Ch 82 – Mutant Group

“It was you that killed the Fox?” The man’s gaze suddenly became vicious, but remembering Lei Yu’s strength, he slowly calmed down.

“Fox?” Hearing such a name, Lei Yu finally understood why that woman exuded such a disgusting stench with a hint of gamey smell. But as to why this was so, one needed an in-depth inquiry. Lei Yu then asked: “You haven’t answered my question, where is Otsuka right now?”

“You should give up on fighting against the Yamaguchi-gumi, isn’t this just over the death of a woman? And you’ve become like this?” Looking at Lei Yu, he didn’t notice him have any reactions to his words, so he continued: “The Yamaguchi-gumi is not something you can handle. Being able to occupy a small island, being involved in all businesses large or small in the Kou country, even government officials have to give them some face, one could say the Yamaguchi-gumi has equally split this country with the government. Based on all of this, do you still think you have the capability to go against us?”

Lei Yu did not get angry. Right, the forces of the Yamaguchi-gumi were definitely not a small matter, he had already heard about the situation when he was back in the Tenglong country. Since he has no way to eradicate their whole organization all at once, then he’ll take them apart one piece a time, he will eventually take these bastards down.

“It’s none of your business if I can take on the Yamaguchi-gumi or not, you only need to answer my question – where’s Otsuka?”

“It’s no big deal if I tell you; Otsuka is currently on the Yamaguchi Island. Do you dare to go there to cause trouble? I’m afraid that before you even reach the shores, you’re whole body would be full of holes like a hornet’s nest.” Laughing out loud, this man appeared to not think much of Lei Yu. It’s no wonder since being able to survive in this horrible organization and gain the title of an Advanced Ninja; this can be regarded as the proudness of his achievement. But he seems to have forgotten that Lei Yu wasn’t a nobody.

Since the man said it this way, Lei Yu did not believe he was lying. He would not just throw his life away with such an endeavor so he had to wait for an opportunity by first putting this incident aside. “What’s the deal with you guys emitting such a disgusting stench?” Asked Lei Yu offhandedly. He was also waving his hand back and forth in front of his nose like he was trying to fan the disgusting stench away.

Hearing Lei Yu’s question, this man’s emotion seemed in turmoil but looking at his face, it appears he wasn’t intending to answer. Even though Lei Yu didn’t consider this as an important question, but knowing the answer to it may help a bit with the whole situation.

Standing up and walking in front of the man, Lei Yu grabbed onto his wrist. Facing a strong opponent like Lei Yu, he did not have the strength to resist. Lei Yu gently circulated his internal energy into his palms and immediately, a large electrical current came forth. From Lei Yu’s hand, the electrical current could be clearly seen entering the other man’s arm. All the hair of this man could be seen standing up on its end, his round eyes popping out, his teeth tightly clenched. One could see the traces of blood coming from his bleeding gums, and finally, you could see the green veins on his neck popping out each like earthworms densely covering the area.

Withdrawing his internal energy, Lei Yu once again demanded, “answer my question!”

After Lei Yu withdrew his energy, the person felt slightly better but his breathing was still rapid while he stared at Lei Yu with eyes filled with fear. Lei Yu did not say anything but once again condensed his lightning power, this time the purple electric currents could be clearly seen in the dimly lit room.

“Agghh… I… talk… I’ll talk!” His body trembling non-stop, it was even hard for him to speak without stuttering.

Lei Yu lightly sneered and sat back down on the only chair in the room while he waited for the man’s response.

Being electrocuted was definitely not a comfortable feeling, but Lei Yu seemed to enjoy using this method since it looks like it will become a very useful tool for extracting confessions. This type of method would only be used against those that are detrimental to society, so if it were someone else, Lei Yu would probably not use it.

It appears that the person was slowly recovering. Lei Yu wasn’t in a hurry; he had plenty of time so he quietly waited.

