Ch 8 – Return of Ai Er

As the purple colored internal energy slowly circulated forward, it would encounter some minor obstacles. With just a bit of added strength, he could break through those obstacles. Lei Yu really enjoyed his success – the way his internal energy flowed, it was like cutting down anything in his path whether it be soldiers or generals (metaphor). When arriving at a meridian, there would be another barrier blocking him, similar to a defending warrior. Usually Lei Yu could pass through leisurely, but if he used too much force resulting in his meridians fracturing, pain would be felt. Then the green energy would immediately activate, repairing the damage. After countless fractures and repairs, Lei Yu’s meridians had enlarged several times, becoming tougher and more flexible than before.

The spiritual energy in the air was being absorbed by the circulating internal energy. And the yellow bead in Lei Yu’s brain would immediately transform into a gas, acting as a filter for the newly absorbed energy from the air, removing all the impurities, making the spiritual energy become extremely fine and pure.

Lei Yu currently has three types of forces in him: the purple energy being his own used to cultivate his abilities; a green energy that would work behind the scenes to repair any damages to his meridians and other acupuncture points; and the yellow energy that will remove impurities from the spiritual energy he absorbs from the air.

But the most confusing thing for Lei Yu was that he did not know the origin of those three forces. And he did not know why they were residing inside his body. But these weren’t important, the most important fact was his body kept continuing to increase in power.

Two weeks later, Lei Yu continued cultivating as always. On a typical day with nothing to do, he would hang out with Nuo Hu. Occasionally, they would go to Dragon Group headquarters to learn some military policies and procedures. The days passing by were simple but strictly disciplined. Lei Yu never thought of breaking the current routine. But once “this” person appeared, everything became a bit chaotic.

Nuo Hu and Lei Yu both stood at the main entrance of the airport chatting. It appears if they were waiting for someone.


A voice that sounded like beautiful wind chime floated into their ears. They looked up and both Lei Yu and Nuo Hu became shocked.

Nuo Hu also has not seen his sister for three years. These three years she did not come back at all, just studying abroad. Now that she was back, Nuo Hu had trouble recognizing her.

The delicate face with a high nose, a pair of bright eyes as clear as moonlight, a pouty red cherry like lips, wavy long hair gently swaying in the breeze, if not for the undeveloped chest area, one would really mistaken her for a young maiden ready to be married off.

The young girl ran up to Nuo Hu and gave him a big hug. The brother and sister had not seen each other for 3 years. This emotional embrace proved how much they missed each other.

“Brother, could he be…” Ai Er turned her head to look at Lei Yu, eyes revealing a somewhat surprised look.

“You don’t recognize him? He is little Yu!” said the smiling Nuo Hu.

“Wow!” This Ai Er did not restrain herself, turned and hugged Lei Yu, “brother Yu! I haven’t seen you in a long time! You’ve really become handsome too!”

Lei Yu forced a gulp down. When they were young, he would be usually carrying this little sister with him, running all over the mountains without any intimate feelings whatsoever. Now this little Ai Er had grown up to become a teen, especially one of such beauty, Lei Yu suddenly did not know how to react.

People walking by or the crowds waiting to pick someone up would cast envious stares at them. If such an attractive girl were to give them a hug, how wonderful would life be then, were their thoughts.

The three drove back to Lei Yu’s military apartments. Talking about the the two siblings, their life story was quite pitiful. They lost their mother at a young age, and their father rarely spent time with them. The two siblings rarely got along with other children, always only hanging out with Lei Yu. Those three naive children would then enjoy their days carefree without worries.

The two siblings did not return home because Nuo Hu’s father had to deal with some military affairs. Also later on, Nuo Hu had to accompany his father Nuo Yi Long to an important banquet.

“Brother, today I’ll be staying at brother Yu’s home right? Father and you have to attend a banquet anyway, and I don’t want to stay at home by myself” said Ai Er nonchalantly.

“Ai Er, forget it! Little Yu will accompany you to dinner, then you will have to go home since he has to cultivate during the night” said Nuo Hu.

