Undefeatable – Ch357

Chapter 357 – I Shall Be The One To Send This Guy To Hell

“Nine heavens and ten earths!”

“Ten thousand demons as one!”


Feng Lei was roaring out with rage as he rushed out from the void.

A scarlet red force smashed into Dark God’s stomach. An energy shockwave exploded out and the thick fur on his body looked like a hurricane blowing through a grassy plain. Wave after wave of energy continued spreading out.


Dark God’s eyes popped out fiercely while his stomach area caved in. A painful look appeared on his face while his huge body retreated while shaking. He had an ugly look on his face and kept retreating until falling into the river on the edge of the city acting as a moat. His body created multiple waves as the water drowned his huge body.

It was a sudden critical hit!

No one expected this.

Shock! Incomparable shock!

Luo Tian was stupefied as he couldn’t believe it either.

The coordination between those two had practically reached the realm of perfection!

Xuan Yuanyi threw his life on the line to block Dark God’s attack. Feng Lei saw a great opportunity and took it. A single attack managing to force Dark God, who was at the peak of the Profound Venerate realm, retreating and directly falling into the river by the city. This was too overbearingly awesome!

Too shocking!

Luo Tian stared in a dumbfounded manner.

All the present palace guards and devil fiend soldiers stopped attacking each other.

Countless eyes were staring at those two while scared stiff.

Those experts observing in the void couldn’t even let out a fart. Their expressions were so ugly looking that it looked like someone had just poured eighteen buckets of shit into their mouths. That had basically become a joke of an existence!

“How can this be possible?!”

“It’s definitely impossible!”

“Dark God’s strength is at the peak of the Profound Venerate realm. With the addition of his demonic beast body, his strength is comparable to an expert at the Profound Saint realm! How can he be defeated by two country bumpkins?”

“An illusion! We’re definitely hallucinating!”

“It’s impossible for them to kill Dark God!”

Some devil fiends started shaking their heads and crying as they refused to believe this could happen.

And at this moment…

Heavenly Sword City was boiling as they chanted in unison: “Xuan Yuanyi, Xuan Yuanyi, Feng Lei, Feng Lei, Feng Lei…”

They didn’t know what to say and only enthusiastically chanted their names.

This was too inconceivable.

The strength of the palace guards had soared after consuming the Profound Burst Pill. They grasped this chance while Dark God’s army had lost their mind and attacked fiercely. In just a short few minutes, they managed to drive the devil fiend soldiers out of the city.

Cheers were heard inside the city!

“Come at us!”

“Weren’t you devil fiends very arrogant?!”

“Weren’t you guy acting all high and mighty?!”

“Come! Come at us! Let’s see if you guys are stronger or if our Prince Consort and his two mighty Generals are stronger! Hahaha…”

The common citizens of Heavenly Sword City were screaming this as they finally vented their feelings.

Deep inside the imperial palace.

Tang Qingtian had an extremely excited expression. “It’s good to be young! These children have infinite potential and Tianxuan Continent will definitely shake from their names. They are just too great, hahaha…”

Everyone was cheering.

An Chunchun’s brows were locked together and her expression made her look like she was straining her strength.


An Chunchun’s eyes shifted before shouting: “Big brother Fatty! Big brother Xuan Yuanyi! Quickly run!”

Her voice was very loud.

But amongst the loud cheering around her, no one could hear her voice. Even Tang Tang next to her had to lower herself and ask: “Chunchun, what is it? What did you just say?”

An Chunchun didn’t have time to say it again.

She rushed out with all her strength while screaming: “Big brother Fatty! Danger! Big brother Xuan Yuanyi! Danger! Quick! Quickly run away!”

Tang Tang who was rushing after her finally heard it.

It was the same with Blindman Liu.

His expression drastically changed.

No one doubted the words from An Chunchun. She was a mysterious existence with powers one couldn’t describe. She can understand the languages of every living creature in this world, and she can release holy light that’s capable of blessing her targets…

Apart from this…

She can see things that others cannot see!

For example…

Dark God at the bottom of the river by the city was gathering his powers!

Blindman Liu cried out: “Princess Lasting Peace! Protect Chunchun!”

As his voice faded…

The power inside Blindman Liu surged out into the sky while his body started changing like crazy. A pair of huge devil’s wing extended out from his back, and in just a short few seconds, he had transformed into the ancient huge devil!

A voice came out from the huge devil: “Fatty Lei, Xuan Yuanyi, danger! Quickly run!”

There wasn’t a single person not shocked by the sudden appearance of the ancient huge devil.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

For a brief moment, chaos ensued and everyone started fleeing.

Blindman Liu didn’t care about this and only desperately rushed towards the side of Feng Lei.

At this time…

Luo Tian’s countenance changed to one of shock. His spiritual senses were able to sense a powerful energy being born under the river. He immediately shouted: “Fatty! Quickly retreat!”

Before his voice faded…

The water in the river had surged into the sky.

A creature like a deep-sea titan stood up, and a large bear claw acting like it was trying to rip the sky apart was slamming down. A voice with incomparable rage shouted: “You two go die for me!”

Out of the blue!

No one expected this!

Everything happened too suddenly.

Feng Lei forced himself to release all his powers at once.

Xuan Yuanyi had comprehended the divine sword’s dao intent and was using it to block Dark God’s attack. His current body was already seriously injured so there’s no way he can actually resist it.

In the time it takes for a spark to ignite off a flint…

A huge figure rushed over and directly blocked Dark God’s huge claw strike.



The bones on the two fleshly wings directly shattered and gave off continuous sounds of bones breaking.

Blindman Liu’s body smashed downwards and half his body was embedded into the ground. He continuously sprayed out several mouthfuls of dark blood and revealed a painful expression. He then still managed to scream out: “You two run away quickly!”

“You wish to run?”

“Just go to hell for me!”

With his rage reaching the maximum level, Dark God was releasing the strongest powers he was capable of.

This power was what he absorbed from cultivating beside Devil Monarch Skysoul.

At this moment…

He wasn’t holding anything back and was completely releasing it all out.

Devil Monarch Skysoul coldly smiled and said: “Did you guys really think Dark God is that easy to defeat? There’s not a single one of you trashy humans qualified to be his opponent. Little Dark is enraged so his killing intent is unblockable. You guys can just wait there and accept your death.”

Also at this time…

Devil Monarch Skysoul waved his right hand and shouted: “Continue attacking!”

“Flatten Heavenly Sword City!”


On Heavenly Sword City’s side.

Because Blindman Liu transformed into an ancient huge devil, and Dark God rushing out of the river with unstoppable force, Heavenly Sword City was like a chaotic mixed porridge with people fleeing everywhere.

Apart from the palace guards who still retained most of their combat powers, all the martial artists had lost pretty much half of theirs.


An extremely huge crisis!


Dark God threw out another palm strike onto Blindman Liu’s back.

Blindman Liu once again sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His body was heavily smashed into the ground before he lay there unmoving.

Feng Lei glared with anger, “This daddy will fight it out with you!”

Luo Tian’s expression sank as he shouted: “Fall back! I shall be the one to send this guy to hell!”

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