Ch 80 – Somewhat Relieved

Something happened these past two days that made Lei Yu extremely confused. The amount of people guessing about his background increased greatly and this was caused by a unique feature that Lei Yu possessed.

Ever since the appearance of Lei Yu at the beach, it triggered an unprecedented sensation. Not only were they discussing about Lei Yu himself, they were also talking about his unique feature, a bolt of lightning branded on his right arm. The brand caused a lot of discussions between the people; some said it was just a tattoo that he randomly picked; some said it represented that he was a member of a mysterious organization. In short, there were many different opinions and each of them had their own logical explanation.

Lei Yu wasn’t actually afraid of the Kou people finding out his real identity, he was actually looking forward to this. The problem was if the discussion of his brand reached the Tenglong country, then the people closest to him would certainly figure out who the mysterious young master was.

Lei Yu was considered a loyal person, and there was originally nothing wrong with him wanting to get revenge for little Ke. But the longer he took doing this, the deeper and more complex it will become. Perhaps inside Lei Yu’s heart, a part of him had found the origination of the bacterial insects so he wanted to take revenge for that as well. If Ai Er and Nuo Hu knew about this, then there would be no way for him to stop them from coming to the Kou country. If this were to really happen, then he will have to change his plans, at the minimum Lei Yu couldn’t act recklessly in his endeavors.

Protecting Cui Ying Ying and Nami had already occupied so much of his time that he couldn’t go off and do certain things. If Ai Er was to come as well, then the things he had planned for would become disastrous. At the minimum, Lei Yu would have to put in more thought into his next steps.

The more one worried about something, the more it was prone to happen. Sure enough, the discussion of the mysterious young master had spread like mad to various forums; some people even replicated the brand on Lei Yu’s arm and started posting it all over the internet.

Cui Ying Ying’s phone was ringing and the caller ID showed it was Ai Er.

“Ying Ying, don’t lie to me, are you with brother Yu right now?” The voice from the other end of the line sounded very anxious.

Cui Ying Ying looked over at Lei Yu; she had no clue what to say.

Breathing out a deep breath, Lei Yu grabbed the phone, “Ai Er, it’s me.”

“Brother Yu, everyone was looking for you all over and you were actually in the Kou country!” Ai Er’s voice was getting more anxious. “The news of you has already spread all over the internet in major sites and forums in Tenglong country, and the higher-ups of Martial Sect already know about it as well. The current problem is very serious, Shangguan… Shangguan Xi Hong had come to Dragon Group multiple times wanting your return.”

“Ai Er, don’t worry, I can only say that I have some very important things to deal with so I cannot return just yet.” Lei Yu was helpless to say this. If he were to leave now, then all these weeks of hard work Cui Ying Ying had put in would be all for naught.

Going back to Tenglong country would be very simple; from the Kou country’s airport to the Tenglong country’s airport only takes a short amount of time. But Lei Yu understands that once he shows his face back at Tenglong country, Martial Sect will not let him leave that easily anymore.

But he did overlook one issue; if he did not return, Martial Sect would still send people to bring him back. Even though Martial Sect would not mobilize their entire troops to look for him, but since they knew Lei Yu was in the Kou country, then finding him would be much easier. Moreover, Lei Yu’s name was quite well-known so wanting to find him is not a difficult task.

“Can’t you come back first and explain everything to them? My father and my brother are always irritable lately. Brother Yu, you… going to the Kou country, is it… did you go to the Kou country because of little Ke’s incident?”

Lei Yu sighed. He being in the Kou country was very obvious already. If he kept trying to hide the truth from Ai Er, then he would really be in the wrong.

“That’s right, I’ve found some clues now just so I can avenge little Ke. The reason why I haven’t told you anything was because I thought you would get worried; worry that I will be in danger. The second thing was that I was afraid you would come look for me and get into a dangerous situation yourself. And finally, I was afraid… afraid that you would be unhappy deep inside your heart.

The other end of the line became quiet. After a long time, Ai Er started speaking again. Hearing the tone of her voice, it appears her mood had gotten better and she was no longer as anxious. “Brother Yu, I know that if I go there, it will only affect you negatively. But you need to be careful yourself, and no matter what, you need to give me a call once a day, okay?”

Ai Er’s words moved Lei Yu greatly. Even though Ai Er couldn’t see it, but Lei Yu nodded his head fiercely. He then said: “I’m sorry that I caused you to worry about me.”

While the two were having a conversation, Cui Ying Ying who had been present the entire time felt her heart ache. “Lei Yu, you worry about Ai Er’s safety, fearing Ai Er would this and that, but have you ever worried about my safety? I spent so much effort and trouble to help you accomplish these things, was it wrong of me?” Of course Cui Ying Ying did not speak these words out loud.

He chatted with Ai Er for almost half an hour and Nuo Hu couldn’t wait anymore, he grabbed the phone away and said: “Little Yu, I’m going to the Kou country to find you! I’m worried about you being alone there! Since you are worried about Ai Er coming to you, then there should be no worries if I come. At least I can protect myself and maybe even help you out!”

“Big brother!” Lei Yu’s eyes became slightly red as he fought back the tears. In Lei Yu’s heart, Nuo Hu was in a high position of importance, he had always considered him an elder brother, he was even closer to him than his own biological brother. Each time Nuo Hu showed concern for him; Lei Yu would silently keep it in his mind and never forget it.

