Undefeatable – Ch355

Chapter 355 – Mighty Generals

Dark God!

Was originally a black bear.

He had helped Devil Monarch Skysoul in the past, so Devil Monarch Skysoul used his powers to refine him into a human figure. He gained a trace of ancient powers after that and eventually became one of Devil Monarch Skysoul’s best assistants.

People gave him the title of the “Death God of Darkness!”

He completely inherited the cruel and merciless ways of Devil Monarch Skysoul.

Seeing countless soldiers of the devil fiend army being killed; seeing the smirk Luo Tian had on his face; seeing how much Devil Monarch Skysoul favored Luo Tian; the sense of irritation in his heart was extremely strong!

Humans weren’t qualified to follow the Devil Monarch!

It was because of a human that the Devil Monarch was sealed away in an array for ten thousand years!

That’s why…

He had to kill Luo Tian.

He couldn’t give Luo Tian a chance to make a comeback. He also wanted to remove all opportunities for Devil Monarch Skysoul to bring Luo Tian into the fold!

Devil Monarch Skysoul glanced at Dark God and said: “I know what you are thinking. Since you really want to kill him, then I will give you this opportunity to do it!”

“I obey!”

Dark God was feeling quite happy before shouting: “Dark God Army listen up! Line up and follow my footsteps to kill our way into Heavenly Sword City! Remember: You cannot spare a single human being! Not a single one!”

“Ooh rah!”


Back to Heavenly Sword City.

Luo Tian was looking up the absorption stats for the Extreme Yin Divine Pearl and the Myriad Devil passive skill.

It was looking very good! A few more waves of this and they will both be completely full. At that time, all the powers combined should be able to give Devil Monarch Skysoul a good fight, right?


“Prince Consort, there’s a black bear figure thirty feet tall with a bunch of devil fiends killing over.”

Luo Tian’s eyes brightened as he grinned: “A new wave of attack?”

Without waiting for Luo Tian’s command…

Feng Lei quickly jumped forth and said: “Boss, it’s a huge black bear! You should let me handle it this time.”

After saying that, Feng Lei licked his lips with an excited expression.

It’s been a long time since he has enjoyed the blood essence of demonic beasts. His stomach couldn’t help start gurgling in hunger as he recalled the days inside the Ghostly Mountain Range. Blood essence was simply too attractive to him, so Feng Lei practically wanted to rush out right now to suck up all the blood essence from the huge black bear.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “You want to go?”

Feng Lei grinned foolishly and replied: “Of course, I almost cannot wait any longer.”

At this time…

Xuan Yuanyi stepped up and asked: “Boss, can you count me in as well?”

Both of them volunteered to fight at the same time!

Luo Tian couldn’t refuse them because this might damage their morale. He then said: “Fine, you two bring some palace guards to kill your way out.”



“It’s finally time for this big bro Lei to make a move!” Feng Lei rubbed his bald head and then shouted: “Soldiers of the Imperial Palace Guards, listen to my command! Follow me out to battle! We shall send all those bastards directly to hell!”

“Show our might!”

The fifty thousand palace guards roared out in unison.

They all then rushed after Xuan Yuanyi and Feng Lei.


“Luo Tian! You damn bastard that doesn’t know how to appreciate one’s favor better scram out here for this daddy!”

“Bang~… crack~…!”

The city walls that were several hundred meters tall and dozens of meters thick were shattered by a huge bear claw.

Parts of the city wall had collapsed and rubble rained down on Dark God’s figure. The pieces of debris falling on him were like a tickle that had no pain whatsoever. He then raised his head and gave a loud roar that sounded like a bear’s. The fur on his body flickered slightly and immediately shook off all the debris that had covered him.

The powerful sound wave of his roar rippled out with explosions.

Luo Tian’s eyes faintly narrowed as his eardrums seem to be having difficulty enduring it…

The others were covering their ears with painful expressions. Those martial artists with lower cultivations were directly shaken to the point of bleeding from all seven orifices of their heads. Several hundreds of people in the main square had fainted from the shock.

“Very strong!”

“What a powerful sound wave attack!”

Luo Tian’s mind sank as he started worrying about Feng Lei and the others.

At this time…

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate to rush over as well.

Dark God was stepping into Heavenly Sword City at this time. As his feet landed on the Hell Lotus Array, he didn’t even bother looking at it. His right leg shifted and his eyes opened up wide like lanterns. Four sharp claws shot out from each of his paw-like hands after he made a gesture in the air.

He then made a heavy swiping motion!



Eight air blades were released before directly slicing up the array. The array core was thus simply destroyed.

Dark God then shouted: “Charge for me! Completely slaughter everyone inside Heavenly Sword City!”

As his voice faded…

Dark God once again shouted into the air: “Luo Tian, you damn dog thing! You better scram out here for this daddy!”

“Scram your granny’s chest!”

Without letting him finish speaking, Feng Lei leaped into the air carrying his Tang blade made from the bones of the Jiao Dragon. He coldly grinned at Dark God before arrogantly stating: “I alone am more than enough when dealing with a loser like you!”



“Scram for me!”

Dark God’s swiped out with his sharp claws and a wind blade in the shape of the crescent moon could be clearly seen by the naked eye shot out.

Its speed was fast as lightning!

Feng Lei’s brows were scrunched up. The large blade on his shoulder started moving as he gripped the handle tightly. He then chopped down directly attack the incoming wind blade!

Blade qi!

Incomparably powerful blade qi!

Blood red.

Containing ferocious powers similar to a beast, it shot out and directly smashed with the wind blade struck out by Dark God.


The two different energies clashed.

The shockwave explosion rippled outwards.

Space started distorting between those two as a result of the collision of their powers. One could even see with their naked eye that spatial cracks were left behind.

Dark God coldly harrumphed. Previously was just one wind blade so this time, both his palms reached out and fiercely clenched. An incomparably powerful energy shot out, displaying eight wind blades much larger than the previous one shot out.

Shock registered on Feng Lei’s face, and all the blood colored scales on his body appeared.

He currently looked just like a demonic beast covered in blood while the scales on his body looked rather similar to the ones on a Qilin.


The energy exuding from Feng Lei was much more powerful than a Qilin!

Feng Lei arrogantly grinned before saying: “Come! Let me experience the power of your wind blades!”

He no longer planned on using his blade qi and had stretched out his arms. Just like a madman, he was going to directly resist the attack with his own body!

“You don’t want your life anymore?”

“Watch out!”

In an instant…

Xuan Yuanyi leaped into the air while dragging a heavy chain behind him. A sword qi at least ten meters in length was then slashed out by him while his body flew right behind like a sharp sword.

“Demon Wheel!”

Shouted Xuan Yuanyi. The sword in his hand transformed into an illusory round sword qi. It was very similar to a wheel on a carriage, containing a powerful energy belonging to the dao of swords!

Feng Lei roared out: “F*ck! Xuan Yuanyi, why don’t you go play somewhere else?! This daddy was trying to see what kind of realm my fleshly body has reached! Why the hell are you messing things up for me?!”

Immediately after…

He didn’t want to lag behind. Upon slamming his hands on the ground, he catapulted forward to rush after Xuan Yuanyi.

Xuan Yuanyi grinned and said: “You should stand aside for now because I wish to see what realm my sword dao has achieved. We’ll talk later after I take care of this loser.”

“You two…!”

“Die for me!”

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