Ch 95 – Pay With Your Life

The car was going pretty fast and the hair of the two blowing in the wind looked quite elegant. The whistling of the wind rapidly rushing by could be heard, and it happened to dry the teary eyes of them two.

They were getting closer to the so called abandoned school. Lei Yu stopped the car on a side street about 1 kilometer from the school. Sighing softly, “go ahead, I will follow from behind.”

Nami didn’t say anything, the only thing she was feeling right now was endless regret towards Lei Yu. But her grandmother still had to be rescued which was an undeniable fact.

Nami drove off in the car while Lei Yu started moving his body in a rapid manner along the grassy side of the road. He was like a phantom gliding through the darkness, creating a black blur of after images.

Lei Yu’s speed was extremely fast; his speed with Nami’s car was pretty much comparable. And this running speed wasn’t even Lei Yu’s top speed.

The third floor classroom in the abandoned school had no lights on, but outside one of the classrooms, there were two shadows staring intently at a car approaching the school.

“Official Otsuka, that miss is approaching.” Said one of the shadows into the classroom.

“Ask her for the details. If she really did what we’ve instructed, you can let her grandmother go. As for this little girl, you guys can enjoy her however you want to, but don’t take her life.” Otsuka’s fear of Lei Yu had become somewhat of a habit. If Nami did not follow their instructions, it’s likely they’ve brought a reaper of death onto them. But he did make some preparations; several of the super experts that followed Hasegawa around were here as well. They were all hidden though and did not show themselves, they were only in place for emergency situations.

Nami pushed open the rusty main door and walked in at a heavy pace. Slowly walking in, she went towards the place Otsuka mentioned which was the classroom area.

A girl walking around at night, especially inside a school that had been abandoned for many years, it’s inevitable she would be scared. But this was for her grandmother so she could only suck it up.

Walking up the stair one step at a time, Nami felt that someone was behind her watching. She unconsciously tightened her open collar to hide her seductively exposed area.

Having already passed the fourth [Energy Suppression] stage, Lei Yu was able to detect all living essences at a certain area, but this was limited by distance. A good thing about the [Energy Suppression] stage was that he could hide his own presence. As long as the other people were not too much stronger than Lei Yu, they would be unable to detect him. Quietly, he jumped over the wall of the school and went towards the building Nami was located in.

Nami arrived at the third floor classrooms and two people approached her at a fast pace. Biting the bullet, Nami strode forth to meet them.

“Where’s my grandma? Didn’t you guys say that as long as I did as you instructed, you will release my grandma?” With her red teary eyes, Nami cried out pretending to be bold. In actuality, her two legs were trembling beyond her control. But because it was nighttime and there weren’t any lights around, no one would notice her trembling.

“Miss, did you come alone?” The two looked all over but did not find the presence of another person yet they still asked as a precaution.

Nami was already feeling guilty, so she couldn’t help being startled by being asked that question. She did react quickly and say: “I came alone, where’s my grandma? I want to see her!”

Once again looking around everywhere, they acknowledged Nami’s response. The facial expression of the two changed to something savage, “Miss, play with us for a bit and we’ll let your grandmother go, how about it?”

“Don’t come near me!” Nami started backing away, but her speed was not as fast as the two beasts in front of her. They got closer and closer and at this time, a black shadow was climbing the side of the school building. This black shadow was carefully examining one of the classroom’s situation and there were indeed two people inside; one was Nami’s grandmother and the other was a person that made Lei Yu crazy with hatred – Otsuka.

Hearing Nami’s scream, Lei Yu knew it was time to act. Focusing his power into one hand, his fingers penetrated into the wall. With a flip, Lei Yu beautifully dived through the glass window feet first and entered into the classroom.

Otsuka who was previously enjoying the conversation going on outside was suddenly startled by the loud noise. When he saw who had arrived, he was immediately dumbfounded. There was no time for him to react, Lei Yu used his monstrous speed and had arrived next to him. A palm strike was thrown to Otsuka’s left chest area; and this palm strike was surrounded by a purple light. Suddenly, Otsuka’s body flew off from the impact; his body had not even landed yet and intolerable pain was felt. A mouthful of blood sprayed out.


Otsuka’s body landed on an already decaying desk; splinters of wood went flying throughout the room. The two outside had to give up Nami who were already in their clutches, they finally responded to the noise rushing into the classroom.

“Pak pak pak pak!”

The continuous crisp four sounds were heard. The two didn’t even have time to react and were both instantly killed by Lei Yu’s palm strikes that contained his power of lightning; they didn’t even have time to close their eyes before their death. The two toppled onto the ground. Lei Yu took a look outside the classroom before saying: “Come in, your grandmother is here.”

Lei Yu was standing by the doorway watching Otsuka on the ground gasping for air; his eyes filled with chilled emotions. Nami had finally arrived in front of her grandmother. Because of suffering excessive shock, her grandmother was unconscious but there weren’t any life threatening issues.

Lei Yu’s eyes never left Otsuka. He then said in a cold tone: “Take your grandmother to the hospital, there’s something I still need to get rid of.”

“Young master, you..!”

“Go!” Lei Yu cried out in a rage. Seeing Otsuka was like seeing his greatest enemy, his emotions became completely out of control.

Lei Yu’s hatred towards Otsuka was probably a bit more than when Nagasaka raped little Ke. The reason being this bastard was present when he saw little Ke commit suicide, so how could Lei Yu not be in a complete rage? Just before her death, little Ke still had to endure the ravages from a couple of assholes; Lei Yu’s heart was almost completely shattered.

If it weren’t for being abducted while under extreme emotional stress, little Ke would not see things that bleak so the latter things would not have happened. If he were to find the root cause of this, then it would have to be the bastard Otsuka in front of him.

Nami’s small body had to support the even skinnier and fragile grandmother, her eyes staring at Lei Yu’s face for a long time. She eventually left because she knew that she couldn’t help with anything by staying, and she wasn’t sure of her grandmother’s health status. With multiple reasons, Nami could not help but to leave.

Fortunately, no one had interfered with Nami leaving. This included the four experts in hiding; they had no interest in Nami whatsoever. Their true target was Lei Yu, the person that was responsible for Yamaguchi-gumi’s severe losses in the Tenglong country.

Nami slowly drove away. Lei Yu’s bloodshot eyes were staring at Otsuka who was struggling with his pain. Lei Yu started moving, his footsteps slowly going forward. In the eyes of Otsuka, death was slowly approaching him one step at a time, making his heart want to jump out of his throat.

“Pay with your life!”

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