Ch 92 – Protesting And Rioting

Lei Yu showed a faint smile: “Of course, I will use this chance as a means to create the most brilliant highlight of your entertainment career path. Don’t think about any negative impacts, those aren’t an issue at all. Since you’ve all have signed a contract with my company, I am responsible for all of you, otherwise, wouldn’t I be the one ultimately with the greatest loss?”

The young girl sat down. The thought of a company that didn’t care about its contracted artist was a bit impossible; add that with Lei Yu’s current flourishing popularity, then naturally they have a higher chance to greatly improve their career path.

“Anymore questions?” Lei Yu asked again while he looked at everyone present.

Now it was quieter when no one else spoke out. Lei Yu slowly stood up, and walked to the door of the conference room under the eyes of the crowd. He then turned his head around and said: “Aomi Ueda will give you the full details on how this would happen, if you have any further questions, just ask him.”

With that, Lei Yu pretty much strutted out of Meng Yu Corporation in style, leaving a crowd of young girls fantasizing as they watched him leave.

After looking at houses, Cui Ying Ying and Nami had made a decision. The area they were looking at was already not bad, add an ocean view to it, then the prices became ridiculously high. They gave Lei Yu a call and briefly explained the situation, the three then agreed to meet back at the hotel.

“Ying Ying, I have something I don’t quite understand, can you explain it to me?” Asked Lei Yu.

“What is it? Tell me.”

“Why did you choose to build a floating city over the sea? Such a high cost associated with it would scare people to death. Moreover, you chose to use steel columns as support, can you really do it on such a large surface area of the sea? Why not choose to do some type of land reclamation to fill in the sea? Wouldn’t this save a lot on costs?”

“There’s something you don’t know.” Cui Ying Ying paused and then said: “What’s the difference between land reclamation and engaging in construction on land? We’re only expanding the land mass with that method, there’s nothing special about it, not to mention it’s time-consuming and laborious. Although the use of our load-bearing columns into the seabed method costs a lot of money, but then it can be truly called a floating city above the waters.”

Lei Yu’s eyebrows went up, “I now understand your thought process.”

Through Black Panther, Lei Yu assembled the ten plus mutants together. On the hotel’s rooftop, the eleven people tasked with assignments reported to Lei Yu of their progress. They went everywhere and gathered some ruffians whom were basically the useless scums of society. Lei Yu then simply explained his plans.

Two days later, everything went according to Lei Yu’s plans. The government’s city hall doors were constantly surrounded by people with banners, posters, loud cries, and slogans, the whole nine yards; disrupting the usually peaceful and calm city.

A huge demonstration took place; the number of protesters actually reached more than one hundred thousand. Additionally, those ruffians would be causing trouble outside the city hall’s entrance or in front of homes of high government officials. Although there weren’t any big issues, it still made people rather nervous.

Molotov cocktails were lit and smashed onto the roadways causing “bang bang bang” noises. Noisy screams resounded through large roads and side streets and the police in their cruisers had no way to get through the crowd. The sea of people here were almost similar to when Lei Yu attended his groundbreaking ceremony, maybe even crazier than that day.

Some of these groups of protesters were actually fans of celebrities under Lei Yu’s company. They all regarded their idols as the most important and noble existences in their heart so they would do anything for them. Add that this situation itself was on behalf of Lei Yu’s request, pretty much no one objected to it. Amidst the group, there were also people that just joined them spontaneously. They previously heard that the overwater city that Lei Yu wanted to build was shut down, so they came along for the ride.

The people that stood out the most in the protest were the construction workers of the overwater city. Thousands of construction workers were dressed in their gray uniforms, they stood neatly together in formation that differentiated themselves from the other protesters. Above their heads were banners that clearly read: “Start the construction, give me back my job.”

Although such a large riot was going on, there were no casualties because things didn’t get too out of hand. But the turnout of this did make the government officials hard to accept the reality of it. In front of the city hall main entrance, beads of cold sweat could be seen on the foreheads of several government officials in charge of the situation, they never thought this would cause such an uproar. They had secretly agreed to only stop construction work for a short period of time; it was good enough as long as there was some financial loss. And this whole incident wasn’t their idea, it was coerced by the Yamaguchi-gumi, yet the results of their actions have made them somewhat dumbfounded.

“What to do? What should we do? Now that things have come to this point, how can we fix this?” Several government officials were gathered together discussing this.

