Ch 99 – Horrifying Eyes

No one was inside Lei Yu’s bedroom and Cui Ying Ying wasn’t in the hotel either. She called both of them on her phone but it didn’t go through. Nami’s heart was like a little fish that had been washed ashore onto the beach, filled with helplessness and fear.

Sitting on the corner of the sofa in a daze, she had slept at this area for god knows how long now. At this time, Nami’s thoughts were only filled with Lei Yu, how tall and handsome he was, how mysterious his deep profound gaze was that carried a hint of sadness within it.

“Most likely the young master left because he won’t forgive me. Young master, I’m sorry!” The more she thought about it, the more Nami’s heart ached. She was the one that did this, because she didn’t think things through, she actually committed such an absurd act. Nami’s heart felt like it was about to shatter.

Her eyes were like a layer of mist filled with regret, tears involuntarily streamed down, dripping down the white skin of her chest, and then rolling in-between her enticing cleavage. Her delicate hands slowly reached inside her pocket and held onto a vial. Nami’s heart was suddenly in turmoil, forcefully biting her lips, a trace of blood had even appeared which she didn’t realize. Holding the vial of the leftover transparent liquid, she gently opened the cap. The thousands of thoughts running through her mind were no longer important.

If the young master was currently safe and sound, he’ll most likely never forgive her. If the young master doesn’t forgive her, then what’s the reason to keep on living? Grandma has enough money to live comfortably for the rest of her life so she no longer has any worries.

If something bad happened to the young master, she didn’t have the ability to do anything about it. If it was for the young master, even if she was in heaven she will still choose to follow him there. Sighing deeply, Nami looked up and swallowed the contents in the vial. Tears were forming at this moment but not flowing out. Thus, Nami quietly laid down on the sofa in her usual posture to go to sleep.

It was around morning time right now when “donk donk donk” knocking sounds awakened Nami. Opening her bloodshot eyes, she was hoping everything had been a dream. As she looked around the room, she did not see Lei Yu’s figure. Finally, she realized someone was knocking on the door before she hurriedly went to get it.


“Has Lei Yu finished cultivating? Let’s go, the renovation of the house will be ending today, we’re going together to check it out.” Outside the door, it was Cui Ying Ying who said this to Nami with a smile.

“The young master, he… he…” Bringing Cui Ying Ying into the room, Nami told her everything about what happened, she didn’t dare to leave anything untold. If the young master had a chance and she didn’t have abilities herself, then she should be getting assistance from people that do have abilities. But she still concealed the fact that she drank the vial of unknown liquid.


The pain on his back made Lei Yu clench his teeth; he felt he couldn’t move his body a single bit.


Like a torrential rainstorm, Lei Yu’s conscious was suddenly awakened. Opening his extremely sleepy eyes, his hands and feet could not move at all and he couldn’t muster any strength.

Lei Yu focused his vision ahead of him, and his emotions immediately went crazy! “F*cker! B*tch! Bastard!”

That’s right, appearing in front of Lei Yu was the bastard he didn’t get to kill earlier on – Otsuka. At this moment, Otsuka had a faint smile that looked like a grin while he stared at Lei Yu, his eyes filled with playfulness.

“You’re awake? Come on, kill me! Come kill me now! Aren’t you supposed to be very powerful? Let me see how powerful you really are!” Otsuka swayed his head back and forth as he walked towards Lei Yu, as he uttered the words in provocation. But this provocation was completely one-sided because Lei Yu didn’t have any strength to break free with his hands and feet bound.

Carefully looking around, he noticed he was inside a small room. The furnishings inside the room were very simple; the four walls of this structure weren’t even painted, revealing the rough cement it was made out of. He was trapped against the wall, and next to him were some horrible looking hooks hanging there. Both his hands and legs were hooked by those curved hooks, the hooks pierced into his four limbs and it was unknown how much blood he had lost already. His hands and legs were already too numb to feel any pain; he only felt a throbbing pain from the horrific wound he received on his back.

“What is this place?” Lei Yu coldly asked even though he knew there was no way to break free.

“You sure are fortunate; you get to stay on Yamaguchi Island before your death. This is a place that some people may never get to see their entire life! People that can come here are pretty much all important personnel of the Yamaguchi-gumi. But today, a useless trash has arrived. Just wait a bit; the boss will personally see you later on!” Otsuka sneered while he lightly flicked the whip he was holding, giving off a “pak pak” sound.

Lei Yu breathed a few cycles of breath with force. He was currently rapidly thinking on what to do since he couldn’t just stay trapped here waiting for his death right? But there was no way to contact anyone, wanting to contact Nuo Hu for assistance was already an impossible thing now. Even if he was able to get his hands on a phone, this place that hasn’t seen the light of day in god knows how long will probably have no cell signal. Besides, his hands and legs cannot even move so making a phone call has now become a luxury to him.


A crisp sound was heard. Lei Yu unblinkingly stared at his own chest; a thin and long trail of blood was oozing out. Lei Yu lifted his head and stared at the vicious looking Otsuka.

“Didn’t you want to kill me? Thinking about this is pissing me off! Your father I, will be teaching you today what pain means so you will know what dying is better than living means!”

“Pak! Pak! Pak!” A series of crisp sounds could be heard. Lei Yu’s anger swelled up higher, he then began to struggle. But no matter how much he struggled, there was no way he could get rid of the hook restraints on his hands and legs. Due to excessive blood loss, his hands and legs no longer had any feeling, but after struggling, the blood in his body started circulating like crazy again which caused him to experience even more pain. Clenching his teeth, his eyes showing a glint of bloodthirstiness. Lei Yu looked like he wanted to peel the skin off Otsuka alive.

“Pak Pak!”

Getting slightly afraid from Lei Yu’s stare, Otsuka continued striking with the whip. “Keep staring! Come on, keep staring!” The whip in his hands had no intention of stopping. Each strike of the whip, a trail of blood would appear on Lei Yu’s body. And at this time, the lines of blood crisscrossed each other so densely that it would make a person’s heart ache from seeing it.

“Kill me! Come and kill me! Why aren’t you trying to kill me? Let me ask you, don’t you feel bad for your girlfriend? Doesn’t it hurt to know she was raped? I’ll let you know, your father I, also mounted her. Tsk tsk, it was wonderful! It was fantastic!” With these words, Otsuka’s eyes narrowed showing a face filled with pleasure. He then said: “I’ve already sent people to capture the two girls that are always following around you. Your father I, will play with them right in front of you; let’s see what you’re going to do about it!”

Otsuka’s eyes suddenly opened wide. Once he saw Lei Yu’s eyes, he couldn’t help taking a few steps back. Otsuka’s eyes were filled with fear, “what… what… what’s going on here?”

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