Ch 86 – Storage Ring

Returning to the hotel, Lei Yu did not say a single word while he stood in front of the bedroom window. Nami wanted to go over to him but Cui Ying Ying pulled her back, “leave him alone for now; he’s not in a good mood.”

It was impossible for Nami to know about Lei Yu’s childhood experience, but Cui Ying Ying knew. Today’s appearance of the Lei family was indeed shocking to the outside world, but for Lei Yu, it was like the Lei family gave him a slap to the face while giving him a piece of candy.

Announcing in front of so many people that he was the second young master of the Lei family, especially in front of the various major media outlets, this matter will soon spread all over. This included the people in Tenglong country, for those that treated him quite well like Nuo Yi Long and sibling, how would he explain it to them? And how would he explain this to Shangguan Xi Hong?

All of this was giving Lei Yu a headache. Slightly spitting out some turbid air, Lei Yu sat down and calmed his mind, gradually entering his cultivating state.

Whenever it reached this time, Cui Ying Ying and Nami both knew not to disturb Lei Yu. The two just sat on the sofa in the living room in a daze.

The internal energy inside Lei Yu’s body started circulating in accordance to the methods imprinted in his mind for a full cycle. His mood began to stabilize, but it was at this time that Lei Yu received a shock. The internal energy that had circulated through his fingertips created some irregularity that Lei Yu did not notice at first. But now that he suddenly stopped the circulation yet the strange feeling persisted, making him concentrate on that area. When all his spiritual force was focused in that general area, only then did he realize the old ring he was wearing was releasing a faint black halo that contained a huge amount of energy.

Lei Yu was suddenly shocked; this won’t create the same situation as the jade pendant resting on my chest right? If that was the case, wouldn’t I be a little too lucky?

Under careful probing, Lei Yu finally understood, this force did not spread out because of his internal energy, but was maintaining its own power. Expelling Lei Yu’s internal energy to the outside, this strange discovery made Lei Yu even more curious. Focusing his energy, he concentrated on his spirit energy to perforate his skin to then enter into the ring.

“How come… how come there’s so much space inside? How could this be?” Lei Yu was suddenly surprised, in front of him was a large area that looked completely empty. But in the corner of this area, a black thing that looked like a stick was resting there. Lei Yu focused his mind and the black stick started rising into the air. Because of Lei Yu’s spirit focused on it, the stick gradually exuded a powerful white light. And even though he was only using spiritual force, Lei Yu subconsciously closed his eyes because of the light.

The strong light gradually dissipated and the black stick actually turned into a scroll. Recorded on the scroll of paper were words that Lei Yu could not read, but the look and the appearance of the text seems to be the Greek language. Why would this mysterious ancient scroll appear in this unexplainable space?

Lei Yu pulled his spiritual force out from the ring and suddenly felt the world brighten before he awoke from his focused state of consciousness. His mind kept replaying the previous scene he observed while he stared at the ring in surprise. Lei Yu muttered: “What’s up with this ring? How could there be such a large space inside it?”

He recalled a time when he had nothing to do and read an online novel. Hoping for a fluke, Lei Yu concentrated his spiritual energy to make contact with the ring, and then looked at the cup of water on the table. With a slight shudder in his mind… “Oh crap!”

The cup actually disappeared into thin air. And with the trace spiritual contact maintained with the ring, an information feedback was felt that acknowledged the cup had entered into the ring.

“A storage ring?” Lei Yu suppressed the feeling of ecstasy and then carefully looked at the changes inside the ring. The cup inside the space was conspicuous, so according to the ratio of the cup size, Lei Yu made a simple estimate – the size of this region of space was at least a hundred square meters, the equivalent to a three-bedroom house.

“I, Lei Yu am truly one lucky f*ck! Hahaha…”

Lei Yu’s laughter startled Nami and Cui Ying Ying who were zoning out on the living room sofa. The two went to the bedroom door and lightly knocked.

“Come in!”

“Are you okay?” Cui Ying Ying asked with concern.

Lei Yu did not try to hide his smile, making the two girls look at him in confusion. He grabbed the two beauties, “let me show you two some magic!”

Cui Ying Ying placed her hand on Lei Yu’s forehead, “are you feeling okay? Could it be brain damage from a fever?”

Brushing Cui Ying Ying’s hand away, “I’m fine, you two sit.”

Lei Yu pointed to the bed and the two obediently sat down. Although they were still somewhat worried about Lei Yu’s sound of mind, they weren’t sure how to ask him.

In a serious and earnest manner, Lei Yu pulled up a chair and sat in front of the two. He waved his hands in front of the two, “watch carefully!” Lei Yu closed his eyes and right after that, a white cup appeared out of nowhere. Cui Ying Ying and Nami looked at each other; they both weren’t sure why Lei Yu was so leisurely and carefree to perform magic tricks for them to see.

“Powerful huh?”

Cui Ying Ying stiffly smiled, “hoho, pow… powerful, very powerful. Lei Yu, did you mind go bonkers?”

“What are you talking about?! I’m telling you, I’ve received a treasure!” Lei Yu mysteriously smiled but did not tell the two anything about the ring.


The exciting news for the rest of the country did not diminish any less; even more people were discussing the same topic – that Lei Yu’s secret identity had been revealed. Multitude of girls in love were searching high and low for any hints of Lei Yu’s whereabouts, hoping to find this noble young master that were able to move their lovesick hearts. They also wanted to confess their love to him and criticize the hateful people that doubted his identity. But why would Lei Yu even care about them?

Mr. Yamamoto was rejected more than once when he tried calling Cui Ying Ying; the remorseful Yamamoto wanted to meet up with them and apologize in person. But he soon realized that even though he was considered a famous business leader in the Kou country, in Lei Yu’s eyes he was just one of the many business partners that was chosen, he was just an insignificant existence. If those that wanted to cooperate with Lei Yu knew of where he lived, they would definitely have stampeded through his front door already.

“Ying Ying, just go meet with him. Mr. Yamamoto is already willing to increase his initial investment to $200 million U.S., and he’s willing to take care of the latter part of the project all by himself; you’re basically sitting at home doing nothing but collecting money. You even saved on having to spend a single penny on the originally intended investment, how come you’re still not satisfied?” Lei Yu was quite impressed with Cui Ying Ying’s manipulative ways, wouldn’t this amount to making him die of anxiety?

Cui Ying Ying drummed her cheeks, “who told him to be so hateful, actually calling us two big fraudsters. I bet he’s doing this because he’s really afraid this will be the end of him in the business world.”

“What he said wasn’t really wrong; we were originally trying to con them right?” Laughed Lei Yu.

“Why are you siding with them? You’re not even on my side!”

“That’s enough, just listen to me and go take care of this quickly. I still have something to take care of, then we’ll have dinner together. Lei Yu patted Cui Ying Ying’s head. If it were another person doing this, their hands would have been already been cut off, but this was Lei Yu so it made Cui Ying Ying’s heart feel indescribably sweet.

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