Ch 9 – Zhao Han’s Provocation

Lei Yu with a blank facial expression retreated a few steps back avoiding the incoming punch,  extended his hand and grabbed onto the person’s wrist and forcefully bent it downwards. You could hear a “ka cha” sound that would give nearby people a shiver in their hearts. This person’s whole arm bent in the opposite direction to a degree that was unimaginable.

Lei Yu slowly walked forward a few steps, coldly looked at Zhao Han, “I’m going to say it once more, let go of your hands!”

Zhao Han narrowed his eyes, “you seem to have some skills huh, but in front of me it’s still nothing!” Instantly releasing his hands from Ai Er, his hands formed something similar to tiger claws, exuding the Tiger Claw style, dashing towards Lei Yu.

Feeling a powerful internal energy coming from his opponent, Lei Yu wasn’t taking any chances, immediately going into a defensive posture.



The fists of both of them continuously clashed, both their reactions can be described as extremely sharp, and it appears at the current situation, their powers were at a draw. Lei Yu was not expecting this at all, and neither was Zhao Han. Zhao Han was really surprised someone was able to contend with his abilities.

After a brief clash, the two separated, staring at each other’s eyes.

Ai Er nearby was tightly clutching her clothes at a loss for words, while the other person who was holding his previously injured arm dared not to make a sound. This was not a fight either of them could jump into.

Zhao Han’s body stood up, inconspicuously pulled out of a dagger from behind, then pierced forward aiming for Lei Yu’s chest area. Ai Er screamed out in fear, but Lei Yu was not someone that could be easily beaten. In the nick of time, he also withdrew from his hip a shimmering sharp edged tool. This sharp edged tool was actually “the” spike, the spike that was not ordinary at all, where upon sunlight hitting it would give off a cold white aura.

“Bang bang” collisions could be heard. The spike in Lei Yu’s hand did not suffer any damage at all, while the dagger in Zhao Han’s hands had several cracks in it.

For someone like Zhao Han who could not get the upper hand, he came up with a wicked idea. Turning around to face Ai Er, he used his top speed and dashed towards her.

“You bastard!” Lei Yu’s eyes were filled with a cold anger. With a shout of power, his whole body dashed forward with the speed of lightning. With all the long distance weighted running Lei Yu trained in, his speed was extremely quick. As Zhao Han arrived in the front of Ai Er, Lei Yu was already in there as a shield. The dagger in Zhao Han’s hands sliced through Lei Yu’s sleeves, revealing a strange brand on his arm.

Gritting his teeth, Lei Yu lifted his leg and kicked out, hitting Zhao Han in the abdomen area. Staggering backwards a few steps, Zhao Han felt something in his throat, then a mouthful of blood sprayed out.

Slightly gasping for breath, eyes staring viciously at Lei Yu, “who exactly are you?”

“Is there a need for you to know?” Lei Yu turned away, ignoring the wound on his arm, looked at Ai Er, determined nothing was wrong with her before sighing in relief.

“If you really have the guts, 8 o’clock, in the hillside behind the university, go alone, we will go for another round, whoever doesn’t show up is a grandson!” said Zhao Han. (T/N: grandson is meant to be something offensive)

“I’m not interested, and my grandfather already died.” Without a care, Lei Yu pulled Ai Er behind him, walked away without looking back.

“Coward! How can you be such a pussy in front of a woman, it’s fine if you don’t dare to go, leave the girl behind so she can spend the night with me, then we’ll call it even” said Zhao Han as he wiped some blood from his mouth.

“You fcuking bastard!” cursed Lei Yu, since he could not tolerate this anymore.

“Then are you going or not?” asked Zhao Han with narrowed eyes in a cold tone.

“8 o’clock, wait for your funeral!” Leaving these words, Lei Yu took Ai Er and left without looking back.

Arriving at the entrance to Lei Yu’s military apartments.

“Don’t go, I will call my brother first!”

