Undefeatable – Ch360

Chapter 360 – The Names Of The Experts In The Void

Devil Monarch Skysoul had arrived!

Bringing endless flames of rage, the devilish flames on his body practically covered the entire sky!

Violent and filled with killing intent!

His imposing momentum was over the top and made people feel worse than death!

Luo Tian stood at the forefront. His eyes unmoving, his long hair moving with the wind, and the movement of his robe was giving off fluttering sounds. The aura coming from his body was calm but powerful, and he didn’t show a trace of fear.

Behind him…

Feng Lei stood to the right while Xuan Yuanyi stood to the left.

After suffering from a serious injury, Blindman Liu still stood in the rear. The three of them were standing in line behind Luo Tian like they were his Generals.

Behind them were Tang Tang, Qin Yue’er, Tang Jiu, Da Ji, and the adorably cute An Chunchun. The momentum of those five wasn’t comparable to Feng Lei and the others but it was still rather powerful at this time.

Further back was the Imperial Palace Guards and the martial artists of Heavenly Sword City.

They were quite small when compared to the devilish flames covering the sky, but they weren’t afraid of anything at this moment. This was all because of Luo Tian being present!

Inside the void of space.

The sounds of ridiculing that had previously disappeared once again started.

“Hahaha… so what if the kid managed to kill Dark God? Keep acting arrogant! This daddy wants to see how long you can stay arrogant for!”

“You damn country bumpkin, you think you’re all that after killing Dark God? You’ll still die today even if you don’t want to! You wish to become Heavenly Sword City’s savior? Maybe in your next life, hahaha…”

“You wish to defy the heavens with your Profound King realm? You need to have the ability first! You’re a bit too overconfident in your ant-like strength!”

Sounds of ridiculing and mocking were heard.

Luo Tian was getting more and more irritated and the rage inside his heart couldn’t be held back anymore. Without waiting for Devil Monarch Skysoul to speak, Luo Tian directly said: “Can I request that you do one thing for me?”

“Now you wish to surrender to me?”

“It’s too late!”

“Kid, I already gave you plenty of chances. When you hadn’t killed Little Dark, I was still going to give you another chance at living. I didn’t expect you were able to kill Little Dark with your strength. This has made me extremely unhappy, so you need to die and your Heavenly Sword City needs to disappear.” Devil Monarch Skysoul had a chilly expression and his words seem to contain an inviolable decree. It was similar to the Heavens decreeing that you had to die, then you will definitely die without a doubt.


“Devil Monarch Skysoul is pissed, which means that damn dog thing Luo Tian’s life is over.”

“Heavenly Sword City is finished yet why am I so happy about it? Yesterday, I was still an enshrined expert of the Great Tang so why am I so happy today to see it about to be destroyed? Hahaha… Luo Tian, this daddy just cannot stand your arrogance. What qualifications does an ant have to act all arrogant?”

All those experts started mocking once they heard Devil Monarch Skysoul’s response.

Luo Tian didn’t bother with them and said: “I’m not asking to be spared or to surrender. What I would like to ask is if you can tell me the names and statuses of all those people mocking from the void. Just their physical appearances are fine too.”


Devil Monarch Skysoul was a bit surprised, “What do you want to do with their names?”

Luo Tian didn’t try to hide it and replied: “I want to kill all of them one at a time. A bunch of trash like them that have lived for several centuries shouldn’t be allowed to keep on living in this world. These types of people like them wish to travel further on the martial path? That’s simply too funny.”

“I’m really annoyed by them.”

“If they were to appear before me right now, I would definitely rip their mouths off. These bunches of trash that keep buzzing around is making this daddy quite angry.”

It’s true!

It was extremely annoying!

Luo Tian’s desire to kill them was even stronger than his desire to kill Devil Monarch Skysoul.

From daytime to night, they kept of blabbing, kept on mocking and throwing insults around. If they were in front of him right now, Luo Tian would definitely use everything he had to kill these trashy scum-like existences.

The Great Tang Dynasty had showered them with resources from decades to centuries, yet when facing the invading devil fiend army, all these ingrates could do was run at the sign of danger.

It was fine if they ran away yet they stood to the side and mocked the situation.

This made Luo Tian extremely angry!

That’s why…

Luo Tian wanted to remember each and every one of them. If he ever encounters any of them in the future, he would then play them to death!


These guys were all either at the peak Profound Venerate or Profound Saint realms. It wasn’t possible to locate them in the void and Luo Tian could only hear their voices. There’s no way he can recognize them if he sees them in the future so it would be quite difficult for him to find them.

That’s why Luo Tian wanted to know the names of these dog things!

Devil Monarch Skysoul laughed into the air. He revealed a look of appreciation as he said: “Even though you have to die, your temper really suits my taste. Unfortunately, you killed Little Dark so you still have to die.”

“I will satisfy your request before your death.”

Immediately after…

Devil Monarch Skysoul closed his eyes. His brows were faintly scrunched up as his spirit drifted into the void. In less than half a breath, his eyes re-opened and said: “Daoist Tian Xian, Profound Saint 2nd rank, located at the southern direction of the Tiandu Peak, approximately 1.7 million kilometers from here.”

“Daoist Yue Lu, located at the Yue Lu Mountains approximately 2.3 million kilometers away.”

“Liu Jingyun, strength at the peak of the Profound Venerate realm, approximately 3.1 million kilometers away…”

Every one of them was being identified.

In addition…

The spiritual senses of those experts in the void wanted to escape but were restricted by Devil Monarch Skysoul.

Luo Tian remembered each one of them. His mouth formed a smile before looking up at the sky and saying: “If you damn dog things have guts, don’t try to run away! Wait for this daddy to kill each and every one of you f*ckers!”

Within the void…

The countenance of those experts changed as they didn’t know why a sense of fear had developed in their hearts.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s brows faintly quivered before saying: “It’s not just them. Sea Cloud Sect, Southern Mountain Sect, Heavenly Plume City, and the Ardent Sun Sect have all sent out their elite disciples. They are currently fighting like crazy for the Great Tang’s resources and territories.”

“Looting a burning house!”

Luo Tian’s gaze turned gloomy as he coldly sneered: “Looks like I can raise my undefeated points quite a bit soon.”

It’s about time for a massacre!

Who would’ve imagined that while fighting against the devil fiend army, those Sects and forces allied with the Great Tang would loot a burning house? If that’s the case, then there was no need to hold back anymore. Once he took care of Devil Monarch Skysoul, he will go butcher every one of them afterward!

They all had to be exterminated!

And his undefeated value will rise up like crazy!


“I will consider this as granting your wish before your death, so you can die today without any worries. I will send each and every one of them down to hell to accompany you.” Devil Monarch Skysoul’s tone was filled with unbridled arrogance. As long as it was the human race, he was going to kill them all.

He had given Luo Tian a chance.

This was the first time he had given someone of the human race a chance, yet he was met with disappointment.

Little Dark had died.

The anger inside Devil Monarch Skysoul’s heart was raging uncontrollably. So no matter what kind of human he meets in the future, they will all have to die. He was planning on turning the entire Tianxuan Continent into his personal territory. He would then gather all the resources in the continent before killing his way back to the ancient world!

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “If you weren’t a boss… If you hadn’t massacred so many people and become a devil fiend… If you hadn’t desired to flatten Heavenly Sword City… perhaps we could’ve really become friends.”


“I’m really sorry but I will be sending those people to hell myself.”

“As for you… you must die today!”

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