Ch 96 – Fire Shadow Ninja

The rage in Lei Yu’s voice could be heard, and at this time, the hidden presences started rapidly hurtling themselves towards the building with the classrooms. With Lei Yu’s quick reaction, he started circulating his internal energy in his Sea of Energy area, then formed a trace of energy leading towards an unused meridian point. Lei Yu did this because he felt a sense of apprehension. The strength of the four rapidly approaching people weren’t weak, if he couldn’t handle them; at least escaping was not an issue.

According to the degree of life aura those approaching were giving off, Lei Yu determined that amongst the four of them; three of them had the strength of a Fourth Order Warrior; and one of them had reached the strength of a Fifth Order Warrior – this warrior’s strength was equivalent to Nuo Yi Long. Lei Yu could not help gasping in the cool air; three Shadow Ninjas and one Fire Shadow Ninja. What should he do now?

Very quickly, Lei Yu focused his attention on Otsuka. Even if he can’t beat the four approaching ninjas, at least he could take this bastard’s life to avenge little Ke! Thinking up to this point, Lei Yu rushed towards Otsuka without a trace of hesitation.

Leaping into the air, Lei Yu did a somersault and came down, his actions causing ripples of air twisting around his body. Otsuka’s eyes showed that he was watching something like a Grim Reaper swinging his scythe for the kill, his body trembling non-stop. His eyes were filled with terror and looking at Lei Yu was like seeing the Reaper himself.

All the hatred and rage Lei Yu had suppressed in his heart was instantly released. Even though the burst of emotions were at his max, he was not that naive to use all his strength because he will be meeting a tough fight later on.

The ripples of air carried lines of purple lightning as it neared Otsuka. Watching as the strike was about to land on his body, with only an arm’s length away, a black shadow suddenly appeared between the two of them.


Lei Yu’s attack was dispersed into the surrounding area, disappearing without a trace. And the black shadow that had received the attack had instantly disappeared as well.

Lei Yu opened his eyes wide in shock; he never thought that a Fire Shadow Ninja could be this strong. His real body was not even there yet but he was able to use his ninjutsu to create a clone to appear beforehand, this made Lei Yu pay more attention into what he was doing.

Lei Yu tightened his fists; he was still not strong enough. Seeing the bastard in front of him being saved when he was about to killed, Lei Yu was unwilling to accept that. If he missed this opportunity, then wanting to find him in the future would be much harder. At least Lei Yu understood that if Otsuka returned to the Yamaguchi Island, he doesn’t have faith to successfully infiltrate it. Who knew how many dirty secrets the island held within it?

In a moment’s reflection, the four people had already appeared in front of Lei Yu. The group consisted of two tall and two short people; the black ninja uniforms they wore were slightly different than what Lei Yu was used to. They did not have a black ninja mask on and the four people’s hair were all half an inch short. Although the appearance of these four ninjas were not what Lei Yu had imagined, he couldn’t ignore that amongst them four, one of them he had to be extra careful of; and that was the short guy standing at the utmost left side whom had already reached the late stage of a Fire Shadow Ninja. If we were to compare their strength, we could say he was on the same level as Lei Yu, but can we really say this was the case in a fight?

Although Lei Yu didn’t know how the methods he cultivated in had appeared inside his mind, he did however gain valuable insights at each new stage and gain different abilities. And it was because of all of this that made Lei Yu understand that those on the same level as him weren’t necessary his opponent. An example was that he was only at the early stage of [Discharge] and was able to fight with Nuo Yi Long and only lose at a slight disadvantage with mutual destruction of both parties. This example proved a point that his cultivating method had an advantage, and Lei Yu can’t be sure how big of an advantage he possesses.

There is one thing that cannot be changed; if they people that came today only had one Fire Shadow Ninja, then Lei Yu has a high chance of beating them. After all, he also had reached the Fifth rank, the late stage of [Discharge]. Even if an early stage Sixth Order Warrior came, Lei Yu could probably give them a run for their money. But the current situation was different, four people had arrived. Lei Yu can guarantee that he wouldn’t die here, but to kill all four ninjas was an impossible scenario.

Being the strongest person out of them all, they were naturally the person that represented the group. The short Fire Shadow Ninja knew that Lei Yu didn’t understand the Kou language, so he changed to his less than fluent Tenglong language to converse with him. With difficulty: “You die here!”

Lei Yu frowned, they haven’t even fought yet and his opponent dared to blurt this out. “You guys believe you have that ability? What? You want to bully me with lots of people? It doesn’t matter; I know that’s the typical turtle move you Kou people are used to.”

The group of ninjas looked at each other. Even though they didn’t quite understand the expression of a turtle, they did understand him saying a lot of people against only him. The short guy looked at the other three and then said: “We Kou people are honorable and righteous, we will not bully you with lots of people, and we only need one of us to take your life.”

“F*ck you motherf*ckers, honorable and righteous? If there was even one good person that came out of the 18 generations of your ancestors, then that would be the greatest blessing for all of mankind! Stop with the bullshit, just all come at once. Whoever approaches me first will die first!” Once Lei Yu heard their words, he was about to explode. He couldn’t forget the humiliation his country suffered. Lei Yu remembered in history about the dirty bombs the Kou country had used in the past. Now the Yamaguchi-gumi wanted to use the bacterial agents to start something up again, Lei Yu’s blood could not help but begin to boil up in emotions to a higher level.

The short guy didn’t bother responding to Lei Yu. He looked at the ninja that was slightly taller than the rest and nodded his head; the latter took a step forward. Lei Yu knew what his opponent had been decided, his lips slightly curved into a smile. Dealing with a Shadow Ninja with only the strength of a Fourth Order Warrior, his chance of winning just increased greatly – one less opponent means one less threat. Lei Yu lightly twisted his head and the joints around his neck made “pak pak” sounds, his eyes filled with scorn.

Shadow Ninjas relied on their speed, using their extraordinary speed to confuse their opponents as the ace up their sleeves. But wanting to compete with Lei Yu on speed? It’s like someone wielding a Reclining Moon Blade in front of Guan Yu¹, they were asking for it!

“Perfect timing!”

His opponent’s body left an afterimage in its original spot. Although the afterimage was temporary, it did prove his opponent’s speed was quite fast. Lei Yu gave a shout² to greet the attack; after exchanging a few strikes and blocks, it was clearly seen that Lei Yu held the upper hand.

The constant flickering of figures and afterimage, then Lei Yu’s body suddenly stopping surprised the ninja. He understood that if he was moving about at high speeds and to suddenly stop was impossible for him to accomplish, this was also noticed by the other three ninjas. As for Otsuka, he had already fainted from his injuries. Although he did not get hit by Lei Yu’s previous air rippling energy attack, but the lingering kinetic energy from that attack wasn’t something a little Advanced Ninja like himself could handle.

Lei Yu’s arms spread apart, his elbows slightly bent making it look like he was about to pounce. He then slightly squatted, borrowing the force from the floor, he explosively took off. Both his hands were already covered in a faint purple lightning net that gave people the shivers; one could even hear “chi chi” noises from it. Not given his opponent a way out, it was very obvious that Lei Yu’s move was a finishing kill strike.


¹ – Guan Yu is the guy from history, Romance of the Three Kingdoms who was a general under Liu Bei. It is believed that he is the person that invented the Reclining Moon Blade attaching it to a pole as his weapon. So the statement is like, you’re trying to show off your basketball skills in front of LeBron James or Kevin Durant.
² – It’s a short yell or shout when performing an attack move, its purpose is to focus, get more oxygen, harmonizing energy etc.

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