Undefeatable – Ch358

Chapter 358 – Luo Tian Was Smashed Into Powder

Heavenly Sword City was in complete chaos.

The only way to temporarily calm this chaos was to kill Dark God!

And he had to be killed quickly! Any slower and chaos would reach a whole new level because the devil fiend army was already crushing over like a tsunami!

They had to prepare their defenses!

“Boss, I…”

“Quickly leave here and have the palace guards calm the people. The real final battle is about to start. If the chaos continues onward, I’m afraid we won’t even get a chance to fight back before we are broken through just like that,” said Luo Tian with a frown.

As he was saying this…

Luo Tian leaped into the air with a sneer. He then pointed at Dark God and said: “Damn loser, weren’t you looking for this daddy? This daddy is standing right here!”

Dark God’s eyes shifted and glared straight at Luo Tian. He then shouted: “Luo Tian?! Go die for me!”

Also at this time…

Xuan Yuanyi managed to pull Blindman Liu’s body from the deep pit. His huge devil body was currently being carried away at crazy speeds. “Boss, you need to be careful!”

“Everyone withdraw and prepare the defenses!”

There really weren’t too many thoughts at a time like this.

The only plan now was to fight it out!

The aura in Luo Tian’s body was silently circulating as his powers started roiling. Starlight power and imperial qi power were all surging out according to his thoughts. In just a mere moment, the flames of aura coming from Luo Tian shot into the sky!

Immediately after…

Luo Tian coldly grinned and said: “Damn loser, watch how I’m going to send you to hell!”

“Just based on you?”

“Devil Monarch bestowed his grace on you by giving you face. I will not give you any face because a human like you that doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens or the earth doesn’t need to keep living in this world. Devil Monarch loves talents while I love to kill – all those that block Devil Monarch’s path shall be destroyed!”



The word “die” was heard from over a million kilometers out.

It was like a continuous wave of echoes being spread out. All living creatures within a million kilometers were shaking. All those experts hiding in the void shuddered in fear and didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

These so called experts who only bullied the weak were such a joke!

The voice being transmitted out contained Dark God’s powerful suppression!

It rushed into Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness like a surging tide. Luo Tian’s body sank down as if a mountain was pressing down on him. What he hated the most was when others would use their oppressive power to suppress one’s sea of consciousness.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s flames of rage were stirred as he clenched his fists.

“Bang~! Bang~! Bang~…!”

The air around his body gave off a series of exploding sounds. Luo Tian then shouted: “Level 5 Berserk!”


A thunderous sound exploded inside his body.

With the activation of level 5 Berserk, 32 times his base attributes were released. His starlight and imperial qi powers became even more tumultuous like an out of control bull on the loose. They were all surging out like an unstoppable force!

“Whoosh~… whoosh~…”

The surface of Luo Tian’s body was like a red hot iron plate continuously dripping beads of sweat. Sounds of water being sizzled into evaporation was heard, and it was especially noticeable in this environment.

The power of 32 times his attributes was continuously circulating inside Luo Tian’s body.

Luo Tian closed his eyes and lowered his fists.

If his body wasn’t strengthened by the starlight and imperial qi powers, most likely there’s no way he can handle the violent level 5 Berserk energy. The blood inside him was like a mad raging blood sea that continuously crashed and smashed about.

The feeling of so much power was really too intoxicating.

Luo Tian could clearly sense the powers like he was physically holding onto them.


Luo Tian extended his right hand out. The Blood Devouring Wild Blade issued thirsty sounds as it appeared in his hand and cooperated with Luo Tian’s explosive domineering aura. One man and one blade started breathing in unison and directly entered the highest realm achievable.

Luo Tian raised his blade and pointed at Dark God. He then faintly said the word: “Die.”

Dark God started sneering in coldness.

His sneer was extremely smug and arrogant while his eyes revealed a thick look of disdain when staring at Luo Tian. He then coldly harrumphed: “I really don’t understand which part Devil Monarch sees good in you. A person that’s about to die can still spout out such wild words at a time like this.”

“That’s fine too.”

“I will let you see what it truly means to ‘die’!”

“Path of slaughter… brutal killing!”


“Brat, you need to be careful.”

“This big guy also cultivates a path of slaughter. His path of slaughter is extremely savage and has been condensed from killing with extreme cruelty. It’s not hard to see from the violent aura surrounding his body that the amount of people this guy has killed is no less than mine.” Wild Blade’s heart tightened and quickly advised Luo Tian.

Path of slaughter…

Was divided into many types.

Each person walked a different path.

Brutal killing path of slaughter!

Focusing on brutality when killing. This was a dao path that requires one to continuously kill in order to train. Being able to cultivate brutal killing to this realm, most likely over a million humans must have died under the hands of Dark God. Before he was sealed up, everywhere he went would only result in corpses with not a single living being left alive.

His path of slaughter was guided by Devil Monarch Skysoul.

Killing to forge his dao!

The brutal aura was surging out and enshrouding the entire Heavenly Sword City. The city was currently covered in a tyrannical and out of control killing intent, making one feel like they had been sent to hell. This kind of feeling made one feel like they were about to die any second.

For a brief moment…

Heavenly Sword City became quiet.

The sound of children crying, the high pitched shrieks from the women, and the sound of common citizens’ frantically running away had all briefly stopped.

They were all in fear!

They were so scared that they didn’t dare to move or breathe out loudly!

Their hearts were shaking; their bodies were shaking; they felt like they were about to become a corpse at any given moment.

Everyone’s face was pale white and had a look of powerlessness.

“We’re going to die!”

“I’m dying! I’m going to die soon!”

“Mother, I feel very uncomfortable.”

These sounds of low whispers could be heard.

Heavenly Sword City was dead silent except for the whispering.

Those experts hiding in the void had stopped breathing and didn’t dare to make a sound. But they were still rather smug in their hearts saying: “Luo Tian, this daddy would like to see how you’re going to keep acting arrogant. You dare to act arrogant in front of Devil Monarch Skysoul? Acting arrogant in front of Dark God? Let’s see how you’re going to die then, hahaha…”

Feng Lei had stopped.

Xuan Yuanyi had stopped dragging the super heavy Blindman Liu.

Tang Jiu, Tang Tang, Qin Yue’er, An Chunchun, and the others all stopped and looked at Luo Tian.

The killing intent was too heavy.

This brutal killing intent was coursing through every person’s mind. They had no power to resist and only felt despair!

Luo Tian’s brows quivered. His mouth formed a grim reaper like smile as said in a gloomy manner: “Path of slaughter? Brutal killing’s path of slaughter? Since you wish to use your path of slaughter, then this daddy will let you experience what a truly powerful path of slaughter is!”

His sea of consciousness started roiling about.

The aura behind Luo Tian suddenly changed and the image of a huge grim reaper appeared. Its hand was holding an incomparably huge scythe that was used to reap lives, and beneath the black hood was a gloomy looking smile.

At this moment…

Dark God made a move.

It was the same for Luo Tian as the grim reaper’s scythe chopped down!

Luo Tian’s figure suddenly changed.

Dark God’s bear claw heavily smacked down, “Die for me!”


Luo Tian’s figure was directly smashed into powder…

He died?!

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