Ch 94 – Please Forgive Me

Holding onto some tea she just brewed, Nami’s hands were trembling. Her heart was in a constant struggle, “what should I do? Young master… I don’t want to harm the young master, but my grandma is in their hands. If I don’t comply with their demands, she will definitely become a pile of bones. What should I do? What should I do?”

“Nami!” Lei Yu’s voice came from the bedroom, “I’m thirsty, please bring me a cup of tea!”

“Ah! Okay! Coming!” Swallowing forcefully, Nami focused on holding back the tears that was about to drip down; her footsteps slowly approaching Lei Yu’s bedroom.

“Young… young master, your… your tea.” Nami’s hands were trembling and Lei Yu noticed this. He asked with concern: “Are you okay? Your emotions have been strange the entire day today. Did something happen? Tell me and I might be able to help you. Did something happen to your grandmother?”

“Young master!” Nami left the teacup on the TV stand and pounced into Lei Yu’s embrace. She could not hold back the tears anymore before it gushed out. “Young master, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Young master, I’m really sorry!”

Being scared by the sudden change, Lei Yu felt somewhat confused. Gently stroking Nami’s back, “tell me what happened, don’t cry.”

“Young master, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry!” I wanted to save grandma, but… but I can’t harm you, I can’t bring myself to do it! I’d rather die than you or my grandma getting hurt!”

Hearing this, Lei Yu knew something was not right. He forcefully pushed Nami away from his embrace and grabbed onto her shoulders before asking in a hurried manner: “What happened? Tell me immediately!”

“Young master, young master…” Nami tried to hold back her sobbing. Tears were gathering on her chin and the look she had made ones’ heartache.

“Quickly tell me! What on earth happened?”

Once again trying to stop her sobbing, Nami responded in a trembling voice: “Someone captured my grandma. They gave me a vial of something and wanted me to put it into either your drink or your food. If I don’t do this, they will kill my grandma, I don’t have a choice! I don’t have a choice young master, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Lei Yu gasped and pointed at the teacup sitting on the TV stand, “you’re talking about that?”

Nami nodded her head, eyes full of guilt. “Young master, what should I do? What on earth should I do?”

Lei Yu took two steps back and breathed out deeply. “Who are those people?”

“There was only one person that approached me, a middle-aged man…”

Listening to Nami’s description of the man, the person was exactly the same as Otsuka. Confirming this point, Lei Yu’s eyes became bloodshot. “Otsuka! You are indeed a f*cking bastard!”

Forcing little Ke to her death, and now he wanted to kill me. He even captured Nami’s only family, this type of underhanded move made Lei Yu completely fall apart. “Did he tell you how you would contact him after the deed was done?”

“He wants me to contact him by phone. He said when the deed was done; he will then release my grandma.” Nami took out a piece of paper from her pocket; a series of numbers were written on it that should be a phone number.

“Call that number for me right now and tell them you’ve done what they’ve asked you to. Tell them to immediately release your grandmother.”

Nami took out her phone and dialed the numbers. “I’ve done what you’ve instructed me to do, please release my grandma!”

“Really?” At the other end of the line, a voice filled with doubt was heard. Nami looked nervously at Lei Yu and saw him nod his head. Nami then said: “It’s true; I’ve done what you’ve instructed me to do. I’m currently outside and the young master is in his bedroom. I’m too afraid to go inside and I’m not sure what’s going on in there!”

“Good, very good. Come alone back to the abandoned school we met earlier at. In the third floor of the school building, the most middle classroom, your grandmother and I will be waiting there.” The phone hung up and Lei Yu naturally heard the voice on the other end of the line. It was definitely Otsuka, there wasn’t any doubt. A deep fire of hatred erupted in Lei Yu’s chest; grabbing Nami’s hand, they both rushed downstairs.

A lone Mercedes-Benz roadster was driving in the middle of the night with a rather cool and sophisticated look. The good looking guy and the gorgeous girl inside the car was not something people should envy right now; the atmosphere about them was rather tense. Lei Yu heavily exhaled, “Nami, I will help you save your grandmother. But once this ordeal ends, us two will go our separate ways. We will no longer have any type of relationship.”

Tears gushed out of Nami’s eyes. While crying, “No! Young master, please forgive me! I beg you to forgive me!”

“I’m not blaming you for poisoning my drink, but I’m blaming you for not trusting me. After this incident happened to you, you never came forth to tell me the truth the first chance you got. You’ve really disappointed me!” Lei Yu’s heart was actually aching. Nami was the first person that Lei Yu got to know when he arrived in the Kou country. She was also the only Kou person he cared about. In Lei Yu’s heart, he had bad impressions of all the Kou people. Even though he has accumulated a lot of reputation here, he was reluctant to get to know anyone. Yet he always kept Nami by his side since he had some feelings for her. But what happened today made him completely lose his trust in Nami. This trust was supposed to be mutual, but Nami’s actions had deeply disappointed him.

“Young master! I was wrong! Young master, please forgive me! Young master, don’t…!”

There was no emotion on Lei Yu’s face. He tightened his hand on the steering wheel. “There’s no need for words anymore! I don’t want to hear your excuses!”

Because this was nighttime, one could not see the minute expressions of Lei Yu. As they drove by a street light, one could see a slight glitter in the corner of his eyes, but Nami was unable to see this. In actuality, Lei Yu’s heart was in pain, but he couldn’t bring himself to leave a person by his side that did not trust him. This was a time bomb; this bomb may go off at any given time. What would happen in the future? No one can tell. Lei Yu did not dare to risk it. Maybe deep inside him, his racist attitude towards the Kou people was the cause of this. If this were to happen to Ai Er, or even Cui Ying Ying, he may not mind it as much as now. But this happened to Nami whom he just recently met.

Nami’s heart was completely shattered. She never thought her hesitation would cause such an outcome. She should have known that young master was not an ordinary person. If she was forthright with everything in the first place, then this would not have happened. Maybe Lei Yu would have found a solution a long time ago, but everything was too late now. Seeing Lei Yu’s resolute expression, Nami squeezed the vial of leftover liquid inside her pocket.

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5 Responses to Ch 94 – Please Forgive Me

  1. dam…..a typical suicide act….great job Lei Yu…..looks like you are fated to have all your girls die on you……

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  2. damnit not again, NOT again !!

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  3. Lei Yu is the worst when it comes to dealing with women. Plus I think Ai Er probably gonna get raped.


    • rreelentless says:

      is Ai Er his girlfriend or i am thinking of someone else.
      and yeah Lei Yu is seriously bad with dealing with women but i get the feeling that this was done to get him to hate the kou/japanese people

      and thanks for the chapter omgitsaray!


  4. Candycoal says:

    *Dun dun dun*, “another one bites the dust,” Sing with me!!!


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