Amongst them were two officials that Cui Ying Ying had specifically invited to attend their banquet and reception, and they were given a lot of “side” benefits. At first there was no way for them to interfere with the work stoppage, but now that they’ve encountered such problems, they can finally voice their opinion.

They two looked at each other, then one of them said: “Just allow them to start the construction; this whole project never had any violations to begin with. It was our interference that has caused the current situation. The construction workers are causing problems most likely because their source of income has stopped, I’m just afraid something unthinkable may happen in the future if this continues. It doesn’t matter who the other people are out there protesting, we only know that their future interests in the overwater city has been intruded on. The situation is really getting out of hand, I suggest we allow the construction to start, and end this ridiculous interference already.”

“Not happening!” A thin looking official shook his head. “Once the project starts, they’ll be selling properties before they are finished, it’s too difficult to guarantee the investments of our citizens. If the project stalls in the middle of construction, then who’s going to bear such a huge loss?”

“The young master has asked me to bring a statement to you all.” A middle-aged man’s voice was heard outside the door. This person was none other than Cui Ying Ying’s friend from abroad, the multinational lawyer Bruce Reid. If it weren’t for his identity, perhaps he would not be able to so casually enter into the government building.

Among the officials, some of them recognized his face; that day on the banquet, those that were invited had seen him. “The young master would like to remind everyone, there’s no need to consider the Yamaguchi-gumi’s influence, the Lei family will take care of this matter.” Finishing saying this, Bruce Reid left the eyes of the group in a suave manner.

In reality, the whole work stoppage was orchestrated by the Yamaguchi-gumi behind the scenes. Since things have reached this point and were beyond their control, it was time to consider the prestige of the Lei family, their name in the world were no less than the Yamaguchi-gumi. The most important fact was the Lei family had money; the amount of money they had was to a horrific extent. If they were to setup some sort of financial trap, perhaps the survivability of the Kou country’s entire economy would be in question.

Wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, “Secretary Wang, immediately send the paperwork for starting the construction to Miss Cui, say the Kou country expresses their deep apologies in this matter.”

“Understood.” A young man with eye glasses was ready to quickly proceed with the things.

Inside a five-star restaurant, in an ultra luxurious VIP room.



“This is really all thanks to the young master; we were able to stop the continuing financial losses!” Mr. Yamamoto said excitedly.

“That’s right, never expected that the young master would cause such a shocking incident. If this was any other person, I doubt they would be able to come up with such a move, even if they thought about it, I doubt they could accomplish it. You have my admiration and respect.”

Cui Ying Ying smiled. “Yeah, the young master indeed thought ahead. If money couldn’t solve the issue with the officials, then we could only rely on this move.” Initially, Cui Ying Ying did not know about Lei Yu’s plans were but once the protests and riots started, she finally realized what was going on.

“Oh yeah, where’s the young master? How come he still hasn’t arrived yet?” Asked Mr. Yamamoto.

Once those words were said, those celebrities that recruited their fans to help with Lei Yu’s protest all stared at Cui Ying Ying. She herself was hoping Lei Yu would quickly make his appearance as well, and then praise them for their assistance. Even if there weren’t any solo performances or movie role notifications, as long as they received Lei Yu’s recognition, they would still be extremely ecstatic.

“Yeah, the young master said he will definitely come, maybe he’s stuck in a traffic jam. Let’s not wait for him, come everyone, cheers, cheers!” Cui Ying Ying again raised her glass and toasted the people present.

Lei Yu was actually not going to attend the celebratory dinner, he didn’t like those types of atmospheres where a bunch of people will be all focused on him, that’s why he and Nami were just driving around.

“Nami, spread your legs apart some more, I… I can’t feel it.”

“Young master, you still can’t find it? Do you need my help?!”

“Nevermind, got it, I got it.” Lei Yu finally found the ring he accidentally dropped in-between Nami’s leg who was sitting on the passenger seat. This ring was his most treasured object.

Opening the car door, Lei Yu went to the railing’s edge. They were at the sea; the evening sea breeze was somewhat cold but it made Lei Yu feel wide awake. In the distance, the lights on a small island lit up; Lei Yu really wanted to know what exactly were they doing over there.

“Oh yeah Nami, don’t you still have a grandmother? How come I haven’t seen you visit her?”

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