Ch 87 – Where Is My Mother?

Cui Ying Ying left. Lei Yu then smiled at Nami, “you want to come with me to a place?”

Nami politely nodded, then picked up the car keys ready to go down to the parking lot to pick up the car. Lei Yu then said: “Give me that business card.”

Nami then thought of where Lei Yun Tian shoved a business card with his address on it into her hands, she hurriedly went into her handbag and brought it out.

The two drove in a westerly direction. Lei Yu took out his cell phone, “Black Panther, rest at ease and cultivate at the place I’ve arranged for you guys, I will immediately contact you if anything comes up. The Yamaguchi-gumi will definitely not let you guys off now. I have dragged you guys into this mess, I, Lei Yu sincerely apologize to you all.”

“Young master!” Lei Yu heard a choked voice on the other end of the line, “with these words from you, even if us brothers die, it will be worth it!”

Lei Yu smiled, “you’re a really honorable man, it’s definitely not easy to meet someone like you in the Kou country.”

Hanging up the phone, Lei Yu’s heart grew a lot calmer. He had already determined what to say to Lei Yun Tian when he meets him a little later on.

Arriving at a western district filled with independent upscale villas, the scenery of this place could be described as seeing something out of a painting. The whistling of the wind and waves could be heard as the sun settled into the evening. A few hundred meters from the sea, they arrived at the main gates of a luxury villa. Lei Yu and Nami parked their car next to a flower bed and got out.

“Isn’t this the area that Ying Ying wanted to purchase an ocean-side villa? How come he’s living here as well?” Lei Yu was somewhat surprised. But for such a high-class location, owners of these houses would definitely not be ordinary, so it shouldn’t be strange for the Lei family to have a villa in this area as well.

As they arrived at the front gate, two burly men in black clothing saw Lei Yu approaching. They immediately picked up their walkie talkies and said something into it. The villa’s gates opened and two people came out; those two were none other than the Lei family’s master Lei Yun Tian, and the other being the Lei family’s Elder.

Both their faces looked excited, perhaps it because of the arrival of Lei Yu or maybe some reason only they knew.

“Little Yu, you’ve finally come!”

“I truly do not know what to call you right now, but you did help me while I was in a sticky situation, therefore I, Lei Yu sincerely thank you.”

“Why are you being so courteous? We’re family. You are my son; a father helping his son is a normal thing so there’s no need to be so polite right?” Lei Yun Tian’s brought Lei Yu into the villa in a very hospitable manner. Le Yu could only smile faintly and not say anything, but in his heart, the hate and rejection he suffered in the Lei family household did not lessen one bit.

Was Lei Yu being too arrogant? Nope. What gave Lei Yu the right to treat this world renowned ancient business clan in such a way? Nothing. So why was he doing this? Did he really hate every single Lei family member to the bones?

The only thing Lei Yu wanted was to be not involved in any relationship with the Lei family. In his heart, there were only two things he had to do: First, to avenge little Ke, and the second was to find his mother and avenge his grandfather.

Anything else, Lei Yu did not want to think about. A father that provided but was not close to him, such a father made Lei Yu feel distant towards him. And this father’s attitude changed immensely only after knowing a once in a thousand year family brand had appeared, this made Lei Yu feel like his father was too fake. Lei Yu didn’t want to become close with someone with such a fake character.

Entering the villa’s living room, they encountered an unexpected grandeur of decoration as if they had entered a palace. The amount of space in the living room was really large, it was at least three hundred square meters (3229 sqft). It was furnished with a variety of famous paintings and ancient artifacts. Sitting down on the leather sofa, Lei Yu felt a bit uncomfortable, mainly because he had never spoken together with his father in such a close manner before.

“Little Yu, after everything is taken care of here, we’ll go back to Tenglong country. We’ve decided to let you manage all the businesses here in the Kou country, what do you think about it?” Lei Yun Tian’s words were basically implying that Lei Yu was a member of the Lei family, like there’s no room to back out of it whatsoever.

