Ch 138 – Titan The Troll

“Thank you, your majesty.” Lei Yu dashingly flipped his hair; his deep profound eyes glanced up and down the beautiful goddess a few more times before eventually zeroing on her eyes. From her eyes, Lei Yu could see dismay and heartache. With some reluctance, he turned around and left the throne room. Telephassa suddenly stood up and rushed down from her throne. Inside the throne room filled with warriors and ministers, she ignored her noble image and tightly hugged Lei Yu from behind. The tears in her eyes gushed out making Lei Yu’s body tremble.

Once they parted, it meant they will never see each other ever again. The first man ever to move the heart of this noble and beautiful queen was about to leave; all her pain and dismay had become mournful tears completely drenching Lei Yu’s back.

Feeling Telephassa’s soft and almost boneless feeling of her body that gave an unexplainably wonderful feeling, Lei Yu’s body started trembling. He unwrapped those two arms around him and turned around. He then wrapped his own arms around her, cuddling this elegant body that has never been touched by another man, reluctant to ever let go of.

Outside the throne room, Prophet Kalchas sighed. He didn’t know what else he could say.

After a while under the view of everyone, Lei Yu gently pushed himself away from the embrace of this charming and attractive Telephassa. Leaving her fragrant smelling hair, Lei Yu gave Telephassa a kiss on the forehead before turning once again to leave.

The tears fell off Telephassa’s cheeks. At this moment, her heart felt like nothing mattered anymore and the back of this figure was the only thing she wanted to capture. “Farewell, forever…”

The two men Lei Yu and Prophet Kalchas rode on horses and quickly went in a westerly direction. Wherever they passed, the common citizens would kowtow in respect. In their minds, the Prophet’s status was almost the same as a God to them.

They were getting closer and closer to their destination. Lei Yu once again started seeing a familiar environment; the same cliffs and the same huge rock. Once they arrived in front of the huge rock, Kalchas started mumbling some type of mantra. The rock started trembling causing the loose gravel to fall off, and a dark cave was revealed.

The two didn’t say much; Kalchas had already explained the specifics to Lei Yu previously so there wasn’t any reason to say it again. Lei Yu went into the cave and descended down the stairs. He gently knocked on the walls causing the torches to light up the dark labyrinth.

The same kind of familiar scenes made Lei Yu feel somewhat intimate towards this place. If everything went smoothly and he was able to defeat the guardians, then he can return to the modern era. Lei Yu didn’t want to die here. It’s not that he was afraid of death, he was just unwilling to let go of the things he had attained with his own hands. He was unwilling to part with his family, friends, and brothers; therefore he had to succeed!

Lei Yu cautiously walked forward. Although the scene was just like the first time he came here, but now the labyrinth had an extra eerie atmosphere. Inside this place, one could see a pile of white bones on the ground every certain distance. Lei Yu knew that these bones once belonged to warriors that were hoping to undo the labyrinth’s seal, but their lives were still buried here.

Groping the walls and walking forward, every certain distance Lei Yu’s hand will rotate a few times as if he had something in his hand. He was indeed holding something that one couldn’t tell what it was. As he got deeper into the labyrinth, Lei Yu became even more cautious. The passageway had become more complex, confusing and extremely difficult to find the right way, yet Lei Yu didn’t dare to be careless a single moment. Who knows from what place the guardians would suddenly appear from?

On every part of the walls, they were all carved with lifelike paintings. Images of Gods, demons, and beasts all looked as if they were real. But with Lei Yu’s amazing vision, he suddenly perceived a hint of difference. Lei Yu’s gently sneered, and proceeded to the carving that was slightly different. When he was about two meters from that area, Lei Yu ferociously roared and smashed his fit towards the wall.


Shards of rock flew everywhere kicking up a huge dust storm. Lei Yu flashed backwards a few steps before standing still, coldly staring at a statue of a fiendgod jumping out of the wall.