After a while, he finally spoke: “Our bodies have been injected with mutagens called Model #H2236. And it’s because of this damn smell that the people on the Yamaguchi Island also despise us. We are not allowed to enter the headquarters of the Yamaguchi-gumi; we only function in the city as we complete dangerous missions for the organization. But those ninjas that have practiced ninjutsu since they were young can freely enter or leave the island. In the Kou country, those of us that have been injected with the mutagen Model #H2236 usually just take care of the organization’s underground businesses or go abroad to complete a series of dangerous transactions. Fortunately for us, ordinary people cannot smell this peculiar scent.

“Oh?” Lei Yu’s eyebrow slightly rose, “how many of your type of people are in the Kou country?”

“We have a total of fourteen people.” This person seems very cooperative now, not daring to hide anything. He did not want to suffer the feeling from before that was more painful than death.

Lei Yu nodded, “that’s right; I would like to ask why you did not try to release your scent to attract your fellow comrades? I remember you called this person the Fox, she did that the other night.”

“Would there be of any use? I believe before my comrades’ even show up, I’d be dead by your hands.”

Lei Y laughed, “you’re very smart, are you willing to work for me?”

“Impossible!” The man suddenly shifted backwards, his eyes with a committed look.

“Oh really?” Lei Yu then softly said: “If you don’t want to work for me, then death is the only thing that awaits you. I’m not afraid you’ll lie to me, and I’m not afraid that if you leave here today, you’d spread the news all over that I’ve arrived at the Kou country. Right now, the internet has already been in an uproar over the things I’m doing so I don’t care what else you will add to it. But you must remember if you don’t cooperate with me, as long as I see you, you will suffer a painful death. You shouldn’t forget the stench from your body; it’s very easy for me to find you. Besides, you aren’t qualified to set foot onto the headquarters at the Yamaguchi Island. As long as there’s no orders from your superiors, I doubt you would dare to leave the Kou country. As long as you’re around here, I will let you taste everlasting fear so I hope you won’t force my hand.

The person was pretty much subdued by Lei Yu’s words, whichever path he chose lead to his death. Glancing at Lei Yu in front of him, it’s obvious that with the power of one person, there’s no way he could challenge the Yamaguchi-gumi. But does this guy really have what it takes? Gamble, he could only bet with his life on the line.

Clenching his teeth, this person then said: “My codename is Black Panther; I’m willing to work for you.”

Lei Yu laughed, “that’s right, if I really destroyed the Yamaguchi-gumi, I’m definitely going to give you your freedom. At least I won’t be like those Yamaguchi-gumi bastards, even if your body is emitting that smell, I would not discriminate or loathe you guys. I, Lei Yu, only look at a person’s inside and not judge their outside. By working for me, your benefits will be naturally not be small, but most importantly is that I will give you self-esteem because unlike the Yamaguchi-gumi, I will respect you. As long as you and I, Lei Yu can breathe in the same air together in this vast world, then we’re not enemies.

If the previous words of Lei Yu were considered the worst form of intimidation he could muster, then the words Lei Yu just said made Black Panther really impressed. For people like him who had always been discriminated against by the organization, even if he had reached the Third Rank Mutant, his identity in the Yamaguchi-gumi was still not as prestigious as an Elementary Ninja. This has made him somewhat mentally distorted and filled with grievances. Hearing Lei Yu’s statement really moved him; this had nothing to do with the money but it was his last crucial sentence – what these mutants lacked the most was self-esteem, something they desired the most.

“Amongst my comrades, you have already killed two of them, therefore with me included, there are twelve people left. I was the head of the mutant group and my words in the team usually carried some weight. I believe I can persuade my eleven other comrades to work for you. We don’t need any money; we just want to destroy the Yamaguchi-gumi to regain our freedom!”

Lei Yu was overjoyed, “Good! Let’s do that then!” He then helped Back Panther off the floor feeling great about the situation.

“By the way, what’s this mutant group you just mentioned? And what’s up with that mutagen H something something?” Asked Lei Yu.

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