Ch 93 – Caught In A Dilemma

“I have spoken on the phone with my grandma. Grandma told me that I don’t need to visit her, and that she’ll take care of herself, and for me to focus on properly serving you.” Said Nami in a low voice.

“How could this be? Let’s go, I’ll drive. We’ll go to your house so I can meet your grandmother.” Lei Yu smiled while patting Nami’s shoulder.

“There’s no need young master, I’ve already given a portion of money that you gave me to my grandma’s bank account, presently she should be fine.” Nami appeared to be concerned about something, wanting to refuse him yet unsure how to say it.

“Nami, did you know?” Lei Yu looked into the sky and sighed, “I’ve never experienced a complete family. Even if I used to be the Lei family’s second young master, I’ve never known what my own mother looks like. And due to some reasons related to our clan, I was forced to leave the Lei family and start my independent life. Before, I used to really hate my family; I hated their cruelty towards me; I hated their limited secular vision. But now I’m not hateful, even though I won’t return to the Lei family, I won’t hate them, this is my own punishment. Because of some situations, my grandfather lost his right to live. For this familial tie, I will do whatever it takes to find the murderer. Even though right now I don’t have the ability, I will never give up. Therefore Nami, you must cherish the family members you have. If you ever lose this familial love, even if you regret it later on, it will become the most painful thing in your life.

Nami was in tears. Lei Yu’s words had made her think about her parents whom had passed away. Gently nodding her head, the two went to buy some simple gifts and drove in the direction of where Nami’s grandmother lived.

After seeing Nami’s grandmother, Lei Yu finally understood some things her grandmother had mentioned. And this also made Lei Yu understand why Nami served him so whole heartedly.

Nami’s parents had passed away a long time ago. Back then, the couple worked together in the same hotel. Nami’s mother was eventually noticed by a manager who made continued sexual advances. The stress and pressure her mother received eventually lead her to jump off a building to commit suicide. As for her father, he found out the cause and went after the manager. Unfortunately, her father could not take him on because the manager wasn’t an ordinary person. Thus, Nami’s parents passed away. It was only a few years ago that Nami’s grandmother told her the story regarding her parents. Nami had inherited her mother’s beauty, becoming lovely and attractive. She found the hotel including the murderer who killed her parents, but didn’t get any chances to make her move. Lei Yu’s unintentional appearance killed the murderer that Nami was unable to take on.

“So this was the reason you’ve been willing to follow me around?” Lei Yu drove the car in the direction of the hotel.

“I’m sorry young master, for keeping this from you.”

“It’s not a problem; all bastards should receive their punishment. Although I’m not the jury, but the least I can do is becoming the executioner. It’s pretty much the same purpose on why I’m here in the Kou country.

Cui Ying Ying was sitting in Lei Yu’s room, drumming her cheeks. “Where did you two go off to enjoy your time? Leaving me to attend the celebratory dinner while you guys didn’t show up.”

“Ying Ying, don’t be angry, we went to see Nami’s grandmother.” Smiled Lei Yu.

“Whatever, I’m not saying anything more. I drank a little too much tonight so I’m heading to sleep, construction will re-open tomorrow so I have to go there a bit early. If you have nothing to do tomorrow, go look at the house. I told them to send two interior designers there tomorrow so go meet with them. Design the house according to your own tastes so it will look better.” Cui Ying Ying yawned, forcefully stretched a bit before going back to her room.

Everything seemed to be going in accordance with the original plan; the construction successfully started; Meng Yu Corporation fulfilled Lei Yu’s commitment, they organized several momentous solo concerts. And some of these concerts even had the sponsorship of government officials. The artists under Lei Yu started creating their most glorious time of their careers; the amount of brands wanting representation and movie roles to star in were in a simply horrifying degree.

Properties being organized and sold before they were even built were already against the rules. But within this huge project, no one dared to intervene anymore, especially when the people of the Kou country were attaching great importance to its completion. The Yamaguchi-gumi was unable to find any more legitimate ways to interfere with it so they had to start thinking of underhanded methods.

Lei Yu’s daily schedule was very disciplined so to find some hole to exploit wasn’t that easy.

“Take this; you should know what to do with it.” Hasegawa gave a bottle of transparent liquid to a familiar face. And this familiar face was none other than the bastard that forced Fang Yi Ke to commit suicide – Otsuka.

A few days later, work had started inside the ocean side villa. Lei Yu nodded his head in satisfaction, then, Nami’s phone started ringing. Picking up the phone, Nami’s face suddenly became serious. But since the carpentry just started and the noise was too loud, Lei Yu did not pay attention to Nami. A few minutes later, Nami put on a calm face and said: “Young master, wait for me here, I’m just heading out for a bit and will be back soon.”

Lei Yu nodded his head unconcerned. Nami then rapidly drove to the location she was directed to over the phone.

In the yard of an abandoned high school, a middle-aged man sat beside a flower bed. Nami parked her car outside the school and went inside.

“Where’s my grandmother? Why did you guys capture her?!” Nami looked very nervous because her grandmother was the only family she had left, how could she not worry about it?

The middle-aged man stood up and looked up and down at Nami’s body. Trying not to drool, “it’s really hard to resist your tempting body… I really don’t understand, is there something wrong with Lei Yu’s sexual orientation? He’s surrounded by beauties and doesn’t even sample them; he only then regrets it after they’ve been raped. I think there’s something really wrong with him.”

“Shut your mouth! I won’t tolerate you insulting him!” Nami clenched her fists. Even if she’s not strong, it appears her current emotions were even more heated than before.

“Your heart aches? It will hurt even more soon.” The middle-aged man sneered and asked: “Do you want to save your grandmother?”

“What did you do to my grandmother?”

“Take this!” The middle-aged man took a bottle of transparent liquid from his pocket and handed it to Nami. “Put this inside Lei Yu’s food or his drinks. If you want your grandmother safe and sound, then follow my directions. Or else, you won’t even get to see your grandmother’s intact corpse. I will put her in a snake pit and let the poisonous snakes feast on her until only bones are left.”

Nami’s eyes were filled with fear, so much fear that should not accept this was happening. She grew up with only her grandmother; she never thought that something like this would actually happen today. How could such a fragile girl handle this type of incident?

On one side is her only family member and the other side was her benefactor. And Nami’s heart was already captured and thoroughly subdued by this man. Being put in such a dilemma, there was no way her heart could choose what to do.

“It’s time for you to go. If you want your grandmother safe and sound, just follow my directions or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!” The middle-aged man’s voice became soft and eerie. When Nami heard it, it sounded like a demon was extending out his terrible claws about to grab her.

With a lifeless face, Nami returned to the oceanside villa where Lei Yu was. Seeing Nami looking a bit strange, Lei Yu asked with concern: “What’s wrong? What happened to you?”

“Ah, nothing, nothing’s wrong!” Replied Nami as if she was in a trance.

“Let’s go, you’re probably tired, we’ll return to the hotel.”

Nami nodded and the two left. These few days, Cui Ying Ying left early and came back late. Being extremely busy, she rarely had a chance to see Lei Yu due to taking care of everything since he wouldn’t be able to help her much anyway. Wanting to become a career woman, this was Cui Ying Ying’s other goal in life besides from finding her true love. And because she was extremely busy, little did she know that a terrible situation was about to take center stage.

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