Undefeatable – Ch352

Chapter 352 – Time’s Up!

The pressure on Luo Tian’s shoulder was really heavy.

Even though he gained the starlight powers and the country’s imperial qi of fortune, the pressure on him was still quite heavy.

Especially the words Devil Monarch Skysoul said to him.

It was very clear…

Devil Monarch Skysoul did not place those two powers in his eyes at all. It was another way of saying that he didn’t have the slightest bit of fear. Otherwise, when those two types of powers were being infused into Luo Tian’s body, Devil Monarch Skysoul would’ve broken the transmission already.

Since he didn’t break it, it proved that Devil Monarch Skysoul was not afraid of it one bit.


The first light of dawn could be seen in the eastern direction.

The beginning of a new day!

People started appearing on the streets with sleepy expressions. It is very clear that the majority of them stayed up all night since they couldn’t sleep.

There were also quite a bit of people monitoring Luo Tian.

They were afraid he would run away!

Luo Tian understood that if he were in the shoes of others, he too would be afraid of something like that happening.

More and more people gathered in the main square.

There wasn’t a single person that wasn’t shocked when they saw medicinal pills piled up high like a mountain.

“Ninth brother!”

“Please issue all 50,000 palace guards a Profound Burst Pill. They will be commanded by you and Feng Lei. Remember that if the pill needs to be used, have everyone use it together and not one by one whenever they feel like. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to display their collective strength,” said Luo Tian in a serious manner.

Tang Jiu had changed into a General’s armor and was kneeling on one knee. He then shouted: “Tang Jiu has received the order!”

Immediately after…

He went off to gather up the Imperial Palace Guards.

Feng Lei had a slow reaction before rushing after him.

Luo Tian then continued saying: “Xuan Yuanyi, there’s still 10,000 Profound Burst Pills and 100,000 Healing Pills. Issue them out at appropriate quantities but remember to only give them to martial artists at the Profound Spirit realm or above only. As for the martial artists below the Profound Spirit realm, have them hide at the rear.”

The devil fiend army was too strong, so the martial artists at the Profound Spirit realm were ant like existences to them.


They had no other choice so they could only gather up these martial artists that were still usable.

Xuan Yuanyi was copying Tang Jiu with one knee on the ground. He then said solemnly: “Xuan Yuanyi has received the order!”

He then quickly withdrew.

Luo Tian looked at Blindman Liu and said: “Blindman Liu: I didn’t have you play the battle song yesterday. Today, your mission is to allow every warrior in Heavenly Sword City to be able to hear the battle song Never Give Up.”

Blindman Liu was faintly stunned, then anxiously said: “Dragon head, the musical ensemble of the imperial palace is familiar with the battle song now. They’ll be fine without me. I wish to head to the front lines since the others are there as well. You can’t leave me behind to be their conductor!”

How could he tolerate it when he saw Feng Lei and the others all become Generals leading their own troops?

Luo Tian’s voice lowered in seriousness: “Do you really think it’s that simple to play the battle song? Do you think you’re only task is to play the battle song? You still have to protect the safety of the imperial palace. Tang Tang, Qin Yue’er, Chunchun, and the others also need your protection.”


“Like I need protection.”

Upon hearing that voice…

Tang Tang, Qin Yue’er, Da Ji, and even An Chunchun appeared while dressed in full battle gear.

Valiant and heroic!

What an awe-inspiring appearance!

The appearance of the four girls immediately caused a commotion. Luo Tian’s brows twitched in anxiety as he said: “What are you girls doing? Didn’t I tell you to patiently wait at home? What are you doing running out here?”

“We are citizens of the Great Tang as well. We also want to make some contributions to Heavenly Sword City.”

“We aren’t that much weaker than the warriors here!”

“That’s right, big brother Luo Tian. I can already control a bit of my powers now, hee hee…” An Chunchun looked exceptionally cute while wearing a small steel cap and carrying a small wooden sword.


This place will become a battlefield!

One couldn’t kill their enemies by being cute.

Luo Tian rolled his eyes. From the looks of things, these girls will be refusing to leave so he could only bitterly smile. “Fine. Blindman Liu, make some arrangements for the musical ensemble. Once the array protecting the city is broken through, immediately start the battle song. I won’t spare you if I can’t hear the song playing. Once you’ve made the arrangements, come protect…uhhh… I mean follow the girls in killing our enemies.”

“I’ve received the orders!”

Blindman Liu grinned. When he looked at all these beautiful sisters-in-law, Blindman Liu revealed his yellow stained teeth and said: “All my sisters-in-law, would you like me to first play a song for you?”



“Uncle Blindman Liu, why do you have to play a song? Chunchun’s ears cannot handle it anymore, hee hee…”

Blindman Liu chuckled before quickly leaving.

Anything that could be arranged, had been arranged.

Everything that could be used, was used.

Luo Tian had turned every resource he had into their most useful form, so now they could only wait!

Wait for the one day of time to be up!

This was a painful process yet was filled with expectation.

Luo Tian looked up at the sky with his brows locked. He had been thinking since last night on how to level up the War Leader System to level 5. But no matter how much he thought about it, contributed to Heavenly Sword City, or made the martial artists worship him, he was unable to level up the War Leader System.

Most likely with his current strength…

Luo Tian was really unsure.

Transforming into Devil Sovereign Xingtian, releasing Myriad Devil, add on the Extreme Yin Divine Pearl, the starlight powers, the imperial qi power, all these powers added together and he still might not be Devil Monarch Skysoul’s opponent. The only thing that can compete with that devil is the Heavenly Sword!

The flying sword that existed only in legends!

A Heavenly Sword that no one has seen, but truly does exist!

“Screw it!”

Luo Tian frowned and said to himself: “Fight it out first! If that doesn’t work, I’ll figure something out later. My f*cking head’s going to explode from thinking about this for so long.”

He really wanted to raise the War Leader System to level 5.


Once Devil Monarch Skysoul appears, he would directly slash him apart with the Heavenly Sword.

Beat him up, get off work and then wait for the loot explosion!

Now that would be awesome!

But… the War Leader System didn’t give him any hints on how to level up! Luo Tian felt powerless like he was looking at Lord System’s expression to guess how he should act.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian threw out all distracting thoughts and waited for time to past.


“From the look on his face, it seems like he wants to fight it out with Devil Monarch Skysoul.”

“This daddy was worrying the whole night that he would join Devil Monarch Skysoul’s army. It looks like I was worried for nothing, hahaha… This kid is definitely going to die, and Heavenly Sword City is about to turn into a dead city with a river of blood running through it!”

“This kid managed to drag out another day on his last breath but still has to die in the end. A bumpkin will always be a bumpkin; no matter how much he struggles, he is still a useless bumpkin. He wants to turn things around? Then just become a dead bumpkin then, hahaha…”

The sounds of mocking a ridiculing were once again heard coming from the void.

Luo Tian coldly sneered up at the air and said without holding back: “You bunch of old bastards just wait for me. Don’t let me see you next time or else it’ll be the day of your death!”


His rage was burning up now!

They were like flies buzzing around you all day and night, easily irritating you to the max.

If they were here in front of him right now, Luo Tian wouldn’t care about whatever Devil Monarch Skysoul and directly kill them now and talk later.


A bunch of cold laughter echoed in the void.

Also at the same time…

The sky drastically changed as devilish flames flared up. The huge figure of Devil Monarch Skysoul appeared in the sky as he said: “Time’s up!”

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