After a short while, Lei Yu calmed his emotions and said: “Big brother, don’t worry about it, me being alone here is fine. You should know that I’m already at the rank of a Fifth Order Warrior; it’s enough to deal with most situations. No matter how plentiful experts are in the Kou country, do you think there would be streets filled with Sixth Order Warriors running about? Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”


“Seriously, don’t worry so much. I need you to stay in Tenglong country so that you could help me during critical times, therefore you can’t come over here for now.”

“What do you need me to help you with? Just go ahead and say it!”

“When the time comes, I will give you a call, it’s not the right time yet.”

It was unfortunate that he couldn’t hear his playful disciple Liu Hao’s voice as well, but it doesn’t matter. Lei Yu had already silently made up his mind; he couldn’t keep dilly dallying in the Kou country so everything must speed up its pace.

After hanging up the phone, Lei Yu’s heart felt so much better. The things that have been bothering him for many days have finally be solved. Lei Yu felt fortunate to have such a cultured, thoughtful and well-behaved girlfriend. And to have such a sworn brother so concerned about his wellbeing, Lei Yu was fully content.

Turning his head around, he saw a slightly angry looking Cui Ying Ying. Lei Yu laughed and said: “Ying Ying, don’t worry, I will take good care of you and will not let any harm befall you. You’ve helped me so much; I really don’t know how to repay you.”

She was interrupted by Lei Yu’s words, so Cui Ying Ying mischievous smiled, “you can repay me with your body?”¹


Pausing, Cui Ying Ying with a look of warmth then said: “I’m kidding with you, I think if any girls heard your words, it will definitely produce an ambiguous feeling, but I like what I heard. I’m already satisfied that I’m in your heart. I know you really love Ai Er, everything you do will have her feelings in consideration, and you are very loyal in regards to your love; I think any woman would love that about you. But don’t worry, do you remember that day when you were discharged from the hospital and I spoke with Ai Er? I promised her that I will not compete for your love with her, but I did ask her to let me stay by your side, just being friends is good enough. Fortunately for me, she agreed and we became good sisters.”

Lei Yu felt enlightened, “so that’s what happened, no wonder that day Ai Er came back into the car all mysterious and stuff.”

Subsequently, the two discussed their next plan of action. They decided to accelerate the pace of everything, and naturally, Cui Ying Ying was told of Lei Yu’s true purpose of coming to the Kou country. Such a faithful and righteous man made her love him even more. Cui Ying Ying was crazy enough to think: If I was to be killed, I wonder if he will also risk his own life in order to avenge me?

“I’ll send a car to pick you up before the groundbreaking ceremony. At that time, you can use your true face to appear in the Kou country. I believe that the Yamaguchi-gumi would come look for you afterwards.” Said Cui Ying Ying slightly worried.

“Okay, I will obey Director Cui’s arrangement! However, don’t worry about the things related to the Yamaguchi-gumi, I’ll handle that part.” Lei Yu made a funny salute, prompting a burst of laughter from Cui Ying Ying.

Looked at the time on his cell phone, it’s already in the evening. Nami went to purchase some things, and on the way, she made a reservation at a restaurant that had a very distinctive Kou country style, and was supposed to pick up the two. The time was almost near yet why hasn’t she returned yet?

Lei Yu and Cui Ying Ying were a little anxious. This young girl, originally she wasn’t that old yet her looks were outstanding. Add the fact that her body was very attractive so it made people worry when she went out alone by herself.

But Lei Yu was thinking that there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. No matter how much of a bastard these Kou people were, not all of them are like that right? After all, there should be a lot of good people around, or else how could Nami survive until such an age? Wouldn’t she be dragged off to star in pornographies already?

Sure enough, after ten minutes or so, Nami called and said she had returned to the hotel and would be waiting downstairs. The two went down and Nami drove Lei Yu and Cui Ying Ying; the three of them were chatting and laughing as they drove towards a restaurant.

In front of an ancient building rich in style, Nami slowed down and parked the car on the street. Even though the building was not considered a high-rise and didn’t look anything magnificent, it did have a distinctive flair of the Kou country’s culture. Lei Yu looked all around and the restaurant’s business was booming; the parking lot outside of the restaurant were packed with vehicles; there were at least fifty plus cars there. No wonder Nami had to make reservations in advance.

The appearance of Lei Yu’s group was a bit showy; an attractive man with two beauties, causing passer-bys and other people about to enter the restaurant to pause mid-step and stare, they were all unwilling to withdraw their eyes on this trio.

Not counting the people from other countries, the chances of this happening in the Kou country was too improbable. But the three had already gotten used to it, who told the Kou citizens to be so genetically short? Although there were plenty of beautiful women around, yet the level of Nami’s beauty could be regarded as extremely rare; we can’t even be bothered to mention Cui Ying Ying’s type, which was tall and seductive looking.

Opening the door, the door chimes hanging atop issued a crisp sound. Two girls dressed in low-cut tops were kneeling in front and said a bunch of “chirps and wah-wah.” Lei Yu couldn’t understand a thing while Nami nodded and said some words. One of the girls stood up and started leading the way while walking in small shuffled steps slightly hunched over like their crotch was in pain. And the other girl continued to receive guests that came in after them.

Lei Yu unintentional looked back; a bearded man grinned while staring at Cui Ying Ying and Nami. Although his eyes were staring at them off to the side, his big hands had slipped inside of the girl’s shirt that was kneeling in front of him, forcefully kneading her white soft breasts. The strange thing was that no one cared about this scene. What made Lei Yu even more speechless was when the kneeling girl provocatively grabbed the guy’s crotch area and started gently squeezing it. Even though this scene that played out was very quick, but it still made Lei Yu appaled with some of the Kou people’s customs.


¹ – Could be interpreted as giving ones’ body for sexual relations or a pledge of marriage.

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