Undefeatable – Ch353

Chapter 353 – Breaking Through The City In One Move

“Time’s up!”

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s voice exploded in the air.

Devilish flames surged into the sky and instantly blocked the airspace above Heavenly Sword City. Not a trace of light could penetrate through the flames.


This was incomparable oppression!

Everyone raised their heads to look up into the sky as their bodies involuntarily trembled.

Some kids couldn’t help but start crying loudly. Their mothers’ standing beside them held onto them tightly and gently whispered: “Don’t cry, don’t cry. Prince Consort will not abandon us.”

Immediately after…

Many people looked over at Luo Tian.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s gaze shifted, and once again reminded Luo Tian: “Kid, you better think it over clearly. Joining me is the only correct choice; otherwise, your life will come to an end today.”

His voice was ice cold!

And contained a powerful might of suppression!

Luo Tian’s body unconsciously shivered. This time, he didn’t need to use his level 5 Berserk to resist the suppression. The starlight powers and the imperial qi had truly strengthened his fleshly body quite a bit. He looked up into the air while his mouth curved into a smile, “I actually wanted to say this yesterday… but I’m really sorry because I cannot agree to join you. This is because…”


“This kid really didn’t agree to join Devil Monarch Skysoul.”

“His granny! My heart felt like it was suspended in midair, afraid that he would agree to join Devil Monarch Skysoul. Who would’ve thought this kid would reject him? This time, the kid’s life is coming to an end. Hahaha… This daddy wants to see how he’s going to resist the devil fiend army today, and how he’s going to maintain his arrogant attitude! Humph!”

“What a retard.”

Those experts in the void felt relieved.

They were really worried that Luo Tian would agree to Devil Monarch Skysoul’s request.

If Luo Tian really agreed, then they would no longer have any good days left to enjoy. But since Luo Tian rejected it, then there wasn’t anything for them to worry or fear about anymore. And when it came to Luo Tian, his outcome would surely be death!

The common citizens of Heavenly Sword City naturally had an opposite reaction to those experts in the void.

“Long live!”

“Long live Prince Consort!”

“I told you he wouldn’t abandon us! See? Prince Consort will never leave us to our deaths!”


The city square was filled with cheering.

As for Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi, their eyes became more focused and their expressions turned serious.

He had chosen to stay after all.

In other words… the final big battle will be starting soon.

Feng Lei showed a foolish grin. His brows tightened but he still smiled at Xuan Yuanyi: “Brother, let’s see who can kill the most today. Whoever kills the most will be treating when we go out drinking.”

“Count me in!”

Blindman Liu quickly rushed over.

Xuan Yuanyi smiled happily as he loudly said: “If there’s a next life, we should become brothers again! We will all follow behind boss again!”

“That’s for sure!”


Devil Monarch Skysoul was enraged. He locked his gaze onto Luo Tian before shouting: “No one has ever dared to reject me! You are the first one! I want to know the reason!”

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate and directly said: “The reason is very simple… because I want you to explode!”

“Want me to explode?”

“Explode what?” Devil Monarch Skysoul didn’t know how to react.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “It’s just a modern way of saying to kill you!”



Devil Monarch Skysoul started laughing wildly, his voice similar to thunder coming down from the nine heavens that continuously smashed against the array protecting the city. The light shield made of profound energy was shaking as if it couldn’t handle the energy colliding against it.


“You’ve managed to make this Devil Monarch very angry!”

“I looked at you favorably but you failed to appreciate it.”

“It’s fine; now you can have a taste of my strength. I will let you witness the powers of a Devil Monarch.” Devil Monarch Skysoul was enraged. Being rejected by a lowly human being was just too disgraceful.

This was considered a shameful matter for him!

The rage inside him couldn’t be held back as it exploded forth. The black devilish flames on his body were blazing in intensity. It was burning the sky like it wanted to incinerate the atmosphere!


An incomparably powerful aura exploded forth!

The hearts of everyone inside Heavenly Sword City felt like it was being crushed to the point that they couldn’t breathe.

Immediately after…

Devil Monarch Skysoul coldly glanced at the protective array over Heavenly Sword City. He then coldly smiled and said in disdain: “What a garbage of an array… break for me!”

A humongous palm slapped down.

Luo Tian’s expression changed as he shouted: “Be careful everyone!”


Under the palms of Devil Monarch Skysoul, the Immortal Execution Array was similar to a soapy bubble that was about to pop under that gentle slap.


The Immortal Execution Array was made up of profound energy from the national treasury’s magical artifacts, xuan weapons, and spiritual items. A large amount of energy was continuously being depleted upon being smacked by that huge palm.

The moment the array was broken through…

A gust of raging wind started pressing down.

For a brief moment…

Sand was blown about, houses collapsed, and huge rocks were being blown into the sky. The whole Heavenly Sword City looked like it was experiencing Armageddon.

The protective array around the city had actually offset a large portion of Devil Monarch Skysoul’s palm strike. Otherwise, just that single slap would’ve destroyed the whole Heavenly Sword City already.

The city was broken through in one move!

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s strength had exceeded Luo Tian’s expectations!

Luo Tian’s heart was aroused by this as he said to himself: “Good! Truly very strong! Now that’s what you call a boss!”

The stronger they were, the more excited Luo Tian becomes.

Because only the strongest bosses would explode forth with the best items. This was an undeniable fact!

Looking at the golden glow of Devil Monarch Skysoul covering the sky, Luo Tian didn’t have a trace of fear in him. The only thing he had was excitement and incomparably strong killing intent. He started smiling. Luo Tian was smiling in a gloomy manner filled with extreme excitement.

He was smiling quite ferociously.

Just like a madman that had crawled out from the depths of hell.

Luo Tian pointed at the sky and shouted: “This daddy is going to explode you! I’m really going to explode you!”

He then said internally: “F*cking hell; I wonder how many divine grade items I’ll get after his corpse explodes? I’m getting so f*cking excited!”

“You wish to fight with me, huh?”

“Leading a bunch of ants to fight with me, huh?”

“Fine! I will give you a chance with a frontal battle.”

Devil Monarch Skysoul was enraged. His figure pulled back and his voice blasted out like thunder as he shouted: “Devil army; head out! Kill all the humans inside Heavenly Sword City for me and leave none alive!”

“I want rivers of blood to flow inside Heavenly Sword City!”

“I want to use their blood to wash away the shame I have received today!”


As Devil Monarch Skysoul’s voice faded…

The ink-black devil fiend army started charging towards Heavenly Sword City.


“They’re truly finished now!”

“Hahaha… Heavenly Sword City is truly over now! A dynasty that hasn’t fully reached ten thousand years is finally going to collapse. My fellow brothers, our opportunity has arrived! After today, the Great Tang Dynasty will no longer exist! Kill for me!”

Fire and smoke were seen all over outside of Heavenly Sword City.

It was the same for the border territories of the Great Tang.

The various Sects took advantage of this situation and started occupying the resources of the country.

At this time…

Luo Tian clenched his fists and shouted towards the imperial palace: “Start the battle song!”

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