Undefeatable – Ch350

Chapter 350 – Living And Dying Together


A loud sound was heard in the sky.


A loud sound came from inside Luo Tian’s body.

The two powers disappeared. The inside of Luo Tian was similar to the power of the sea as it continuously churned and smashed into the shores. He has never felt such power before so he was feeling extremely excited.

He gently clenched his fists.

“Bang~, bang~, bang~!”

The space around his body started distorting before exploding with power. Traces of terrifying black lines appeared like space was being shattered.

“Too strong!”

“The two powers have fused together perfectly!” Luo Tian ecstatically rejoiced.


One was the Great Tang’s fortune that had been amassed for ten thousand years, so how can it not be powerful?

The other one was the power of the stars seen in the sky, so how can it not be powerful?

These two powerful forces fused together and entered Luo Tian’s body. His own strength had been increased at an unprecedented level, so how can it not be powerful?

These two powers were something that would make anyone cry in amazement!

Luo Tian was excited to the max.


Outside Heavenly Sword City.

Devil Monarch Skysoul was observing from the void. His expression faintly sank as he sent out his spiritual sense in order to send a voice transmission. “Kid, I gave you a chance so I hope that you will value it. Do not make any foolish decisions.”

“This will be the only chance I’m giving you!”

“A mere country’s imperial qi of fortune and an incomplete starlight power aren’t things I put in my eyes. In the ancient world, these two energies are something people don’t even care about. You shouldn’t be thinking of having a chance to fight with me, because you are still too weak!”

The voice entered Luo Tian’s mind.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s voice was very calm.

He was advising Luo Tian do not do anything stupid.

Only following him is the only choice that will lead Luo Tian onto a brighter path.

This was also a warning to Luo Tian that his newfound powers were not worth mentioning in his eyes! When comparing yourself to me, you are practically beyond weak!

Luo Tian was naturally clear on this so he only faintly smiled without saying anything in response.

He just continued crazily working on the spiritual herbs that were leftover.

His speed was much faster than before.

The medicinal pills had also become more effective than the previous ones.

This was the enhancement he received from the starlight and imperial qi powers.

Devil Monarch Skysoul closed his eyes, retrieve his spiritual senses and said to himself: “I hope you will make the correct choice, otherwise…”

“Devil Monarch!”

“Why are you treating a human with so much favor? There’s not a single good human out of them all! If it wasn’t for that sinister and despicable human, we wouldn’t have been imprisoned in the Devil Sealing Array for over ten thousand years! Humans are not good things!”

“The words of General Dark God are true!”

“Humans are more terrifying than the ancient black cave. You give them an inch and they will try to take a mile. This kid has some abilities but he’s only at the Profound King realm, he isn’t qualified to accompany Devil Monarch in traversing the world.”

“That’s right! For a human that’s as weak as an ant, having Devil Monarch give him a chance at living is already considered his greatest honors. Having to think about it is practically a rejection, which is considered a huge insult!”

All the devil fiend commanders couldn’t understand their monarch.

They have followed Devil Monarch Skysoul for many years and have never seen him pay so much attention to a human before.

Devil Monarch Skysoul couldn’t describe it either; he just somehow saw on Luo Tian a shadow of an expert from the ancient world. He also appreciated Luo Tian’s character – his unyielding attitude, his leadership ability, even his overbearing arrogance was something the Devil Monarch appreciated.

That’s why the thought of having Luo Tian follow him grew in his mind.


Devil Monarch Skysoul had his own bottom line.

He had given Luo Tian one day to think it over. It would be best if Luo Tian agreed one day later or else everything in Heavenly Sword City will disappear.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s eyes turned cold as he said: “When we were inside the Devil Sealing Array, I once said that I would kill every human on Tianxuan Continent. Today that kid gave me a surprise and made me want him to submit to me. It doesn’t matter if he agrees tomorrow or not because there’s no need for Heavenly Sword City to continue existing!”

He had made a firm decision.

Whether Luo Tian agreed to join him or not, Heavenly Sword City will forever disappear from this world!

All the devil fiend commanders had cold expressions while they started laughing in excitement.


Deep into the night.

The entire Heavenly Sword City was silent.

There wasn’t even the sound of dogs barking.

It was so quiet that it was kind of scary.

Luo Tian had finally finished refining that mountain of spiritual herbs. Looking at the large pile of medicinal pills next to him, “I hope I can at least save some people tomorrow.”

Around this time…

Several human figures appeared above the main square.

Xuan Yuanyi, Feng Lei and the others had returned.

“Boss, we’ve placed all the items according to your instructions,” said Feng Lei. When he noticed the large pile of medicinal pills next to Luo Tian, he then mumbled in shock: “Boss is truly the boss; only with his abilities can he concoct so many medicinal pills in such a short time. He’s simply too awesome.”

The others also tried to hide their expressions of shock.

Tang Jiu could sense a powerful force of imperial qi coming from Luo Tian. It was even stronger than his imperial father Tang Zhanlong. He then recalled the golden light that surged into the sky before joy appeared in his heart. He then said: “Luo Tian, you… this is really great!”

“It’s Old Senior Tang that thinks highly of me.”

“I will definitely not let him down.”

Luo Tian replied with a serious look.

These two powers have greatly helped him so he was incomparably grateful in his heart.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian said: “Do you guys have enough Profound Burst Pills on you? If you don’t, take some more. Tomorrow will be destined to be a fierce battle and we might all die. That’s why you cannot hold back your strength in tomorrow’s battle. Just let everything out to your heart’s content. And there’s no need to do things by our old rules of knocking them half dead, just kill as many of them as you can!”

Feng Lei grinned foolishly as he rubbed his hands together. He then said with an expression like he couldn’t wait any longer: “I can finally let it all out tomorrow. Last time at the Dao Shang Alliance, I still hadn’t used my full strength yet. And this past month, I have finally absorbed all the blood essence of the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage you gave me. Boss, just watch the good show I’ll be putting on tomorrow, heh heh…”

Before Xuan Yuanyi could speak, his Great Fault Sword was already ringing. Xuan Yuanyi faintly smiled and said: “The reason I came to Heavenly Sword City was to challenge all the experts on the Sky Rankings. My target is the continent’s strongest sword expert – ‘Stunning Cloud Sword’ Huo Ying! He grew famous from the Sky Rankings and I will too become famous from the Sky Rankings. I will definitely defeat him and become the world’s number one swordsman!”

Blindman Liu took off his erhu and revealed his yellow stained teeth with a smile. “All my fellow fierce men, should I play a song for you?”


“Get out of here!”



The five of them started laughing.

They were all laughing openly and brilliantly.

This kind of feeling was too great!

They will struggle together; kill together; cry together, and laugh together.

Living and dying together!

Now that’s brotherhood!

Luo Tian desperately cherished this feeling of brotherhood.

Soon after…

Luo Tian had them all go back to rest up so that they could fight with all their strength tomorrow.

He also left the area.

He arrived at a particular elegant courtyard in the imperial palace.

It was brightly lit in the middle of the courtyard.

Tang Tang, Qin Yue’er, An Chunchun, and Da Ji were all waiting for Luo Tian…

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