Ch 81 – Trapped Old Lady

A Sliding door was opened by the young girl and inside was only a thirty centimeter high small table. Placed on two sides of the table were some thick foam pads. Lei Yu’s group went inside and Nami started ordering some food. The three were chatting about some things and the once silent Nami in this period of time had become more cheerful and open. As for the reason why, only she herself would know.

While the three were happily eating, outside came a noise of pounding footsteps. Listening to the footsteps, it was apparently passing the front of their room which made Lei Yu’s eyebrows tightly knit together in a frown.

“Young master, what’s going on with you?” Asked Nami as she saw Lei Yu’s facial expression change.

“Oh nothing, you two stay here, I’m going to the restroom.” Lei Yu stood up, went to the door and put on his shoes, and walked towards where the footsteps had disappeared off to.

This hallway was very narrow; only less than three people standing side by side could get through. But there were indeed many rooms and Lei Yu was uncertain which room the owner of those footsteps entered into; he could only pretend nothing was out of the ordinary and calmly walked on.

A young girl was standing in the hallway and noticed Lei Yu, so she suddenly clamped her legs, hunched her back and shuffled over, “does this esteemed guest need something?” The girl was speaking the standard Kou language and to Lei Yu, it was like listening to the Bible. The girl’s face looked a bit weird, even though she was not as outstanding as the super beauties in his room, but she could also be considered quite pretty. The most important thing was that she had a flirtatious scent about her, one whiff and men would want to ravage her body.

Lei Yu curled his lips into a sneer, the clothing by the girl’s chest was a bit messy and her skin had some redness to it like she had been forcefully grabbed. Without answering her, he continued walking forward.

The girl could not look into the eye of this tall and handsome man, so she awkwardly stood still and did not dare to keep up with him.

Lei Yu approached the outside of one of the rooms and grinned, he found his target. He then turned around and went back to his own private room and hurriedly ate something. Lei Yu sent both of the girls back first while he stayed by himself.

What Lei Yu smelled was a foul stench, and he was very familiar with this stench. Lei Yu was fortunate that his private room was far away from the source of the smell or else he wouldn’t be able to eat his dinner.

After silently sitting there for over ten minutes, Lei Yu stuck his head out and noticed there weren’t anyone in the hallway. The girl he met previously wasn’t there either; it appears that she has gone off to greet the new customers.

Lei Yu arrived outside of the room that gave off the foul stench and suddenly opened the sliding doors. The two people inside were about to put food in their mouths looked over in surprise. Right after that, Lei Yu used his unimaginably quick speed to enter the room, closed the door, and stood behind one of the occupant’s back. He clamped his fingers around the person’s throat and forcefully ripped. The person’s eyes were round protruding in shock, but his mouth couldn’t take in anymore breaths.

The other person felt something was wrong and suddenly shouted; he grabbed a bottle from the table and smashed it towards Lei Yu’s head. But Lei Yu was already at the [Integration] stage which was equivalent to Kou country’s Shadow Ninjas. And these people in front of him were at most the strength of Advanced Ninjas. In Lei Yu’s eyes, these men were simply clowns that didn’t know the meaning of death.

He swung a left back hand and gently clasped onto the person’s forearm that was holding the bottle, and this person suddenly felt a burst of numbness in his arm. The bottle in his hand fell out of his grasp and Lei Yu quickly caught it with his other hand. No other sounds could be heard from the room except for the initial shout.

Lei Yu gently placed the bottle back on the table and then brought his right index finger to his lips and did a “shh” gesture. His left hand still holding onto the other person’s forearm immediately gripped harder, and lifted this person off the ground. With the other free hand, Lei Yu condensed his lightning energy upon his palms and made quick strike to the back of this person’s head, immediately knocking him unconscious.

Lei Yu put the person’s arms around his own shoulders, and while suppressing the stench, he opened the sliding doors and walked out. As he walked out of the restaurant’s main entrance, he did attract a lot of attention, but people were mostly checking out Lei Yu’s tall and handsome features. No one took a second glance at the person he was supporting; they probably thought he was supporting a drunken friend.

He dragged this person to the back seat of his convertible, and then went back inside the restaurant. He used the same method and drag out the person that he had already killed by crushing his windpipe, then paid the bill at the front desk. Lei Yu was paying the bill for these two people as well. This was the only solution he could come up with in order to avoid any chaos at this restaurant.

Lei Yu didn’t really have a place to hide these two people but luckily his memory was quite good. That time when he was driving with Nami and Cui Ying Ying along the eastern coast of the country, he remembered there were some homes up on the mountain; those seem to be an ideal place. But the first thing he needed to do was get the help of Nami, the authentic walking interpreting machine.

Back then, he had let them go because he was afraid of any unforeseen changes that may attract unnecessary trouble. Now that he had been successful in getting these two people out of the restaurant, then things would be much easier to handle now.

Picking up his phone, he dialed Nami’s number. Lei Yu didn’t say too much, he just asked her to be ready and wait for him at the hotel lobby.

Picking up Nami, he quickly drove to the area of the mountain homes. Even though Nami was curious about the two people in the backseat, she didn’t ask Lei Yu any questions. In her heart, the things the young master did were always right; she just needs to obey his words because she was not qualified to ask anything.

