Ch 85 – Young Master Of The Lei Family

“Something’s wrong!” Lei Yu suddenly turned around and this person was none other than Black Panther who had promised to work for him. Black Panther’s speed was really quick, within an instant; he rushed through the crowd and collided into the big burly guy. Very quickly, another person’s figure had also arrived, and those three people started clashing in front of Lei Yu and Hasegawa.

Lei Yu sighed in relief; he didn’t expect Black Panther to successfully persuade his brethrens. But openly fighting against Hasegawa’s underlings’ right in front of him would mean that they have come outright betraying the Yamaguchi-gumi. It looks like Black Panther and the others will never be able to return to the Yamaguchi-gumi. At least one thing was certain, with the Yamaguchi-gumi’s style of doing things; they will not let them off lightly.

Black Panther and another long-haired man were pinning down the burly guy in black clothing. Even though it was two against one, it was still hard to tell who would come out victorious.

This sudden reversal made the initial people wanting to leave stay in place. Such a good show was occurring in front of them, this nation of people that enjoyed a lively atmosphere would never miss such an opportunity.

The battle between the three was getting fiercer. Lei Yu wanted to help out but he heard Black Panther cry out: “Young master, you guys leave first!”

“No, it will certainly be dangerous if you guys stayed behind!” Lei Yu shook his head in refusal. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to leave, but he had two weak women next to him. He also did not want to go jump in thoughtlessly since several pairs of eyes with Hasegawa were keeping a close eye on him. Lei Yu believes that there’s no way they wouldn’t interfere if he tried to leave.

At this very critical moment, a deafening roar made the crowd of tens of thousands of people cover their ears. This deafening roar almost made the people go deaf; anyone without enough strength could not tolerate this sound.

As the roar started to fade, two undetected figures suddenly appeared on scene. From the appearance of these two people, one was a forty something year old middle-aged man, the other had a head full of gray hair and looked like he was about seventy or eighty years old. The emergence of these two made Lei Yu extremely shocked.

“Stay your hands!” The middle-aged man’s loud cry was heard again, but this time his voice was targeted at certain individuals and did not spread towards the crowd; those ordinary people were saved from having their eardrums burst.

The trio that was fighting immediately stopped their actions, their faces revealing a look of doubt – who was this expert that suddenly appeared? They even felt a kind of unbearable pressure affecting their bodies, and this pressure contained some sort of searing power making it difficult for them to breathe.

After stopping the fight, the middle-aged man did not even pay attention to the dwarf and walked towards Lei Yu’s direction. The middle-aged man did not speak while the elderly man opened his mouth and said: “Young master.”

Lei Yu frowned; this was the first time he heard the old man call him that. In the past, he was called “little Yu, little Yu” etc., so being called a young master was the very first time.

Lei Yu was about to say something but Hasegawa who was completely ignored, furiously shouted: “You’ve already been exposed so why are you still putting on a show? Aren’t you afraid of being ridiculed even more?”

“Damn thing!” The thing that shocked Lei Yu even more happened; the middle-aged man could actually speak the Kou language. Only seeing his face filled with a more disdain look, “your little Yamaguchi-gumi dares to oppose our Lei family household?”


The Lei family’s reputation had a shocking effect, as for the Cui Ying Corporation, in their eyes it was merely a small business in the production of jewelry. Trying to compare them to the extremely strong family that monopolized multiple major industries, they weren’t even on the same page.

Moreover, the mysteriousness of the Lei family was not only well known in the country of Tenglong, their fame of being a mysterious family was known throughout the world. This ancient and traditional family contained a fearsome power that no one would dare to experience.

The crowd once again became excited and the look in their eyes towards Lei Yu again showed a passionate fire. If the previously mentioned mysterious master returned from the United States already made them almost crazy, then if this person was the young master of the Lei family whose fortune could rival a country’s, then it would be hard to imagine the extremes the crowd was currently feeling.

The sudden twist in the situation made it hard for Lei Yu to accept, but after thinking through, he didn’t say anything, he just quietly waited to see what exactly the Lei family was up to.

The appearance of the two people was none other than Lei Yu’s father as the middle-aged man – Lei Yun Tian; while the old man was the Elder of the Lei family.

And at this time, a roar of sounds came from the sky. This sound was overwhelming that made all eyes gaze towards the sky. Eight helicopters flying from a distance were slowly approaching; they then hovered about thirty meters (99 feet) from the ground.

The Elder lightly waved his hand and the helicopter doors slid open. Four people directly jumped out from the inside, and then, the other seven helicopters had the same amount of people jump out of them as well.

At over thirty meters of altitude, their bodies were as light as a feather, not a single sound was heard when they descended onto the ground. For the ordinary people to witness this with their eyes, it was as if these people jumping out had the powers of Superman.

There were a total of thirty-two people; they were all wearing a white vest and black pants. The most prominent thing about them was the striking red flame brand on their arm, which was the mark of the Lei family.

Hasegawa took in a cool breath, by naturally detecting with his strength as an Ultimate Ninja, he knew the situation had been reversed, there’s no way he could control it anymore.

“You’re saying Lei Yu is a member of the Lei family household?” Hasegawa coldly asked.

