Ch 97 – Bound By Ninjutsu

Under the effects of his explosive attack, Lei Yu’s spiritual power surged. He instantly grasped his opponent’s elusive position. Lei Yu’s attack was very rapid without any indication whatsoever, even the Fire Shadow Ninja had no clue how Lei Yu accomplished it.

“Ka Pak!”

The sound of bones breaking could be heard in the large classroom that only had a few desks within it. Looking intently, Lei Yu’s previously spread out arms were now folded. His previous palm strike had struck precisely at the temples of the Shadow Ninja he was fighting. There was a faint smell of cooked meat mixed in the air, his opponent’s eyes were already round and protruding out of his skull; it seems like he had already lost his right to breathe.

Everything happened too fast, so fast that people weren’t able to react. Lei Yu’s performance already made the only Fire Shadow Ninja of the group frown. He also saw through Lei Yu’s intentions; allow them to come at him one at a time so he could eliminate them one by one.

He also didn’t realize Lei Yu would be this strong. A Shadow Ninja did not even have the power to fight back, and it was a master at the late stage of being a Shadow Ninja.

With bloodshot eyes, Lei Yu had already forgotten he was still in a dangerous situation. Even though his palms were still supporting the head of the ninja who had already died, he was staring daggers at the other three.

The short guy softly muttered some Kou language, and the gazes of the three all fell upon Lei Yu; looks like they’ll have to all go at once. If they kept doing a one versus one, it’s possible that by the time the Fire Shadow Ninja acts, winning against Lei Yu would only become a dream.

“What? One at a time not working for you guys so you want to gang up? What a bunch of low lives!” Lei Yu randomly shoved the body to a corner of the room and breathed out a mouthful of turbid air as he said this.

The remaining three people couldn’t really understand what Lei Yu was saying, but from the look in his eyes, they could see a sign of arrogance in them. The two that were somewhat weaker couldn’t help their heart skipping a beat, afraid they might end up the same as their dead companion. Because of the Yamaguchi-gumi’s command, they had to bite the bullet. Fortunately they had a Fire Shadow Ninja with them, and they knew what the status of being a Fire Shadow Ninja meant. Within the Kou country, there were no more than five people that had attained that strength, and one of them was with them.

The three stepped forward in unison, slowly getting close to Lei Yu. Lei Yu didn’t say anything; his actions will speak louder than words. His body flashed and flew forward; Lei Yu, after all, had a strong and unique cultivating technique. The time his body rushed forward showed he was different from other people.

Nets of lightning rapidly condensed around his body. Also at this time, the lightning brand on his right arm started illuminating brightly, yet all of this did not cause his body to slow down one bit. His bloodshot eyes had returned to its original color, as if he had regained his sanity and his emotions under control again. With a low growl, his body jumped to a height of about 3 meters. Lei Yu’s appearance was quite terrifying and his speed had instantly doubled at this point.

His arms and legs contained a large amount of power; a piercing sound and ripples of purple energy came crashing towards the three ninjas. With cold shout, the slightly taller ninja came out ahead of the group. As a member of the Yamaguchi-gumi, he basically had no choice, but he did have a very strong ability that no one could copy – Ninjutsu Bind. Through his own will, he was able to manipulate his body into something extremely soft and flexible. This was a very strong ability; at least amongst all the people he knew, no one was capable of it. It could be said this was something he inherited in his genes. His body instantly dropped down and then bounced up and met Lei Yu’s attack without hesitation. His pair of legs were a blur, and his hands in front of his chest were rapidly forming hand seals.

A white light was formed by the hand seals; it then burst forth into the air. Immediately, the sound like the air was tearing in half was heard, but Lei Yu appeared to have not been affected by it. A piercing howl along with the terrifying purple lightning, there were no signs Lei Yu’s attack was being stopped.

As Lei Yu’s attack got close to the ninja that rushed ahead, a shocking scene appeared. The arms and leg of that ninja was rapidly extending, as if it was a fully nourished rattan. The extension was really quick, and adding the sudden element of change, Lei Yu’s reaction hesitated a bit.

It was during this slight pause, the ninja’s extending arms and legs similar to rattan, began to wrap around Lei Yu’s body. As the ninja’s body came into contact with Lei Yu, he suddenly trembled; it appears he felt the lightning’s power. He somewhat relaxed his entrapment of Lei Yu, but then suddenly changed his tactic. All ten of his fingers interlocked together firmly; his legs formed a sickle-shape for hooking. At this time, his entire body was almost enclosing around Lei Yu while he stared into Lei Yu’s eyes. As he saw Lei Yu’s lifeless eyes, he could not help looking away to another area.

“Now’s the time!” Shouted the short guy. He and the other ninja then approached from the back. Lei Yu did not have a lot of combat experience, adding up everything, he only had a few duels. But his theoretical knowledge of fighting was quite good, and the training he got from Dragon Group was not for naught. Add his daily intense training, all of this combined showed his own unique way of fighting. Although his techniques had too many factors, at least it was his own. Lei Yu was not a boastful person, but when it came to cultivating, he definitely put in more effort than others. It was this humble attitude of his along with being naturally hard-working, thus made Lei Yu’s growth exceed people’s expectation.

As if his entire body was bound by wire, the only thing he could move were his hands and feet. His arms and legs were bound so the amount of movement was limited. His wrists were able to move freely, but with just this, how could he resist the incoming attack of the two?

Multiple possible methods were running through Lei Yu’s mind as he watched the attack from the two get closer and closer. Cold sweat was already appearing on Lei Yu’s forehead; if he were to use all his strength, he may be able to resist his opponent’s attack. But he was currently bound by this guy so he had to use up a portion of his strength to resist it, thus it greatly weakened Lei Yu’s defensive capability.

Although his bones have become horrifyingly strong, being able to withstand an unimaginable attack by someone the same rank as him was something Lei Yu did not want to attempt. Clenching his teeth, Lei Yu’s sharp eyes fell upon the ninja binding him. Before his opponent notices anything out of the ordinary, Lei Yu focused his power on the back of his neck. Driving his head forward with those enhanced neck muscles, he viciously head butted the forehead of the ninja binding him.

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  1. thanks for the chapter, felt very short damn

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  2. That’s one way to break a hold.


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