to be keeping a low profile and hasn’t made any big movements lately. It seems that after the outcome of Lei Yu’s duel, it made Ming Sect lose a lot of face. It’s hard to blame Du Zhang Hai in wanting to borrow a foreign power to take care of this eyesore.

As for the Lei family, it was even quieter there. The most important fact was the family’s master and elder were nowhere to be found inside the household.

Like always, Celestial Court was carefree, anything that happens around the country did not really affect them; they were able to enjoy their reclusive and easygoing lifestyle.

Amongst this temporary tranquility inside the country, Martial Sect was a little different. Shangguan Xi Hong had arrived at the military camp. Sitting inside the main hall of the villa, his hands playing with a large bead. This bead was exactly the Spiritual Aura bead that Lei Yu had received, but then given it to Nuo Hu and Liu Hao. Relying on this bead, the two had improved their cultivation by leaps and bound.

“What is Lei Yu thinking? He disappeared for such a long time and the gift I gave him, he would so casually give it to others, he’s practically disregarding and looking down on me!” Shangguan Xi Hong’s tone clearly showed his anger.

Nuo Yi Long and the others were standing at the front-end of the main hall. They looked at each other but didn’t know what to say. Before Lei Yu left, he said wanted to leave for a bit to get rid of some stress, so was there really any reason to stop him? Besides, Lei Yu was Dragon Group’s Deputy Commander, even if he disappears for three to five months, it wasn’t a big deal. This is the freedom one gains when they become a powerful individual; he was even fully justified to claim he was behind closed-door training.

The reason for Lei Yu leaving had already been sent up the chain of command, but Shangguan Xi Hong could not accept this reason, he was afraid this once in a lifetime genius would get up and disappear from the world. And this was why he came here today to lay blame on someone.

But even if he was in a hurry to find Lei Yu’s whereabouts, they had no idea where to start. A living person free to go where he wanted, how are they going to find him? Were they actually going to mobilize their entire military force? Although Lei Yu was an important individual, yet he shouldn’t be important enough to that extent.

Shangguan Xi Hong angrily left Dragon Group. While inside the car, he took out his phone. “Commander Xiao, wasn’t your son interested in Commander Nuo’s daughter? Let them get close to each other more often.”

Putting down the phone, Shangguan Xi Hong sneered, “I don’t believe that you won’t show up.”

In the future, Shangguan Xi Hong will realize his decision today would become a huge mistake, making it too late for any regrets.

On an island off the eastern coast of the Kou country, this was the headquarters of the Yamaguchi-gumi. No one unauthorized would dare to access this area, including the Kou country’s government officials; they would only occasionally pick up a telescope to look over. Even though they wanted to know what was going on at the little island, they didn’t have the courage to get close to it.

In an area of the little island, a young man with a height of about 1.7 meters respectful stood next to a dwarf like little person, pulling out some photos from his jacket’s chest pocket.

“Boss, this is the face of the mysterious young master.” The youth said.

The dwarf was surprised like he thought of something. Looking at the person in the photo, he frowned, “he’s a Tenglong citizen?”

“That’s right boss, from the occasional slip of the language he speaks, we can determine he is a Tenglong citizen. But his use of English is very fluent, so perhaps he is a Tenglong citizen that had returned from the United States.”

“What’s his name?”

The youth slightly hesitated, followed by saying: “Sorry boss, there was no way for me to check this. We… due to the person called Lei Yu in Tenglong country, most of our people have returned here. So, our manpower there was insufficient to expand out for a more thorough investigation. But we were able to thoroughly investigate the Cui Ying Corporation, and there were in fact news of it being acquired. This person has become known as the “young master.” As for the United States, with just the name “young master,” there was no way for us to even begin our search.

The dwarf was holding onto the photo, his eyes glazed over as if he was thinking about something. Seeing the boss like this, the youth didn’t say anything, his eyes were involuntarily glancing over to the side where several naked super beauties showed off their bodies that could make any man’s nose bleed. The youth’s heart was cursing: “F*cking hell, such beautiful ladies being used like this, what a waste.”

Since he couldn’t resist the temptation of these beautiful women, his lower body could not help rising up creating a tent like shape in his pants.

After a while, the dwarf waved his hand, “you did a pretty good job, this woman is your reward, go have some fun.” Then, from the group of women lying down fully naked to one side, the dwarf picked out a girl and threw her into the youth’s arms. The youth was suddenly overjoyed, “thank you boss, thank you boss!”

His previous hard work had finally paid off, holding onto the flirtatious and seductive beauty, the youth went towards his living quarters. It looks like he will have to play for at least a full day and night in order to vent the pent up heat in his body.

With these photos, wanting to find the location of this young master was not difficult. But the dwarf had a sudden thought so he was not in a hurry to make contact with this young master, the time has not come, the show was not ready yet. The dwarf hummed to himself, he then pinched the breast of a girl and then started rubbing them. His eyes gave off a ruthless look, “you want to share a piece of the pie in my Kou country, it’s not something anyone can do. I will have to ‘greet’ this nameless brat soon!”

If these photos were seen by his underling, an Advanced Ninja by the name of Otsuka, the underling will certainly be alarmed because the person in the photo was precisely Lei Yu. But he was only a little Advanced Ninja, even though he had a respected identity in the Kou country, but wanting to see the head honcho of the Yamaguchi-gumi? How could it be so easy?

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