Undefeatable – Ch354

Chapter 354 – Ten Thousand Slaughtering Array, Leveling Up Again

“Start the battle song!”

As Luo Tian’s voice faded, the musical ensemble started playing.


The drums started and the thumping was heard, the stimulating battle song rang out through the whole city.

At this moment…

Luo Tian activated the level 4 War Leader System ability and enshrouded everyone inside Heavenly Sword City. The eyes of everyone instantly trembled. Their blood seemed to be ignited, their fighting will rose, and a spark of flame was seen in their eyes.

In an instant…

Their morale was bursting at the seams!

Feng Lei roared into the air! The blood scales on his body appeared from his agitation and his eyes became bloodshot. Hearing the song Never Give Up playing, his heart started boiling. He then said to Luo Tian: “Boss, what kind of music is this? It sounds really good! When I hear it, I feel like my blood is boiling and my strength surging out. It’s simply too awesome!”

It wasn’t just Feng Lei.

All the people in the main square were feeling the same thing as him.

Their eyes seem like they were spraying out flames.

Their whole body was boiling as if something had ignited their will.

It was the same with Luo Tian. Even though he often heard it in his previous life, hearing this song in this world gave him a different feeling.


The standard of the imperial palace’s musical ensemble had exceeded Luo Tian’s expectations. The music quality was something his previous life couldn’t compare with. And Luo Tian was currently experiencing a battle first-hand which was completely different from going to war online.

The battle song was capable of inspiring people’s heart.

It can increase one’s morale and raise their combat powers.

Add on Luo Tian’s level 4 War Leader System’s ability modification, all the martial artists had a ferocious expression on their faces. They wouldn’t show any fear even if Devil Monarch Skysoul made an appearance right now! This was the powerful role a battle song can have – it could make a person completely fearless!

It allowed a person’s blood to boil!


“The devil fiend army already broke through the eastern gate!”


“The devil fiend army already broke through the southern gate!”

Soon after…

The four main gates were broken through, then the sixteen smaller gates fell as well.

The people present didn’t show any fear as they all looked at Luo Tian.

Feng Lei was the first to shout: “Boss! I will head to the eastern gate and beat those devil fiends to the point that they can’t shit properly! I will let them know that our Heavenly Sword City isn’t a place they can easily invade!”

“I’ll take the southern gate!” Xuan Yuanyi shouted.

“I’ll take the northern gate!”

“I’ll take the western gate!”

People continuously stepped forward with eagerness like their bodies were filled with endless power. Every one of them was excited to the extreme as the killing intent was especially strong coming from them.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “The ones coming in first are merely the little devil fiends… fine then!”

“I alone will handle these bunch of little devil fiends!”

Luo Tian was secretly saying to himself in joy: “It’s a perfect time to use these little devil fiends to increase my Myriad Devil skill to ten thousand stacks. I can also increase the power of my Extreme Yin Divine Pearl. By that time, I’ll have a better chance when I clash with Devil Monarch Skysoul!”

“Prince Consort, there are over several tens of thousands of devil fiends. How can you defend all four gates by yourself?”

“That’s right!”

“Prince Consort, you should just hand these minor soldiers to us.”

“That’s right! We can do it!”

They all jumped forth one at a time to request permission to battle.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “All of you are the last line of defense for Heavenly Sword City. The common citizens of Heavenly Sword City need your protection. In regards to these little soldiers, I can completely annihilate them without you guys making a move. I’m considering this as giving Devil Monarch Skysoul a slap to the face. This is the way I show him the consequences of looking down on Heavenly Sword City!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian leaped into the air and spread out his awareness to sense the devilish flames all over the place. He grinned in a gloomy manner before his right palm directly slapped towards the void.

Lines of mysterious looking runes shot out.

Similar to sparks spreading out!

Luo Tian was now fully in control of the arrays by the city’s four main gates. Immediately after, he then shouted with a frown: “Ten Thousand Slaughtering Array, activate for me!”




Countless arrays near the four main gates came alive. Beams of energy from the array shot into the sky like lights seeping through cracks on the ground.

Also at this moment…

Those little devil fiend soldiers who had rushed in first were quickly killed off.




Luo Tian’s eardrums felt like they were about to burst! The system alert tones sounded like a thousand artillery shells being fired at once! This kind of feeling was too splendidly awesome!



The sounds of continuous explosions were heard by the four main gates as the bodies of the devil fiends exploded. Each of them was killed by the energy of the arrays. Hell Lotus Array – nine loti and nine illusions. One could be easily sucked into an illusion if they weren’t careful.

The mini Ancient Dragon Execution Array – although the ancient powers weren’t that strong, it was still quite easy to kill this little devil fiend soldiers. It was still capable of crazily killing everything!

Monsters besieging the city?!


“This daddy will have you come but can never leave! Did you really think this daddy’s city was easy to break into?” Luo Tian chuckled coldly a bit in his heart. He already knew there was no way to defend the city gates, that’s why he didn’t bother having anyone protect it. He wanted his enemies to easily enter the city and land in the ten thousand arrays he previously arranged.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. Your current level is Profound King 9th rank!”

In less than one minute…

He leveled up!

Luo Tian grinned with excitement as he said: “Heh heh, I’m only one level from reaching the Profound Ancestor realm. By that time, I’ll be getting a martial skill reward from the system.”


Luo Tian realized there was a very important issue!

Would Devil Monarch Skysoul trigger a system reward as well?

He was considered a super boss. If we go by the standards of the system, he should definitely trigger some type of reward. Such a powerful boss should be coupled with an awesome reward, right?


“I definitely have to explode this guy or else I’ll suffer a big loss.”

Luo Tian made a thought and the killing intent inside him surged out in an unstoppable manner. He wanted to kill Devil Monarch Skysoul right now so that he could enjoy the loot explosion!

“What’s going on?”

“The devil fiend army is being instantly killed.”

“Oh heavens!”

“Apart from the large scale city protective array on the outside, when did the inside of the city have so many mini arrays? And each array seems to possess a very strong lethal ability. Could these arrays be something Prince Consort engraved as well? He’s too amazing!”

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw the devil fiend army rushing into the city being instantly killed.

Their expressions of shock had multiplied while their worship feeling in their hearts rose to an extremely high level.

At this time…

They were truly convinced that Luo Tian would be able to save them.

Luo Tian was the savior sent to them by the heavens!

Inside the void.

The faces of those experts had become really ugly looking. Every one of them didn’t feel good and some even started scolding Devil Monarch Skysoul.

“What a piece of trash!”

“Such a powerful setup of a devil fiend army yet their abilities are so pathetic. This is too f*cking shameful!”

“Humph! Don’t act arrogant yet you damn bumpkin. This is just the first wave while the devil fiends behind will surely be stronger. This daddy wants to see how you’re going to resist them by then!”

“That’s right! The good parts of the show are still yet to come.”


Devil Monarch Skysoul was enraged.

Extremely enraged.

After counting yesterday, this was considered Luo Tian’s third time in resisting the devil fiend army.


Dark God walked out. He clasped his hands together and knelt down on one knee before saying: “Devil Monarch! Please let me flatten Heavenly Sword City!”

The third boss!

General Dark God has appeared!

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