Ch 90 – Meng Yu Corporation

Lei Yu’s breathing gradually slowed down to normal, the yellow energy was slowly breaking off the contact between Lei Yu and the jade pendant. Slowly, he regained his self-awareness. Lei Yu opened his eyes, wiped the sweat from his brow and breathed out a some turbid air.

“That was way too dangerous! I vow never to engage in such dangerous activity ever again.”

Focusing his spiritual power, he activated his inner vision to monitor his body. The internal energy inside his dantian gradually settled down, the fractured veins and meridians were now being repaired and moisturized by the green energy. The power he just gained had actually increased his recovery time by an unknown multiplicative rate.

Those unexplainable energies inside his body made Lei Yu feel like his body contained two time bombs that may go off at anytime. Although the green energy had the ability to help him repair his internal injuries, and even increased his recovery rate of external wounds at an unknown rate. But once this energy activates, whether what it plans on doing was a complete unknown. Now the yellow energy was Lei Yu’s favorite, not only could it clear out the impurities of the absorbed spiritual energy, it had saved him twice already. But since it was related to the Ink Beast; and remembering his body contained a demonic beast, it made Lei Yu’s whole body feel uncomfortable.

The current internal energy seemed more vigorous than the previous, and his five senses were obviously a lot stronger than before. Lei Yu’s ears moved slightly and he was able to hear the soft breathing sound of Nami sleeping in the living room.

“This is too incredible!” Lei Yu could not hold down his ecstasy. He was now completely sure, his strength had reached the late-stage of [Discharge], which was equivalent to the rank of a late-stage Fifth Order Warrior. With this level of strength, they would definitely become national figures that were valued by any country they were a part of.

Lei Yu sighed. “Ugh! The costs are way too high, if it wasn’t for the help of the Spiritual Bead of Longevity, my entire body would probably have exploded into a scene of blood and bones!” Recalling the frightful scene he experienced, Lei Yu could not help swallowing hard, vowing never to do such a dangerous thing again. Even if his strength was not enough to avenge his grandfather or that he couldn’t find his mother, he could not take such risks. If he had lost his life, the thought of revenge would not even exist!

Stretching his body; his arms raised up and twisted his waist; the bones gave off a “pak pak” sound, Lei Yu felt his vitality was better than before. He slightly sniffed his nose and a strong disgusting odor was detected. Looking at black ooze covering his body, Lei Yu quickly rushed into the bathroom.

Early morning, Cui Ying Ying had woken up early. She had bought some breakfast at the restaurant of the hotel and was ready to deliver it to Lei Yu and Nami.

On the side of the hotel lobby’s elevator, a middle-aged man in a black windbreaker and sunglasses was holding onto a cell phone, “boss, I see the chick that was with Lei Yu the other day.”

“You can leave; don’t alert them with your presence.”

“Understood!” The middle-aged man clothed in black left the hotel and went towards the direction of an eastern island.

The Yamaguchi-gumi’s island – Hasegawa was holding onto a wine glass, inside was some type of golden yellow wine. Gently sipping, he murmured: “So it was him? Was he able to absorb the moonlight’s essence? But isn’t this ability only capable by the Werewolves in Europe? Could he be a Werewolf?!” Hasegawa was talking to himself, his tone filled with shock. He then rejected this thought, “no, not right, he’s a member of the Lei family right? Plus the moon was only at the crescent phase and not a full moon. If he was really a Werewolf, this type of incident would only appear during the full moon… then what on earth is going on?”

“You, immediately go investigate to see if the Lei family left the Kou country yet.”


Inside the hotel where Lei Yu was staying.

“Quickly eat it before it gets cold.” Cui Ying Ying said this to the two of them while pointing to the breakfast on the coffee table.

“You woke up really early.” Lei Yu smiled, “is there something going on today?”

“Today, Mr. Yamamoto wanted to accompany us to look at some houses with ocean views. If the house is right, he wants to buy it and give it to you, the young master.”

“Oh? He sure is generous.” Lei Yu said with a smile. “But today I can’t go with you guys since work on the project is still suspended, I have to quickly find a way to fix it. You and Nami go look, it’s fine if you both feel it’s the right fit, there’s no need to ask for my opinion since I won’t be staying there for long anyway.”

“Then I won’t go either, I’ll accompany you and we’ll figure out a solution.” Cui Ying Ying had a headache once she thought about this situation. Such a large project and throwing money into each day would accumulate into a number not small.

“No need, today you and Nami will go look at houses. As for the work stoppage, you don’t have to bother with it.”

After being dissuaded by Lei Yu, Cui Ying Ying finally agreed. The two drove off in a westerly direction to the houses with ocean views.

The phone Lei Yu dialed had already connected. “Black Panther, Ying Ying and Nami are currently headed to the western side to look at houses; sorry to bother you but if you could catch up to them and ensure their safety.”

“Don’t worry young master; I will start driving now to catch up with them. It’s not a problem; I will contact you if anything happens.”

“Oh? Good, it’s quite reassuring when I can count on you.”

Lei Yu arrived at the large agency he nominally owned – Meng Yu Talent Agency.

Coming out of the elevator, the elevator doors were facing the front desk, and behind the front desk stood a girl with a nice body but an average looking face. Upon seeing Lei Yu’s appearance, the girl’s eyes were already staring at the man full of charm, her mouth wide open forgetting to close it, even the pen fell out of her hand which she was unaware of.

She was like this as she watched Lei Yu arrive in front of her. Lei Yu lightly smiled, showing a smile that could capture the hearts of thousands of girls. He softly asked: “Is the person in charge here? I’m Lei Yu.”

“Young… young master! You… you…” The girl’s stuttering was incomprehensible. Lei Yu was indeed mysterious, he only appeared once at a formal event and the young girl had vaguely seen him on the TV. The instant Lei Yu appeared and said his name, the young girl then immediately recognized him. Having Lei Yu push her down onto a bed was something she fantasized countless times, but now seeing him in person, she couldn’t even speak properly.

“Oh? You know who I am? That’s good then, I would like to know if the person in charge is available? There’s something I need to discuss with him.”

In reality, the question Lei Yu was asking sounded idiotic. Everyone here thought he was the big boss of this place, so now he’s coming here to look for the person in charge?

If Lei Yu had notified them prior to his arrival, it’s possible that every single person would be downstairs at the building lobby waiting to greet the young master of the Lei family. But the front desk girl’s soul had already been taken by Lei Yu so it took a while before she recovered her senses.

“Young master, please follow me!” The young girl quickly rushed to the front of Lei Yu to lead the way, occasionally turning back to glance at him.

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