“Cultivate? Brother Yu, are you currently being specially respected inside the Lei household? You must defeat Lei Long to become the next master of the household!” As Ai Er finished speaking, Lei Yu’s mood suddenly became a bit depressed. Nuo Hu lightly pulled at her while giving her a forceful stare.

“What? Did I say something wrong?”

“Enough! Ai Er! Stop talking!” Nuo Hu suddenly shouted. Ai Er did not think her brother would have such a big reaction, suddenly became teary eyed.

“It doesn’t matter, Ai Er does not know the whole story.” Lei Yu reluctantly smiled and gently patted Ai Er’s head.

“What? Tell me! Tell me what happened?” Ai Er thought Lei Yu lived here simply because it was closer to school, and did not bother with living anywhere else.

Seeing Lei Yu nodding with the go ahead, Nuo Hu gave out a long sigh. “Alas! One year ago…”

“This Lei Yun is really a big bad guy! Brother Yu, you… how come you didn’t tell me earlier?” Crystal like tears came down Ai Er’s delicate face. Just seeing her appearance would make one fill with sympathy and affection.

“It doesn’t matter, the incident is in the past now, aren’t I doing great now?” Lei Yu said nonchalantly, but deep in his heart, did he really not care about it?

“Brother Yu, come on, let’s go eat dinner!” said Ai Er while grabbing onto Lei Yu’s arm.

Nuo Hu hurriedly said farewell to the two and drove away. The Nuo family only had one son and Ai Er is unable to succeed her father. Naturally, the candidate as successor fell on Nuo Hu. Coming into contact with high-level figures early on was a good thing for his future developments.

They both walked together towards a restaurant.

“Such a pretty girl yet I don’t recognize her?” said a young man to his nearby buddies. This young man was in his early twenties standing at a distance away, staring at Ai Er approaching.

“Brother Han, we do not recognize her either” said several people nearby.

These young guys slightly squinted their eyes, deep down inside, they were up to something.

After dinner, Ai Er took the lead exiting the restaurant. Lei Yu was in the back, busy taking care of the bill. The young man from before appeared, following behind him were his two buddies.

“Hey pretty girl, can we chat for a bit? You look so beautiful, how about we become friends?”

Ai Er observed the young man – he was very well dressed, and was born with a face that women were attracted to, but it was the spitting image of what a “tool” would look like. (T/N: the term tool is defined as someone that lack abilities and can only rely on their good looks or “penis” to get ahead)

Ai Er politely smiled, “I’m sorry, I still have stuff to do, I’m going to leave now.” Then, she was about to go around these 3 people to leave…

“Hey hold on!” Blocking Ai Er’s path, “I am known as Zhao Han, you should have heard of my name, right?”

Ai Er frowned, “I’m sorry, I’m really busy.”

“Damn it, we’re giving you face and you’re refusing it! Not everyone has the privilege to talk to our brother Han!” cursed someone standing behind Zhao Han.

“Shut up!” Zhao Han turned around with vicious cold stare, “who said you could talk to her?”

This student immediately lowered his head, with the appearance of a henchman.

Then with a smiling face towards Ai Er: “Pretty girl, I only want to be friends, why are you refusing my requests? Do you have time tonight? I will treat you to a drink.”

Ai Er did not want Lei Yu to see her in this situation, and did not want Lei Yu to get into trouble since he’s already having bad luck with his life. Besides, her brother wasn’t here right now.

“Sorry, please let me get by.”

Ai Er wanted to leave, but Zhao Han would not quit, he then grabbed Ai Er’s hand. Just at this moment, Lei Yu came out from the restaurant.

“Bastard! Stop!” shouted Lei Yu.

Zhao Han frowned, “this girl fits my taste, you kiddo better stay away from her or don’t blame me for any consequences!”

“If you don’t let go, YOU will suffer the consequences!” Lei Yu stared menacingly. Inside Lei Yu’s heart, Nuo Hu and Ai Er were very important to him. Therefore he will not allow any harm to befall them.

“You’re seeking death!” Behind Zhao Han, a buddy of his rushed over throwing out a punch, intending to knock Lei Yu to the ground.


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