In accordance with Lei Yu’s criteria, Nami entered a somewhat dilapidated house. Inside lived an old woman, but the surprising thing was this old woman was not a Kou person, but a westerner. Lei Yu began to have some hesitation, if he knew this were to happen, then he could’ve solved the problem himself. But since Nami was already here, then he’ll just have her take care of everything to save his breath.

Lei Yu noticed Nami was unable to persuade this old woman to temporarily leave the tattered house. Since it has come to this, then he was forced to take care of it himself.

“Old lady…” Lei Yu spoke with her in fluent English, “may I ask why you are living alone in this house?”

Looking at her appearance, the old woman’s age should be over seventy years old. Her white hair was somewhat striking to look at in the evening from the dimly lit lights. Lei Yu observed the old woman’s face was covered in deep wrinkles and her hands were fully calloused. Why would this western old woman suffer so much in the Kou country?

“I am waiting for my son.” The old woman’s voice was trembling a bit, she was apprehensive to have strangers disturb her peaceful life.

“Why don’t you go out and look for your son then?” Lei Yu asked. He looked around at the dilapidated house and observed a simple bed; a table; and near the door was a rusty stove and some chipped porcelain bowls. Evidently, life was as poor as it could get for this old woman.

“I don’t have the money to travel. I’ve sought help from the government officials of the Kou country but they didn’t want to help me, they even kicked me out of their office. These Kou people are really horrible!” The old woman’s eyes were slightly red as she said this. It appears her request for aid was rejected by the officials of the Kou country¹.

Lei Yu observed the old woman’s appearance and it made his heartache; she was so pitiful while living alone in a shabby house, this scene caused Lei Yu to feel unimaginable sadness in his heart.

“So why didn’t you give your son a phone call?” Lei Yu asked again.

*Sigh* “I’m old now; I can’t remember his phone number. If I knew it, I will have definitely called already since my family is really very rich!” The old woman kept repeating how rich she was as if she was reminiscing about her past. Now that she had fallen to this state, as for the reason, Lei Yu didn’t want to ask too much. Pulling back the tears that were about to come down, Lei Yu said: “Old lady, I am willing to send you back to see your son but I’m not sure if you’re willing to accept my kindness?”

The old woman’s trembling withered hands grabbed onto Lei Yu’s hand, her lips trembling constantly and her cloudy eyes seemed to brighten a little. “Is this true? Is this for real? Is everything you’ve said really the truth?”

“It’s the truth old lady.” Lei Yu turned around and said to Nami: “Take the car and drive the old lady to the airport, buy her a plane ticket and give her $5000 U.S. dollars. That should be enough for her to find her son.”

“Yes, young master.” Nami respectfully nodded, then assisted the old woman. The old woman was already so excited that she was unable to speak. One could see in her eyes that the happiness she felt was like she regained a new life; this kind of gaze coming from an elderly person was rarely seen.

Lei Yu carried the two people out from the car. When the old woman asked, Lei Yu told her they were his friends that had drank too much, they would be staying here for the night and then leave tomorrow at their leisure.

The old woman went inside a room to the table, opened a drawer and brought out a gray ring. The design of the ring looked like it was from a long time ago, but the style wasn’t too bad. On top it was carved with a rotating pattern that made it look pretty unique.

The old woman was already bitterly weeping, with a trembling voice, she said: “Child, this ring was originally a pair, one is held by my son and the other one is here. I have lived in the Kou country for a full three years now and today, I’m giving this ring to you. I hope that one day you will go to the United States to look for me, but remember, it’s the state of Idaho in the United States. As long as someone sees this ring, they will know you are my benefactor. Child, I really do hope that one day you will come find me in the United States.”

Lei Yu smiled as he walked with the old woman to the car before running back into the dilapidated house.

He naturally did not have to care about the dead person. Picking up the glass kettle on the table, he poured water all over the unconscious man’s head. Having cold water poured over his head, the man immediately woke up.

“Who are you? Where are we? Why do you want to kill us?” The man went “ooo ooo la la” and asked a bunch of questions. Since Lei Yu did not understand a word, he impatiently stepped on the man’s stomach, “f*cker, stop screaming like a pig, speak English!”

The man gave an “aghh” shout; it appears the force Lei Yu was using wasn’t something he could handle. But this man was very confused, he was already at the strength of an Advanced Ninja yet the person in front of him was overwhelming him like he was toying around, how powerful was he? Thinking up to this point, he did not dare to be presumptuous.

“Let me ask you, where is Otsuka?”

Hearing Lei Yu ask him that, the man was suddenly shocked and asked: “You’re Lei Yu from the Tenglong country? All our people were killed by you?”

Lei Yu lightly sneered, he couldn’t kill this person yet, he will probably be able to get a lot of answers from this guy. Calmly, Lei Yu sat down and lightly said: “Correct, I’m Lei Yu. And all the people were killed by me, including that show girl.”


¹ – Sorry guys, the author has revealed his half-assed research and doesn’t know the existence of something called the U.S. Embassy.

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