Lei Yu smiled but shook his head, “I’m sorry, I can’t agree to that. You’ve helped me out at the groundbreaking ceremony, that’s I’m really grateful for. But the previous problem between us, do you feel we can completely wipe the slate clean just because of that?”

Hearing Lei Yu say this, Lei Yun Tian and the Elder’s face instantly froze. The two of them had been patiently waiting for a long time; one could say for the sake of their family’s future, they had bowed down their proud heads. But it looks like everything they’ve done up to this point was in futile.

“Little Yu, have you ever seen the master speak to others this politely? Don’t think that just because you have the Lei family’s original brand, you can act so arrogant and overbearing!” The Elder couldn’t tolerate this anymore and said this in a rage.

Lei Yu stood up, “it doesn’t matter, I came here today to especially thank you. If you think I’ve failed to appreciate your kindness, it’s fine, I’ll just leave.” After saying this, Lei Yu intended to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Lei Yun Tian cried out behind him. Although the voice was soft, but it still gave Lei Yu a sour feeling in his heart.

Lei Yu was a loyal and affectionate person, when it came to friends and lovers, especially the saying where blood is thicker than water¹. But in his heart, Lei Yu did not hate his father, he was just really disappointed with the things his father did. As the master of the ancient Lei family, dealing with thousands of issues, Lei Yu did not expect his father to treat his own son worst than an outsider. How could he not feel disheartened by it?

If his father did not dote on him before he reached ten years of age, he would not feel like this in the present even if after the baptism ceremony revealed he did not have the Lei family’s brand. But back then before he turned ten, he gained the love and affection of his father. But once he did not have the family’s brand, not only his clan, but his own father kept away from him at a distance. A full eight years of time, he only saw his father three times, and it was even only the back of his figure. How could Lei Yu handle this?

And now in the present, his potential had been discovered. The Lei family was willing to open their main gate and once again welcome him in, how could he agree to such a thing? Wouldn’t that be such a humiliation to himself?

Lei Yun Tian sighed heavily, reluctantly sitting back down on the sofa. He also knew Lei Yu had an unyielding heart; you can’t pull nine heads of cattle back that easily². Without any hope, he still asked: “What do you want in order for you to return to the Lei family?”

Unexpectedly, Lei Yu slowly turned around, “I want to know everything about my mother, and about the people that killed my grandfather. If you can tell me that and as long as I can avenge them, I will return to the Lei family.”

Lei Yun Tian and the Elder opened their eyes round and wide. They stared at Lei Yu speechless for a while. Lei Yu gave an indifferent smile, “goodbye then.”

“What things do you want to know about your mother?!” Lei Yun Tian cried out.

“Where is she? Who are her enemies? Why would anyone want to kill my grandfather? That’s what I want to know.” Lei Yu’s heart had started beating rapidly. A child that has never seen his own mother since he was born, he was actually extremely eager to experience maternal love. His grandfather had already died and the only other person that may know the whereabouts of his mother would be his father. Lei Yu had pinned his hopes on him.

Lei Yun Tian and the Elder glanced at each other, then heavily sighed again. The look on their faces showed they were even more dispirited and helpless. “I will no longer hope for your return to the Lei family because I can’t tell you everything about the situation. The only thing I can tell you are two hints: Your mother is in the United States, and the Ming Sect may have some clues.” Looking at Lei Yu who was in a daze, Lei Yun Tian said: “Go ahead and leave, I hope you will find your mother one day.” *Sigh*

Lei Yu slowly turned around. Although the real purpose of him coming here could not be fulfilled, but he did gain two clues out of it. Lei Yu knew if he kept on insisting on an answer from Lei Yun Tian, he still won’t say a thing. If that was the case, he could only rely on himself to investigate this.


¹ – Family ties bonded by blood is stronger than anything else.
² – Next to impossible to bring back someone with a change of heart.

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