Ch 84 – Exposing The Fraud

On the outer edge of the crowd, four burly men in tight-fitting clothes surrounded a rather short middle-aged man began pushing aside the crowd to come forward.

The crowds were all stunned while Nami became slightly dumbfounded, but then quickly translated those words to Lei Yu and Cui Ying Ying. Them two listened and frowned, wondering who this whizbang¹ could be?

Quickly after, Lei Yu’s facial expression became somewhat surprised that this dwarf like middle-aged man actually had a deep internal energy circulating inside his body. If Lei Yu did not fully grasp the control of his lightning power, he wouldn’t be able to rely on the lightning’s unique magnetic properties to detect that this average looking little man was actually a super-strong expert.

Looking at these ill intentioned five people came through the crowd, Mr. Yamamoto said: “Sir, please do not…”

“You aren’t qualified to speak with me!” The dwarf’s eyes of disdain did not even look at Yamamoto; he was only glaring at Lei Yu.

“Security! And the police officers on duty here, kick these people out for me!” Mr. Yamamoto got angry when he felt these people in front of him did not consider him as anyone of importance.

The police and security heard the words of Yamamoto and started walking towards the troublemakers. But the four burly men surrounding the dwarf gently stomped their feet; a loud “BOOM” noise was heard, and the ground that was stomped on showed signs of small cracks around it. Suddenly everyone held their breath, for people to have such an ability in the Kou country would mean they were ninjas. And ninjas to these ordinary people were noble people that they could not offend or mess with.

The security and police on scene were at a loss, each staring at the other; they didn’t dare to move forward anymore.

Mr. Yamamoto knew these people before him weren’t ordinary so he immediately changed his facial expression to one filled with smiles, “this official, we are currently performing our groundbreaking ceremony, if there’s an issue, can we wait until the ceremony is over before we address it?”

The dwarf seemed even more bothered and without even looking at Yamamoto, he directly spoke with Lei Yu in a light tone: “You should have heard of my name before – Hasegawa.”

Through Nami’s translation, Lei Yu was suddenly shocked and everyone started wondering when they saw his eyes filled with surprise. “So you’re the head dog of the Yamaguchi-gumi, Hasegawa?”

Lei Yu’s use of English was naturally understood by most of the people here. The name of the Yamaguchi-gumi was able to make everyone’s hair stand on end by hearing it, and the word head dog had a certain meaning. Even a fool would know what Lei Yu was implying; therefore, no one was longer surprised why this Hasegawa, the underground boss that could run rampant without fear of repercussions had shown up. The most shocking thing to these people was that he dared to insult the Yamaguchi-gumi. If it were changed to the perspective of these ordinary people, even if they had an extra ten lives, they would still not dare to insult them.

“It looks like you did your homework in Tenglong country; you have some knowledge about our Yamaguchi-gumi.” Hasegawa barely showed any reactions from Lei Yu’s insult, his goal today was to expose Lei Yu’s fraudulent scheme and to send him packing.

“You pieces of trash that harm society, people will not be able to enjoy their peace unless you guys are exterminated.” Lei Yu’s eyes were narrowed to a crack, he never thought the day the Yamaguchi-gumi came looking for him would be this fast. But with so many people here, it wasn’t the time to make his move. Moreover, Lei Yu was able to detect the four burly men with Hasegawa were all top experts. The weakest one of them was already similar in strength to a late-stage Fourth Order Warrior; and the rest were equivalent to the strength of Fifth Order Warriors. According to the Kou country’s rank and levels, there would be three Fire Shadow Ninjas and one Shadow Ninja. This type of combination of experts in the Kou country would scare people to death if spoken out loud.

If Lei Yu suddenly attacked, then instant death would be the most likely outcome.

“Today will be the day I expose your fraudulent face.” Hasegawa revealed a savage expression, his eyes filled with ridicule.

Cui Ying Ying heard Nami’s translation; her heart suddenly filled with anxiety and just wanted to rush forward to dispute the allegations. But she was quickly grabbed by Lei Yu into an embrace where he whispered into her ear: “Don’t panic, we’ll see how everything plays out for now. You definitely cannot fret or make any impulsive moves.”

Cui Ying Ying’s breathing gradually calmed down but suddenly realized she was in Lei Yu’s embrace; her heartbeat accelerated once again. Of course she was not willing to break away so she quietly stood there with Lei Yu’s arms wrapped around her.

“This so-called mysterious young master’s name is Lei Yu, in the Tenglong country; he’s just a little soldier in the army. Him coming up with a huge amount of money to invest in building an overwater city by the sea would simply be the most ridiculous thing in the world!” Hasegawa looked around and saw the shock on the faces of the crowd; his smile became even more sinister.

A reporter in a yellow t-shirt mustered her courage – you should know how much courage a person needs in order to speak with the Hasegawa, the leader of the Yamaguchi-gumi. She gingerly asked: “Excuse me Mr. Hasegawa, how do you explain him acquiring Tenglong country’s Cui Ying Corporation?”

