Ch 91 – Celebrity Effect

Walking through the front entrance with glass doors 2.5 meter tall, the interior design of the office could be considered avant garde. Everything was stylish to the point where one would realize a lot of money must have been spent on it. Lei Yu recognized the design was similar to the Mediterranean style. It seems like the designers were quite good; the light blue theme gave one the feeling they were amongst the ocean. Although not a bold or fierce design, it still gave a person a quiet and tranquil feeling.

Everyone looked extremely busy but once they laid their eyes on Lei Yu, their reactions were just like the young girl at the front desk, standing there gaping at a loss. Some girls were deliberately fixing their hair, fearing their looks of astonishment were seen by the young master.

Bringing Lei Yu to an office door deep inside the interior office hallway, the young girl gently knocked. “Come in!”

The white door with a Mediterranean style was very easy on the eyes and very comfortable to look at. Lei Yu was constantly looking all over the place and when he saw a group of staff in the surrounding area staring at him without blinking, he embarrassedly waved his hand and smiled at them.


“The young master was smiling at me!”

“He was smiling at me!”

Many girls were resting their chins on closed fists with their eyes closed, all with an intoxicated look on their face. Lei Yu could not help but wipe the sweat from his forehead, “uh…”

The young girl opened the office door, and made a “please enter” gesture before happily running back to her work area. All the company staff was aware that Lei Yu only spoke English, so the young girl had been conversing in English the entire time.

When they were recruiting new staff members, they had already made sufficient consideration of this aspect, so the quality and the requirements to be an employee were very high.

“Young master!” Sitting in the office chair belonging to the boss was a shocked balding middle-aged man – his name was Aomi Ueda. He originally ran a distillery but because profits were getting worse each year, he sold the place. He gained a large amount of money from transferring the license which gave him the strength to cooperate with Lei Yu.

“You’re the one in charge here?” Asked Lei Yu with a smile.

“Yes young master, let me introduce myself – my name is Aomi Ueda, and it’s an honor for me to cooperate with you in establishing this Meng Yu Talent Agency.”

Lei Yu’s eyebrow went up slightly. This guy seems like a person that would do what he promises since his face makes him look like a practical person; but his head was rather reflective of the light since he had lost more than half his hair; there were only some slightly longer hair above his ears that obscured his bright reflective head.

“It’s my pleasure; I’m in your care!” Lei Yu held out his hand, and they both shook hands. Lei Yu was indifferent but Aomi Ueda almost lost it from being so excited.

The two talked freely about the company’s general overview and some basic day to day matters. Lei Yu then began to cut to the chase.

“Can I borrow some of our company’s celebrities?”

“Of course you can, I’ll arrange it immediately!” Aomi Ueda went back to his desk, picked up the phone and pressed a red button. “Immediately notify all the celebrities to respond to the conference room, the young master wants to personally meet them.”

“Got it, notifying them right now!” The voice from the other end of the line sounded excited.

Lei Yu’s arrival made Meng Yu Corporation thoroughly excited; the young girls were idolizing Lei Yu as the Prince Charming of their dreams. While the male employees were regarding Lei Yu as their idol, and allowing them to witness his presence today made them all excited to the extreme.

The various artists of the company heard the young master had arrived, and started flocking straight to the conference room. Some actors that were working on movies or others doing various tasks immediately dropped what they were doing, just to go see the young master.

All the men and women were picking up mirrors and touching up their face, all hoping to present their best side to the young master. And those girls that were usually good sisters with one and another did not chat at all, and the way they looked at each other show a hint of animosity.

From an unknown place, a gust of wind blew and then the conference room door was pushed open from the outside to the inside. Following the wind, Lei Yu appeared in front of the crowd.

Accompanying a light wind, it blew on his slightly messy hair. Lei Yu lightly stepped in, his eyes containing a look of elusive mystery that one could not comprehend but wanted to find out. His mouth had a light smile on it that showed off his attractive and irresistible charm.

The ladies were going crazy; looking at Lei Yu’s gaze was similar to looking at a statue of a peerless God, filled with yearning and reverence. It was different for the men; they were forcing themselves to stare, hoping to learn a pointer or two from Lei Yu. But no matter how hard they tried, they could not imitate his deep profoundness or his air of mysteriousness.

