Ch 88 – He Has His Way

Watching Lei Yu’s each step putting him closer to the door, Lei Yun Tian’s heart had sunk to the bottom of the abyss. Suddenly, Lei Yu turned around and said: “Father!”

“You… you… what did you call me?!” Lei Yun Tian could not believe what he just heard as he asked again with wide eyes.

Lei Yu smiled, “I called you father, which is a hard fact.” Pausing for a bit, Lei Yu continued by saying: “I will investigate the clues you gave me. If I can find my mother and avenge my grandfather, then I will definitely return to the Lei family.”

Lei Yun Tian excitedly ran up to Lei Yu and grabbed his son’s shoulder. Originally, kicking Lei Yu out of the family was not his idea. As a father, it was still his own son. But due to facing the clan’s pressure and the complaints from them, he was unwillingly forced to take action. When he realized his own son possessed the rare family brand that only appeared once every several thousands of years, Lei Yun Tian was possibly the happiest person out of everyone.

“Little Yu, even though I can’t tell you everything about this situation but don’t worry, I will do my best to help you in the shadows.”

“Don’t!” Lei Yu shook his head, “this is something I want to take care of on my own. I want to find out the truth myself; I want to rely on my own ability to avenge grandfather.” Lei Yu’s eyes were filled with determination.

Lei Yun Tian nodded, “you’ve grown up, and you’ve really matured.”

“There’s one thing I want you to do though, that’s let Cui Ying Ying and I handle things in the Kou country ourselves; you should return to Tenglong country.”

“I can’t do that. That day, Hasegawa from the Yamaguchi-gumi is a master on the Sixth Order rank, there’s no way you are a match for him. It’s too worrisome to let you stay here alone!” Lei Yun Tian immediately refused.

Lei Yu actually wanted to say: Did you ever care about my life and death before? But he wanted to let Lei Yun Tian save some face and instead, lightly said: “With the Lei family clan as a deterrent, he’ll probably won’t dare to do anything to me so don’t worry. If I encounter any problems, I will immediately contact you; is that good enough for you? Moreover, keeping the higher-ups of the Lei family tied up here isn’t too good since there are many business decisions in Tenglong country that require your attention.”

Thinking about it and realizing what Lei Yu said made sense, Lei Yun Tian could only nod in agreement.

Nami had been standing outside the car next to the villa waiting anxiously for Lei Yu the entire time. The reason being she had received a phone call saying a situation had appeared at Cui Ying Ying’s location. The specifics of the problem weren’t mentioned, but hearing Cui Ying Ying’s tone of voice, she did sound quite anxious.

Upon seeing Lei Yu’s return, Nami shouted: “Young master, hurry, the phone!” While she cried out, she was also dialing some numbers on the phone, and the numbers displayed were for Cui Ying Ying.

Getting into the car, Lei Yu took the phone. Nami quickly started the car and drove in the direction towards Cui Ying Ying’s location.

Lei Yu was relieved after seeing Cui Ying Ying in person. As long as the person was fine, any other problem can be solved. He quickly asked what happened and Mr. Yamamoto happened to be here as well. They explained the whole situation while looking in an easterly direction.

Unknown who had been pulling the strings behind the scene, but the relationships they have already built with government officials were intervened by their superiors, resulting in the entire project being shut down. Each and every day the work is stopped, the losses added up were completely unimaginable.

Such a large surface area of the sea, a full ten thousand square kilometers (3861 square miles); wanting to build a city on top of it, they had to build it like they were building a bridge. Solid and load-bearing steel columns were entrenched into the seabed. They chose to use two thousand plus kilogram steel columns that were twelve meters in diameter with poured concrete in the center. Those two thousand plus kilogram steel columns had already been made prior to the groundbreaking ceremony, but now that they were being obstructed by government officials, the financial loss due to this was not small.

Currently on scene were several government officials that had agreed to terms privately and publicly. And based on what they’ve said, it seems that someone in the dark had intervened, their powers were not small so the officials had to give them face and reluctantly interfere with this project.

Such a large project had even caused a stir around the world, but facing such a situation just as they were about to start work on it was indeed quite annoying. These higher-up officials most likely did not care about how much bribe they were accepting because of this, they were probably afraid to go against this powerful force, the Yamaguchi-gumi.

“I will take care of this situation as soon as possible; you guys carry on with your duties. Just be prepared to start work, I will inform you guys very shortly.” Said Lei Yu in a categorical manner.

Yamaguchi-gumi’s purpose was very clear, they didn’t want Lei Yu’s group to start working. During the start of a project, financial liquidity was very important. Now that government officials were obstructing it, it meant selling the future properties would also be delayed, resulting in the inability to cycle their financial resource.

The officials of the Kou government gave a simple reason: Because the project was too large, the risks too big, so the sale of future properties was not approved.

Those officials that had previously committed to Lei Yu were all in a bind. Even though they were directly in charge of the issues at hand, they could not defy the words of a superior official. In a helpless state, they could only stay close to Lei Yu and discuss the arrangements.

Lei Yu left the conference room and took out his phone as he stood in the hallway.

“Black Panther, there’s something I need you to help with.”

“Young master, just tell me what orders you have for me, there’s no need for you to ask for my help!”

“Immediately come to the Sky Towers, building A; I will be waiting for you on the rooftop.” Hanging up the phone, Lei Yu took the elevator to the top floor, walked around some debris before going up to the rooftop.

Black Panther was really efficient, once he ended the call with Lei Yu, he immediately notified his fellow brothers to get ready. He then got into a car alone and quickly rushed to Lei Yu’s designated location.

