Undefeatable – Ch327

Chapter 327 – The Huge Bet

A series of two slaps!

Heavy and filled with power.

Long Wang was smacked to the point of seeing stars, but he didn’t show any temper tantrums.

It looked like he didn’t even dare to dodge it.

Of course…

It wasn’t that he didn’t dare to dodge but he just couldn’t dodge it. His heart was filled with shock as he never imagined his Profound Saint 5th rank cultivation didn’t allow him to even move in front of Tang Qingtian. What terrifying cultivation level has Tang Qingtian reached?

The continuous two slaps had made his rage surge.

But the flames of anger inside him couldn’t explode out because his body was completely suppressed. Even though he was using all his strength, he was unable to break out of the hold and could only glare at Tang Qingtian. His teeth were clenched to the point of making cracking sounds as he was unconvinced.

Tang Qingtian pointed at Long Wang’s nose and shouted: “Your granny! You want to keep glaring at me? Do you believe that I will give you another two more slaps?!”

“A Profound Saint ranker bullying a Profound King ranker; you even dare to do something like this?”

“Didn’t your father ever teach you?”


“I almost forgot that your damn father is already no longer of this world. Then today, I shall represent your father and consider those two slaps a teaching moment.” Tang Qingtian wasn’t giving Long Wang any face and he couldn’t release his temper at all.

Tang Qingtian then turned to Luo Tian and asked: “Kid, do you have anything you want to say?”

Luo Tian’s eyes were filled with shock.

He never imagined Tang Qingtian would be this awesome.

The feeling of watching Long Wang being slapped twice was simply too great!

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to slap Long Wang himself.

Luo Tian looked at Long Wang. His eyes turned serious and didn’t hide his words as he said: “I want to kill him!”


Tang Qingtian faintly trembled as he said to himself: “This kid… his granny, he’s quite ferocious, hahaha…”

Long Wang widen his eyes and glared at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian showed no fear and coldly sneered before saying: “I know that my current cultivation is unable to kill you. But don’t worry; I will have you kneeling before me within ten years time. At that point, I will wash away the shame you have shown me today and then kill you!”

Complete suppression based on powers.

For An Chunchun, for Feng Lei, for all his brothers, Luo Tian had chosen to kneel down.


He didn’t completely kneel down in the end, he fully remembered that feeling. He had captured that moment of Long Wang’s smug smile and that arrogant look he held.

Tang Qingtian’s heart loosened up as he wiped the imaginary sweat away. If Luo Tian was to really kill Long Wang, then they would thoroughly offend the Dao Shang Alliance while he would be stuck right in the middle. Even though he was siding with Luo Tian, behind him was the Great Tang Dynasty so he couldn’t just ignore this ten thousand year old nation.

When he heard Luo Tian’s words, his heart loosened up and allowed him to exhale. He then said with a smile: “Kid, you are a crazy enough. Breaking into the Profound Saint realm from Profound King in ten years… this type of incident has never happened in the history of our continent.”

“But I’m optimistic for you!”

This has never happened before!


Tang Qingtian believed in Luo Tian.

Because he felt nothing was impossible when it came to Luo Tian.

A Profound King ranker had killed a peak Profound Venerate expert.

A Profound King ranker actually cultivated some type of supreme devil martial skill that allowed him to transform into Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s body. If his cultivation had increased to the Profound Saint realm, then… Tang Qingtian’s heart tightened as he started getting excited. He really wanted to see that day arrive.

Long Wang started smiling with disdain.

Tang Qingtian was immediately angered by that as he pointed at Long Wang’s nose and shouted: “What are you smiling about?! What kind of expression is that? Do you dare to make a bet? Do you dare to accept a ten year agreement?”

Long Wang maintained his disdainful expression before coldly harrumphing: “A piece of trash like him wants to surpass me in ten years? Tang Qingtian, it looks like you’re becoming muddle headed as you get older and have lived pointlessly the past several thousand years. You actually dare to propose such a bet? What qualifications does this piece of trash have to challenge me?”