“Hello everyone, my name is Lei Yu.”

“Ahh! Young master!”

To ordinary people, everyone present was like the shining stars, the moonlight that were difficult to touch. In the eyes of ordinary people, those present were all distinguished creatures but not a drop of their esteemed aura were seen today. Rather, they all looked passionate or even fanatical; the appearance of Lei Yu had completely shattered their usual air of elegance.

The purpose of the women was very clear, and that was hoping to win the favor of the young master. They would be fully satisfied as long as they can get close to the young master. As for the men, if they could become friends with the young master, then that would be the ideal situation for them.

In front of the crowd, Lei Yu walked into the conference room and went to the forefront it. He gently sat down while Aomi Ueda stood to his side. “Everyone, the reason I came today is to ask if anyone is willing to do me a favor.” Lei Yu understood that the people in front of him were already well-known celebrities in the Kou country, or even the entire world. They did not have to waste any energy to build up their image or waste their time training new people.

“Young master, just tell us. As long as it’s related to you, we will definitely complete it with our utmost efforts.” Said a slender and glamorous woman. Although her skin was somewhat tanned, her beauty did not lose out on showing off her healthy enchanting glow. Any man seeing her would be tempted by her. This woman gently shifted the corner of her skirt, revealing a pair of sexy thighs; her small mouth slightly turned upwards like she had just undetectably given Lei Yu a kiss on the cheeks.

“Ahem.” Lei Yu blinked, then said: “The purpose in me coming today is that I hope you all can pick out a day to help me promote something. Even better if it could create some frenzy. If it is successful…” Lei Yu looked at Aomi Ueda to the side, and the latter immediately said: “What the young master is implying is that if you guys are willing to help with the favor, and cause an enormous commotion, then the company will assist anyone that helps out with holding their own personal performance relating to your specialty, or select a movie or TV series as the pinnacle of your career. Of course, whether they be male or female co-stars, we’ll do our best to match it to your liking.”

“Heavens! Is this for real?”

“This is too good!”

“Wow, the young master is really too magnanimous!”

Lei Yu lightly grinned; he had remembered the words Cui Ying Ying said to him before: “A celebrity’s effect is extremely powerful.” Like himself, didn’t he use his own identity in order to get things moving along?

Lei Yu had already planned on what to do; if the request today was made by Cui Ying Ying, the results may not be as good as him saying it himself. Since he was present and his identity was strong enough, then the words he says would naturally have a higher persuasion effect. Even though Cui Ying Ying was the real person in charge behind the scenes, but his name as a brand image was really more effective than hers.

“Young master, just tell us, what do you want us to do? We will definitely put in our utmost effort!” Said a young handsome man with clean looks.

Lei Yu nodded. “I’ve discussed this with Aomi Ueda. Tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock, we will hold a press conference; I hope that all of you will be there. I want to rely on your popularity and promote to your fans to oppose the work stoppage.”

This request was not a trivial matter; one of the things celebrities paid a lot of attention to were their own fans. If they were to force their fans to do certain things, it may cause a portion of the fans to give up if their dedication to them. Perhaps for some other unknown reason, the results may cause the fan to unfollow them so many celebrities were unwilling to go through such risks.

Not even mentioning this matter, even if some were just doing ordinary promotions of a commercial nature, if they were a bit too explicit in what they wear, they would receive a lot of criticism, let alone saying such a direct thing in front of the media, this was too big of a taboo.

Lei Yu looked at the crowd’s reaction and then slightly moved his ears. He heard the celebrities discussing with each other yet he still felt helpless. Even though his ability to hear was much better than before, but in this bird land, wanting to hear human speech was considered a luxury¹.

The crowd of celebrities discussed for a full five minutes while Lei Yu did not say a thing, just quietly waiting for them. Gradually, the sounds of discussion came to a stop, and the youngest and most beautiful girl amongst them all stood up. “Young master, have you thought about what repercussions it would have on us if we did what you asked of us?”


¹ – Typical Chinese elitist view, they are the only humans with human speech on this planet while every other foreign country look weird and speak some weird language.

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