“Don’t!” Lei Yu stopped Ai Er’s action, “your brother is currently engaging in important affairs,  don’t bother him, it’s not a big deal, I will take care of this matter.”


“It’s really not a big deal, you saw it, he is no match for me right?” said Lei Yu, gently patting Ai Er’s head in a comforting gesture.

“Then… then you have to be careful tonight!” said Ai Er filled with concern.

The current time was already 7:30PM, Lei Yu pulled the reluctant to leave Ai Er into a taxi, told the taxi driver the destination, then walked alone to the hill that was behind the local university.

This so-called hill in the back was actually just a small slope, not very tall with weeds everywhere. If one doesn’t squat down, they can be easily seen by anyone.

The only reason Lei Yu decided to come was that he did not want to leave unfinished business behind. Although Ai Er was not his biological sister, he holds her in his heart even more dear than a biological sibling. Nuo Hu and Ai Er could be considered the only family Lei Yu had. He did not want any harm to come to either of them. Nuo Hu’s temper isn’t very good, when encountering a situation such as this, he would definitely make some impulsive move. Moreover, someone that can contend evenly with him, Nuo Hu may not necessary be able to deal with. So this matter must be settled by Lei Yu, especially when he could not tolerate those verbal abuse.

On top of the desolate hill, looking at his watch, the current time was five minutes to 8 o’clock. Lei Yu looked around and sure enough, two people were coming towards him.

“You really have the guts! But you’re dead now!” as Zhao Han’s familiar “tool” face appeared before Lei Yu, along with a twenty-something year old person in black. This person had a sinister cold atmosphere about him, entirely dressed in a black tight-fitting clothes, with long hair obscuring half his face.

“Cousin, that’s him.” Zhao Han said that to the person in black clothing. (T/N: referring to older male cousin)

The person clothed in black did not speak, but nodded slightly, then walked step by step towards Lei Yu.

As the distance got closer, Lei Yu could not detect his opponents presence (life energy), which made him lose some confidence in himself. Lei Yu adjusted his breathing, it appears he has encountered a strong opponent, not daring to thoughtlessly circulating his own internal energy.

The person clothed in black planted his left foot on the ground, right foot gently slid along the ground’s surface, giving one an atmosphere as if a caged bison was about to storm out. He was exhibiting an imposing manner, but setting off a sinister cold appearance which was somewhat not quite compatible with the prior.

Lei Yu gently raised his hands up, ready to take on his opponent’s attack.

The speed of the person in black was very fast, almost instantaneous, treading firmly on the ground, kicking up dirt with each step, his body was like a black panther directly rushing at Lei Yu, while at the same time both his hands formed like claws.

As the powerful imposing manner approached him, Lei Yu’s hair was blown back from this momentums force.


Lei Yu drew an arc with one hand, trying to stop the opponent’s attack. The rapid figure of the person in black was like a loose kite, immediately swaying to the other side. Although this speed was something Lei Yu was capable of, he had never met anyone that could do it so effortlessly.


A gust of wind blew by, the figure of the man in black once again dashed towards Lei Yu, both parties clashed together.


When fists clashed with claws, it gave off a crisp sound. The two opponents both retreated two steps backwards and a look at each other with surprise in their eyes.

“Youngster, you’re not bad!” said the man in black.

“You are quite strong yourself!”

“But unfortunately, the person you offended is part of our Ming Sect, my condolences!” The body of the main in black began to shake.


A powerful shout went up into the sky (T/N: think Dragonball), due to the roaring sound of immense power, the surrounding weeds and grass all bent away from the source. Then, as the grass settled down, one could see hidden amongst the grass was a pair of eyes staring out at them dueling.

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  2. fivetor says:

    As the powerful imposing CLIFFHANGER approached me, my hair was blown back from this momentums force.


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    a spy? I’d say that his opponent would be a good rival…


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    With reason he was strong, I thought that any Tom Dick and Harry have the same power as one of the strong groups of the country.


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