Hasegawa intentionally pretended to be very friendly by assuming a smiling face. With a gentle smile, he pointed at Cui Ying Ying before replying: “This is just a dirty plot played out by them; this woman is the daughter of the chairman of Cui Ying Corporation of Tenglong country – Cui Ying Ying. She’s just using some fraudulent sleight of hand tricks on you business tycoons, their purpose is to catch some fat foxes with their bare hands. I’m sure everyone would like to earn a crap load of money without having to do anything right?”



“It can’t be? How could it turn out like this?”

“This is too unbelievable, I even made him my idol but he turns out to be the biggest fraudster in the world!”

The noise from the crowd became more intense, and some people even started leaving. Seeing that the groundbreaking ceremony had become a complete flop, Mr. Yamamoto’s face just froze. He then stared at Cui Ying Ying and Lei Yu and angrily said: “I never expected you two would play such a prank! Miss Cui, as an heir to a well-known jewelry company in the Tenglong country, I would have never expected you to be a con artist, this is really ridiculous!”

“Mr. Yamamoto.” Lei Yu wasn’t in a panic, he has dealt with big scenes like this before. That day where he dueled Cai Zhong, he even dared to argue and rebut the words of the leader of Ming Sect, let alone the people in front of him were only business leaders. “You need to mind your words.”

Lei Yu’s gaze revealed an aura that could make someone’s hair stand on its end; Mr. Yamamoto on the receiving end could not help but shiver while he felt a chill up his spine. Lei Yu was not afraid of being insulted, but insulting his family and his friends were a big no no. Protecting Cui Ying Ying was also something he promised Ai Er so it was something he would naturally do.

“Really? Mr. Lei Yu is still maintaining his style and elegance, I wonder how many beauties you have surrounding you? I really admire the scene where the hero rescues the maiden!”

After all, a person’s patience is limited. Hasegawa’s remark clearly showed he knew of how little Ke died, but Nami did not know, she thought Hasegawa was talking about how Lei Yu rescued her from the hotel incident. She did not translate that statement, but directly replied: “You’re not allowed to insult the young master!”

Hasegawa looked up and down Nami’s body, “not bad, you are eligible to become one of my sex slaves, are you interested in going to Yamaguchi Island to serve me? I will guarantee you a lifetime of wealth and status!”


Although Lei Yu did not know what the two were talking about, but he did see Nami’s face start to get red with anger. He knew she was speaking on behalf of him so his powerful arm wrapped around Nami to pull her back a bit and inadvertently came into contact with her soft and tender skin, but now wasn’t the time to think about things like this.

On the side, Mr. Yamamoto coldly humphed, “Mr. Lei Yu, Miss Cui, it’s impossible for things to continue on today, the agreement between us will be annulled. For the initial start-up capital, please return the total sum of one hundred million U.S. dollars to our company, otherwise I will sue you in court for fraud. Oh right Miss Cui; you’re not the only person that has a friend that’s versatile in multinational laws.

Yamamoto only wanted to express his feeling a bit. In such a situation now, all the stones were cast towards Lei Yu and Cui Ying Ying. Amongst the crowd, the guys that worshipped Lei Yu and the young girls that were deliriously obsessed over him were now glaring in anger; their mouths constantly swearing and uttering curses about being deceived.

At this time, Hasegawa looked towards the crowd and gave a hidden signal. A big burly guy dressed in black rushed out from the crowd and loudly shouted: “Let me take care of you con artist!”

Lei Yu’s identity was exposed that he was just a soldier in the army, not some mysterious young master and he definitely did not have any incredible wealth. Everyone was casting their anger towards him and now someone in the crowd wanted to teach him a lesson, it was natural that there was lot of other people that had the same thought. Although Lei Yu did not cause or create any loss for them, but the Kou people were bastards like this, their ways were to cling onto whoever was strong.

Even if Lei Yu had experienced grand scenes like this, but he was at an obvious disadvantage in this situation. If he were to make a move, the thousands to tens of thousands of people here would likely retaliate. This was one of the strong points of the Kou country, their citizens were united.

“What should I do? If I strike out, it would anger the people of the Kou country; if I don’t do anything, aren’t we basically waiting for our deaths? Cui Ying Ying and Nami are both here… I could easily leave here myself but what about them? What to do? What on earth should I do?”

Lei Yu’s brain was running in overtime but no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t find a solution to the current problem. Watching the big burly guy in black getting closer and closer and the crowd’s cheering getting louder; Lei Yu was forced to act. In the shortest amount of time possible to condense the powerful force of lightning throughout his entire body, it seems that this was the only thing he could do.

On the side, Hasegawa had begun to coldly sneer; his goal was exactly to force Lei Yu to this point. Killing so many of his underlings, if he were to allow such a person to continue living, wouldn’t that make the Yamaguchi-gumi lose all their face? If that were to happen, he as the boss would be a bit too useless.

But now that Lei Yu’s identity had been exposed, this allowed him to justifiably teach him a lesson, wasn’t this the ideal outcome?

At this time, Lei Yu’s nose lightly sniffed something. With his peripheral vision, he noticed two people from different directions rush over. Suddenly alarmed, were there additional saboteurs apart from the burly man in black clothing?


¹ – A small caliber shell that makes a lot of noise, i.e. small dwarf making a lot of noise.

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