If we were to talk about the relationship between Lei Yu and Black Panther, it would be that one of them was completely impressed with the other. One aspect was Lei Yu’s strength; Lei Yu’s lightning ability caused Black Panther deep psychological fear. Another aspect was Lei Yu’s personality, if he considered you a close friend or one of his own, he would abandon all past discretions and treat you like a brother. For an expert level fighter like Lei Yu who would not be disgusted with the weird smell he gave off, what complaints would he have? He was now completely loyal to Lei Yu.

“Young master, what do you need me to take care of?” On the rooftop, Black Panther saw Lei Yu on the edge of the roof holding the handrail and watching the scenery below.

“Where are your fellow brothers? Are they all there as well?”

“That’s right, young master.”

“Tonight at ten o’clock, room 2688 in the Long Valley Bar, bring them all there; I have something to trouble you guys with. But your personal objective is to protect Ying Ying and Nami. Based on your strength as a Third Rank mutated person, taking on two to three Advanced Ninjas should be fine, let alone Elementary Ninjas. I believe the Yamaguchi-gumi will temporarily not send anyone against me, but it’s highly possible they will make a move against Ying Ying and them. But they would probably not send out anyone that exceeds you in strength, therefore, I’m entrusting you with their safety.”

“Don’t worry young master.”

“Apart from the time they are spending together with me, you cannot let them two out of your sight.”

Once Black Panther left, Lei Yu gave out a long sigh. His objective in coming to the Kou country was to make the Yamaguchi-gumi approach him themselves. But things have appeared to taken the opposite route, and become more passive-aggressive. Although Lei Yu was grateful for the appearance of Lei Yun Tian at the groundbreaking ceremony and helping him out of a sticky situation, but this lead to a hindrance with Cui Ying Ying’s initial plans. Even if the Yamaguchi-gumi temporarily does not dare to act overtly, but they will still use this big project as their means of attack.

Lei Yu smiled as he walked into the conference room, “I have already thought of a solution to deal with the hindrance to our construction, you guys only need to take care of whatever are on your hands right now, I will take care of everything else.”

Since the young master made this statement, the others naturally did not ask further questions. After the meeting, Cui Ying Ying asked in a low tone: “Lei Yu, what methods are you planning on using? The government officials are justifiably stopping our work, if we insist on fighting it; the problem may become larger in the future.”

“Don’t worry about it, this issue will be solved in the most traditional manner, I will take care of it.”

“You’re hiding the method from me?” Cui Ying Ying pouted with a look of displeasure.

“That’s enough.” Lei Yu patted Cui Ying Ying’s head, “you will know when the time comes, who told you to create such a big project without discussing with me first? Consider us even now.” After saying this, Lei Yu put his hands behind his back and walked away while Nami hurriedly followed him.

Slowly regaining her thoughts, Cui Ying Ying had wanted to say something but since they were at the company workplace, she held back, not wanting to affect her image here.

Cui Ying Ying was still a very busy person. A high-class office building stood in the middle of the city called the Long Valley Building. A full three levels of office space were bought by the so called young master and his partners. And through a variety of “methods” and “special relations,” these following words were alongside of the original Long Valley Building name: Meng Yu Talent Agency.

There were no shortages of A-list celebrities from different entertainment industries. They’ve all arrived on scene; it’s their first day at the company. They were all hoping to see the young master that shook the world with his appearance, hoping to just catch a glimpse of his elegant flair.

But many were disappointed because Lei Yu never showed up since he had no intention of making an appearance. The only thing he wanted to fix as soon as possible was the work stoppage at the construction site; he was clear on what was important and what was not.

Around ten o’clock at night, Lei Yu drank the last sip of his bottle of beer. He looked at the time, and then suddenly smiled. “They’re here.” The smell that Black Panther and his group gave off was something he could never forget, but Lei Yu did slowly get use to the smell or there’s no way he could get along with them in the long-term.

A total of eleven people arrived on scene. According to Lei Yu’s request, Black Panther was currently dedicating his utmost effort in protecting the safety of Cui Ying Ying and Nami.

The underhanded tactics of the Kou people still made Lei Yu worried, since taking hostages out of the blue was something Lei Yu had personally experienced before. He didn’t want something like that to happen a second time or he would definitely regret it for the rest of his life.

Amongst the eleven people, Lei Yu could easily sense that two of them had the strength of a Third Order Warrior, also known as a Third Rank Mutant. The rest had the strength of Second and First Order Warriors, but still compared to ordinary people, their strengths were at least ten to one hundred times stronger.

These people were really respectful when they saw Lei Yu. It’s possible that when speaking to his fellow brothers, Black Panther may have exaggerated some of Lei Yu’s abilities, causing everyone to look upon him with a face of worship.

A big burly man was the first to speak; his voice was very low but it showed how healthy his lungs were; his face had a stubble and his whole appearance gave people a sense that he was a sturdy fellow. “Young master, what are your orders for us?”

“I need you guys to do me a favor.”

“Just tell us what to do young master, don’t say it’s a favor or something.”

At this point, everyone believed what Black Panther had told them. The young master had a gentle personality that made it easy to get along with him. His speech was so polite to mutants like them that gave off a weird odor, it really made them feel a hint of warmth in their hearts.

“Then I will get straight to the point.” Lei Yu smiled as he looked at the eleven people sitting in a circle around him. He then said: “You are all citizens of the Kou country, so you should be aware of pretty much of everything that goes on here. I would like to ask you guys for your help, through whatever channels needed and collect a group of punks and ruffians. You can use whatever methods necessary, but they must be obedient and dare to cause trouble and not afraid of the consequences.”

“No problem.” Smiled the burly man.

Lei Yu understood one thing: Black Panther was the group leader amongst these people. And this burly guy should be something like the vice or deputy leader, that’s why he was the only one to speak on the group’s behalf the entire time.

“Your code… what is your codename?”

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