“Lei Yu is the Lei family’s second young master!” The Elder loudly said this while pointing at Lei Yu in front of the tens of thousands of people.

Shouts, cries and screams were heard. The sounds when Lei Yu previously first got off the boat were emitting from the crowd again. It seems that the identity of being the young master of the Lei family was more attractive than being the mysterious young master. Being able to get together with the young master of the Lei family whose fortune rivaled a country’s, they would attain a lifetime of wealth and status. If one were to pile the money of the Lei family into a high platform and jump off, their entire body would definitely be smashed into little pieces; maybe they would even starve to death before they even hit the ground. This showed how much wealth the Lei family had in the eyes of people around the world.

Lei Yu’s label of being a huge con artist instantly transformed to the insane identity of being the second young master of the Lei family. And this piece of news had already been secretly captured by major media companies in the crowd through the form of a live television feed. The entire Kou country was thoroughly excited, but the following words by Lei Yun Tian made people even more of a frenzy.

“If Lei Yu’s partner is unwilling to continue fulfilling their side of the contract, the Lei family will not really mind. But I believe no matter how much reputation your businesses have in the Kou country, or even how popular you are in the world; after today it will become history, forever buried in history unable to rise up ever again.”

If this statement was made by others, people will just treat it as a joke. But since this statement came from the master of the Lei family – Lei Yun Tian, then no one would doubt his words one bit.

Cold sweat was appearing on Mr. Yamamoto’s forehead and his body couldn’t stop trembling. He wanted to say something but didn’t know exactly what to say. Although his status in the Kou country was not that low, but in front of the Yamaguchi-gumi he already did not have the right to make a noise, let alone in front of the world renowned master of the Lei family.

The reporters in the crowd continued to broadcast this huge reversal of a situation while the entire Kou country started discussing this topic. Based on the strength of the Lei family members, it was natural that no one knew how powerful they were. But when it came to wealth, they wouldn’t have to even bring out their entire fortune to ruin the entire Kou country’s economy, and this wasn’t an exaggeration.

At this time, even though the main character appearance seemed to be Lei Yun Tian, but everything he mentioned revolved around Lei Yu so it virtually increased the importance of Lei Yu’s status several times again.

Lei Yu calmly stood there without saying a thing. Each sentence of the previous dialogue was translated by Nami while she was increasingly being shocked by those very words. She had never expected that the young master she followed around belonged to the world renowned business family, the Lei family.

The angry Hasegawa rapidly breathed a few times before coldly saying: “Let’s go!” His loss today was due to not having investigating Lei Yu’s identity thoroughly enough. Only hearing Otsuka mention he was a little Deputy Commander in the army of the Martial Sect, in Hasegawa’s eyes it was too insignificant to bother with. But now the situation was different, Lei Yu’s identity instantly changed to becoming the moon where all the stars wanted to gather around.

Lei Yun Tian saw their opponent leave and faintly smiled while he took out a business card from his pocket. On the card, there were a few lines of words showing where Lei Yun Tian’s place of residence in the Kou country was. Seeing that Lei Yu did not put forth his hand to take it, he stuffed it into the hands of Nami who was standing timidly to the side before turning around to leave.

This whole situation that happened was beyond everyone’s expectations. Waiting until all the heavyweights had left, Mr. Yamamoto gingerly walked towards Lei Yu’s side, “young… young master, our cooperation… cooperation…”

At this time, Mr. Yamamoto would no longer think Lei Yu was trying to catch a white wolf bare handed, he was the real deal. If anyone were to say that at this moment, Lei Yu was unable to take out any money to invest in this overwater maritime city, then they would definitely become the laughing stock of the crowd.

“Mr. Yamamoto.” Cui Ying Ying had finally recovered while she smiled at Yamamoto. “It seems like Mr. Yamamoto just said that we were in breach of contract and wanted to terminate the agreement. It is completely fine; we are willing to give up cooperating with you. But taking the complaints to the court will no longer be you guys, it will be us.”

“Miss Cui, please spare us!” Yamamoto’s look became increasingly tense; he has not forgotten Lei Yun Tian’s previous statement. His eyes secretly glanced over to the thirty something people still lined up not too far away.

“Today’s groundbreaking ceremony is canceled, we aren’t in the mood to discuss anything about working together, so be it.” Lei Yu’s emotionless face turned around and headed back to the speedboat they had arrived in. Cui Ying Ying and Nami hurriedly followed behind, and the three mightily disappeared in front of everyone.

The crowd did not disperse after Lei Yu left, each and every one of them filled with regret. Some people even started arguments amongst them.

“It’s all your fault saying the young master was some con artist. Now look what happened, the young master angrily left!”

“You people didn’t distinguish what was true or false and immediately laid blame. Now the young master is angry, what should we do?”

Even though the arguments in the crowd were filled with nonsense, but this proved the reversal of the situation had made Lei Yu’s status in their hearts actually increase instead of decreasing, causing their worship of him being more crazier than before.

And there were actually some girls who had greatly criticized Lei Yu begin getting into fights. They ignored their own self-image and started fighting to the point where their own clothes were torn without any signs of stopping. This made the police and security on scene have a difficult time maintaining order.

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