Undefeatable – Ch361

Chapter 361 – Final Big Battle


Complete and overbearing arrogance!

Luo Tian’s tone of voice, expression, and his gaze was filled with extreme arrogance.

There was no fear.

There was only excitement.

Many people were stunned as they thought they had heard wrong.

They were staring at each other with the same question: “What did he say?”

“What did he just say?”

“What’s he talking about?”

Devil Monarch Skysoul chuckled. He clearly heard it but still couldn’t help asking: “What did you say?”

Luo Tian maintained his arrogance and replied: “I said that you will die!”


“Who? Me? I will die? Will I die by your hands or will I die by the hands of your trashy subordinates? Or will I die in the hands of that seriously injured Profound Saint expert in the depths of the imperial palace?” Devil Monarch Skysoul felt this was rather hilarious.

It was similar to hearing an extremely funny joke.

Devil Monarch Skysoul wanted to laugh but didn’t because Luo Tian wasn’t even qualified for him to be mocked.

Luo Tian wasn’t being overconfident…

He was actually just courting a quick death.

Devil Monarch Skysoul had seen through everything inside Heavenly Sword City. Even if Luo Tian gained the starlight and imperial qi powers, those two forces were not a threat to him at all. He really couldn’t understand why Luo Tian had such courage to dare say those words.

When Devil Monarch Skysoul looked at Luo Tian, it was similar to a giant looking at a 3 year old child.

This kind of suppression…

This kind of disparity in power and this kind of inseparable gap made Luo Tian feel like he couldn’t breathe. It made him extremely uncomfortable!

This wasn’t mere oppression but the suppression from one’s momentum!

Luo Tian calmed his mind and said with a smile: “I will personally kill you. Just like I had said previously, I’m going to explode you.”


“I am really going to explode you.” Luo Tian became more excited the more he spoke. The more he spoke, the more powerful the energy that was released from his body. His body was undergoing a change where his devilish nature started surging out.

At this time…

Luo Tian shouted: “Become A Devil!”


The air exploded and Luo Tian’s body turned bigger. His aura turned heavy and into the character of a devil, a momentum that only a Devil Sovereign possessed. He instantly forced away the momentous pressure from Devil Monarch Skysoul.

Devil Sovereign Xingtian!

His body contained a momentum that looked down on all living beings. There was no one in this world that was capable of suppressing him with momentum!

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s countenance faintly changed. His gaze turned excited as he said: “I’ve already said before that you weren’t simple. Indeed, you aren’t ordinary. I will break the rules and give you one last chance. Kill everyone inside Heavenly Sword City and I will spare your life. I will also make you a Commander of my devil fiend army. You can do whatever you want on this continent and no one will dare to stop you. What do you think, kid?”

Luo Tian didn’t even consider it and directly said: “Kill all the devil fiend army behind you and I will think about making you, my little brother. Skysoul, you should consider it. Being the little brother at the side of this Sovereign is a supreme honor.”


Devil Monarch Skysoul started laughing crazily. His face then suddenly changed and his gaze turned gloomy. The devilish flames surrounding surged out like a tsunami as he roared out: “Courting death!”

The moment the devilish flames were crushing down…

The devil army behind also surged forward like an ocean tide.


“Flatten Heavenly Sword City!”

The final big battle was triggered just like that!

Devil Sovereign Luo Tian clenched his fists and shouted: “Level 5 Berserk!”


The power of 32 times his attributes exploded out.

Blood God’s Ring, Blood God’s Armor, Blood God’s Heaven Region Sword all erupted with a purple brilliance upon sensing the devil’s nature. Luo Tian’s aura turned especially ferocious. At this moment in time, Luo Tian shot into the sky with his sword and chopped down, directly splitting apart the devilish flames covering the sky. He raised his sword and shouted: “Kill them for me! Kill all these damn animals!”

Feng Lei entered his demonic beast transformation and then rushed out with all his strength while screaming: “Kill!”

Xuan Yuanyi followed right behind him.

Right after that…

The martial artists of Heavenly Sword City all rushed forward while the sounds of them screaming “kill” shook the sky!

The battle song was permeating the airspace above Heavenly Sword City while the powers of the level 4 War Leader System was floating atop of everyone’s head.

Everyone was inspired.

For their relatives, for their families, and for their country, everyone had disregarded their life and death at this time. They had completely entered a killing mode!

Luo Tian stood in the air. He looked at Devil Monarch Skysoul in the air as well and said with a cold smile: “You really shouldn’t have busted your way out of the Devil Sealing Array. It was destined to be a tragedy the moment you came out, so let’s have a battle to our heart’s content!”

Compared to back then during the time of the Dao Shang auction house, Luo Tian’s current Devil Sovereign Xingtian body was much stronger.

The starlight powers and imperial qi of a country’s fortune had made his Devil Sovereign body much more fierce and powerful!

Just like before, Devil Monarch Skysoul wasn’t putting Luo Tian in his eyes. He continued to look at Luo Tian with a gaze of disdain. He was a bit shocked while watching Luo Tian transform into a Devil Sovereign, but it was only a tiny bit and nothing more.

A gesture made through the void…

Creating a series of explosions as Devil Monarch Skysoul’s movement tore space apart.


Devil Monarch Skysoul made another gesture with his right hand and shouted: “Skysoul Palm!”

A large illusory palm print instantly shot towards Luo Tian!

Suppression at a devastating level!

It contained a trace of energy that Luo Tian had never experienced before. This energy was something that didn’t exist on this continent and it was pressing down onto Luo Tian’s mind.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s blood colored hair was fluttering horizontally. The Heaven Region Sword in Luo Tian’s hand was faintly shaking. This kind of power was just too ferociously powerful! Both of Luo Tian’s hands started moving as he rushed into the sky, releasing all the powers he had as a Devil Sovereign.

“Myriad Devil!”

“Explode for me!”



A full 8670 stacks of Myriad Devil power surged inside his body. The devilish flames around Luo Tian’s body instantly blasted out like the flames of a rocket. The flames were strong to the point that words couldn’t describe it any longer! He then shouted: “Decapitation Strike! Chop it off for me!”


Heaven and earth were in upheaval.

The entire continent started shaking…

As if it was saying that it couldn’t withstand these two forces of power.

“Crack~… crack~… crack~…”

Sounds of glass breaking were coming from the sky. Countless lines of space being ripped apart and distorted could be seen as if they could collapse at any given moment.


Too powerful!

At this instant, Luo Tian was smashed flying for over ten thousand meters. He went through dozens of buildings inside Heavenly Sword City and eventually crashed into the imperial walls, buried among the rubble.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s body only faintly shook.


This made him incomparably angry like he had just received the greatest insult of his life.

The difference in strength was too large!

The Devil Sovereign was restricted by Luo Tian’s cultivation level so it couldn’t display its true prowess.

Within the rubble…

Luo Tian started laughing with incomparable excitement. He then said with a grin: “Strong! So f*cking strong! The stronger you are, the happier this daddy is! The stronger you are, the better the loot explosion! Hahaha…”


“One more time!”

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