A horn sticking out from his head; a pair of fangs protruding outside of his mouth; the whites of his eyes was the same color as his pupil making it look like it was blind, but of course it wasn’t. This fiendgod looked similar to a human except for the horn and the two protruding fangs. Its body was a lot taller than a human though, at least 2.2 meters tall (7.2 Ft). Lei Yu’s gaze was focused on the fiendgod’s feet where a pair of golden boots starkly contrasted with the dimly lit labyrinth.

“You’ve disturbed my wonderful dream! What a detestable human you are!” This extremely tall half-human half-beast yawned in a lazy manner.

“You are the guardian troll Titan?” Lei Yu asked in a cold tone as he crossed his arms and stared at the huge monster much taller than him with disdain.

“You know who I am? Was it your generation’s Prophet that told you? How did you know I was in the wall?” Asked the monster who Lei Yu addressed as the troll Titan.

“No wonder the Prophet said you were as dumb as a pig, you can’t even figure this out? Your shoes betrayed you. Although all the images carved here are lifelike, none of them have a gold color on it so wouldn’t that expose your whereabouts?” Lei Yu laughed.

“You actually dare to insult me by saying I’m a dumb pig? You’re courting death!” The troll called Titan was furious. Like a phantom, he disappeared from his position forcing Lei Yu to concentrate in search for him.

“Bang, bang, bang, crack!” Several sounds of punches in a row were heard before the two separated from each other.

“The fighting ability of those boots aren’t too shabby, allowing such a tall dumb pig such as yourself to be this fast.” Lei Yu said in a carefree manner.

With the ability given by the boots, the troll called Titan was very confident in his own speed. But somehow this human in front of him was able to easily take on his fast attacks. He couldn’t help feeling surprised, which also made him start to pay more attention to his actions.

“Human, why did you come to this place?”

“Is there even a need to ask? Of course it’s to lift the seal and rescue Minotaur Linos!”

After saying this, Lei Yu made his move. From the previous probing exchange, Lei Yu realized that this guardian only had speed. As for his attack and defense, it wasn’t particularly strong. Lei Yu could easily win by making quick and decisive attacks.

When comparing speeds to Titan, Lei Yu was slightly slower. But when it came to reaction speed, this could be the depending factor. Lei Yu made his move causing the troll Titan to immediately dodge in a flash as the two once again collided together.


“Bang!” The shock wave from their attacks shattered the surrounding walls but didn’t affect the rest of the labyrinth.

On the receiving end of Lei Yu’s continuous rain of attacks, the troll Titan was somewhat overwhelmed and gradually started having difficulty.

“The crotch!” Seeing an undefended area, Lei Yu condensed his internal energy into his right leg while his left leg kicked off the ground for a groin kick.


“Agghh!” Eyes bulging out, the over two meter tall troll Titan shrieked in pain while both his hands were clutching his crotch area jumping up and down.

Lei Yu chuckled, “You are no longer the troll Titan. As the saying goes from Tenglong country, you should now be addressed as the eunuch¹ troll!””

Without mercy, Lei Yu condensed a lightning net on his right fist. A terrifying power immediately burst forth and rushed towards the troll Titan in his unguarded state. Moments later, Lei Yu’s hand was covered in blood.

The Prophet Kalchas had said before to not be merciful to any of the guardians, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

Still in the same comical position of holding his crotch area, yet now the troll Titan had fallen to the ground no longer able to stand up. His mission that lasted a millennium thus ends.

Lei Yu pulled off the golden battle boots on Titan. According to the method given by the Prophet Kalchas, Lei Yu chanted a spell that he couldn’t understand. With a flash, the boots disappeared and reappeared on Lei Yu’s feet.

Standing back up and jumping around a few times, Lei Yu’s heart was shocked. “My current speed is actually three times my original! This is too terrifying! No wonder such a large hulking body of his could be so fast; these battle boots really deserve their reputation!”


¹ – For the minority of you that don’t know what a eunuch is, it’s a man that has been castrated / penis chopped off. Eunuchs were used in the old Chinese dynasties as servants of the emperor’s family.

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