“Ten years time?”

“He wants to step into the Profound Saint realm in ten years time? Is he overestimating himself or is your brain fried?”

“Who on this entire continent is capable of that? Even the son of a true dragon Murong Wanjian cannot accomplish that. He’s a kid that doesn’t possess a bloodline so he thinks he’s all that just because he learned some high grade martial skills? He can quit dreaming of having a ten year agreement with me! This daddy doesn’t want to completely lose all face…”

Without waiting for him to finish…

Tang Qingtian threw out a slap.


Being unable to dodge it again, Long Wang’s eyes were now bloodshot. He then fiercely glared at Tang Qingtian and shouted: “Old bastard! If you don’t manage to kill me today, I will one day destroy your Great Tang Dynasty and have all you surnamed Tang’s disappear from this continent!”

Tang Qingtian didn’t care and shouted back: “Your granny, stop blabbing crap! Do you dare to accept the bet? If you dare to accept it and beat this kid ten years later, you don’t need to come yourself because I will directly gift my Great Tang’s nation to your Dao Shang Alliance!”


Luo Tian’s face drastically changed as he said: “Old senior, don’t…”

Tang Qingtian didn’t bother with Luo Tian and continued shouting: “Do you dare?! Stop blabbing crap if you don’t dare and quickly scram out of Heavenly Sword City! If I ever see you around Heavenly Sword City ever again, you better watch it ‘because I might just kill you!”

Using the entire Great Tang Dynasty as a gambling stake?!

Wasn’t the stakes a bit too big?!

Long Wang started laughing.


He was laughing very loudly with an excited expression. “Tang Qingtian, it looks like you have really gone muddle headed from old age! You actually pulled out the Great Tang Dynasty as a gambling stake for this kid?!”


“I will accept it!”

“Ten years from today, be prepared to hand over the Great Tang as you promised. I will then completely wipe out every citizen within the nation’s territory! I will burn down every city within the Great Tang; I will not even let a single blade of grass grow! I will make the Great Tang Dynasty that has stood for ten thousand years become history’s biggest joke! I will make the Great Tang a dead nation for tens of thousands of years! Hahaha…”

Tang Qingtian’s expression faintly shook. He then said with a frown: “As long as you win, you can do whatever you want with it! But if you lose…”


“Me, losing to a piece of trash?”

“Tang Qingtian, you will definitely be losing. You just wait and see…” Long Wang’s face was completely full of disdain.

Tang Qingtian had a calm expression as he said: “Within these ten years, if anyone of your Dao Shang Alliance members dares to touch a single hair on this kid, it will mean you, Long Wang, are scared. It will also mean you lose. Don’t worry; I don’t need you to pay up anything if you lose. But all the martial cultivators in this continent will laugh at you because it means a Profound Saint expert is afraid of a Profound King ranker.”


“You wish to protect him for ten years, so I will naturally give you the full ten years time.”

“Within these ten years of time, my Dao Shang Alliance will not touch a single hair on him or any of his people!” Long Wang was clear that if his people moved against Luo Tian, he would lose all face and would never be able to climb back up on his feet on this continent ever again.

Ten years was merely a brief moment of time.

No matter how strong Luo Tian’s innate talent was, there’s no way he can step into the Profound Saint realm.

Being unable to step into the Profound Saint realm means he will never be considered an opponent.

Profound Saint rankers possessed saintly might. This force was able to suppress any expert below the Profound Saint realm!

Tang Qingtian then grunted out: “Good, then you can scram out of Heavenly Sword City now.”

Powers were pulled back.

Long Wang’s body relaxed. He turned to coldly glance at Luo Tian before ridiculing: “Kid, I hope that you will still be alive in ten years.”

As his voice faded…

Long Wang turned into a stream of light and instantly flew out of Heavenly Sword City. In a blink of an eye, he had already traveled for over a hundred thousand kilometers away.

At this moment…

Tang Qingtian’s body sank and his face paled. It looked like he had suddenly aged several decades!

Luo Tian was clenching his fists tightly.

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