Undefeatable – Ch362

Chapter 362 – Completely Not An Opponent

Devil Monarch Skysoul was really strong.

His strength was completely different from the Profound Saint expert Long Wang.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s strength was the kind that was unshakeable.

When facing Long Wang, Luo Tian felt like he could destroy him once he too steps into the Profound Saint realm.

But when it came to Devil Monarch Skysoul’s strength, Luo Tian felt like he still wouldn’t be an opponent after stepping into the Profound Saint realm.


One lived their life to the fullest, so just fight if you don’t accept it!

Moreover, the golden glow of a boss on Devil Monarch Skysoul was just too strong! The glaring golden light he was releasing was similar to the light behind Gautama Buddha!

If you meet a boss in a video game and don’t kill it, you might as well not play!

Even if you cannot kill it, you still had to try!

Luo Tian had no intentions of escaping. He only had one thought in his mind and that was to kill this guy!

Amidst the rubble…

Luo Tian shook off all the dust and instantly leaped back into the air. He was grinning excitedly as he said: “Old Devil Skysoul, so that’s all you’ve got huh? I thought you could instakill me but I didn’t expect your powers were only just that.”


“Long live Prince Consort!”

“I knew Prince Consort wouldn’t die!”

“He’s our Heavenly Sword City’s savior so how can he die just like that?”

The fighting didn’t stop.

It was still extremely intense, except there were many common citizens observing Luo Tian. When they saw Luo Tian being smashed flying, their hearts tightened up. When they saw Luo Tian rise back up into the air without any injuries, their hearts were relieved and they immediately started cheering.

It was unknown when…

The hearts of over ten million people of Heavenly Sword City were linked together with Luo Tian.


The War Leader System inside Luo Tian was blinking red. It was showing signs that it was about to make a breakthrough but it didn’t.

What method was needed to make it level up?

Luo Tian thought for a long time and tried many things but it was all useless. He didn’t want to keep thinking about it because he didn’t have the time. Since he was spending so much effort to figure out how to level up his War Leader System, he might as well use that effort and time to find a way to kill Devil Monarch Skysoul instead.

The War Leader System was giving Luo Tian a vague and insubstantial feeling.

Something he couldn’t figure out.

When dealing with something he couldn’t grasp, Luo Tian would never put too much hope on it. He only believed in himself and his own strength.




Roars of “kill” were heard all over Heavenly Sword City.

Feng Lei’s head was covered in blood. Xuan Yuanyi and Blindman Liu who had transformed into the ancient huge devil were also covered in various injuries. But their combat power was still rising as they struggled to resist this invasion.

The main battlefield was already showing signs of a disappointing state.

The devil fiend army was just too strong, as their collective cultivation levels surpassed Feng Lei and the others.

“Profound Burst Pill!”

“Everyone consume it!”

Shouted Xuan Yuanyi. Over ten thousand martial artists showed no hesitation as they pulled it out and ingested it. This was a medicinal pill valued at tens of millions!

Once the medicinal pill entered their system, their strength instantly soared up.

Feng Lei fiercely stepped on top of a devil fiend member and sucked dry his blood essence. He opened his blood-stained mouth and said: “Those that are injured withdraw and take a Healing Pill. Warriors that have used the Profound Burst Pill charge forward and kill all those damn animals!”


Sounds of slaughtering continued.

Under the powerful effects of the Profound Burst Pill, the originally disheartening state of battle had reversed as the martial artists once again resisted the devil fiend offensive.


Luo Tian was clear that this was only a temporary situation.

Once the effects of the Profound Burst Pill are up, most likely the devil fiend army will break through to the rest of the city. By that time…

Luo Tian’s mind tightened. He looked at Devil Monarch Skysoul up in the air and said: “One more time!”

The only way to solve Heavenly Sword City’s crisis was to kill Devil Monarch Skysoul. There’s a saying of taking care of the King first. Once Devil Monarch dies, the devil fiend army will naturally collapse by itself.

Devil Monarch Skysoul had a face full of rage. His previous attack “Skysoul Palm” had failed to kill Luo Tian and made him very annoyed. Of course, he didn’t know that one of the main factors was the demi-god grade armor Luo Tian was wearing.

In the depths of Devil Monarch Skysoul’s dantian, an extremely terrifying force started surging out.

This was a power from the ancient world!

Luo Tian was extremely familiar with this aura.

Inside Pangu’s Cave, his spiritual sense had once felt this unparalleled force.

Luo Tian’s brows scrunched up as he said to himself: “Old Devil Skysoul indeed comes from the ancient world. He was able to cultivate to such a powerful level with just a piece of his soul… The ancient world is truly a colorful place!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian clenched his fists.

The ancient aura left inside his sea of consciousness by the Ancient King was released.

Level 5 Berserk was activated!

Myriad Devil was activated!

Level 2 Nine Dragons and Elephants was activated!

Starlight and imperial qi powers were released!

These were the strongest powers Luo Tian possessed!

He didn’t dare to leave any reserve powers when dealing with Devil Monarch Skysoul. Even if he released all the powers he possessed, Luo Tian didn’t have much confidence.

Due to his cultivation!

The difference in cultivation levels was simply too large!

If Luo Tian was an expert at the Profound Saint realm, the combined powers he released would be extremely terrifying. But he was only at the Profound King 9th rank and was completely restricted by it.

Around the same time…

Luo Tian grasped the Extreme Yin Divine Pearl in his hand and said to himself: “This daddy shall fight a war of attrition with you. I will greatly profit as long as I injure you and I refuse to believe that your profound energy is inexhaustible. Even if I cannot beat you, this daddy shall deplete the crap out of you!”

He made a thought…

Luo Tian was the first to make a move and charge towards Devil Monarch Skysoul with his unparalleled powers.

Devil Monarch Skysoul coldly harrumphed. His face was full of contempt before he said in ridicule: “You really must think you’ve lived for too long. You want to fight with me with just this much power? You can just go ahead and die!”

As the word “die” was said…

The sky covered with devilish flames instantly withdrew back into Devil Monarch Skysoul’s body.

Within this instant…

The powers of the ancient world were released! Devil Monarch Skysoul’s eyes widened as he shouted: “Paramount Fusion Divine Palm!”

Gale winds started raging…

Space started distorting and the entire sky started shaking.

Too powerful!

The sky of Tianxuan Continent couldn’t endure this energy fluctuation!

Luo Tian’s face turned pale from being affected by this energy. The killing intent inside his heart turned thicker as he shouted: “Pangu’s Divine Slash, chop!”


The moment these two powers collided…

Luo Tian activated his Shadow Clone and his figure instantly disappeared. He entered the void and made a thought; the Extreme Yin Divine Pearl in his hand immediately exploded with power as he charged towards Devil Monarch Skysoul.


At this instant…

Luo Tian’s heart turned cold.

It suddenly became incomparably chilly.

At this time…

He realized that he was really too weak and small when compared to Devil Monarch Skysoul.

All his moves had been seen through!

The moment he entered the void, his body was being restricted by some type of power. He turned around to look and noticed his leg was being held onto by a huge black hand. The huge hand was covered in red flames and looked hideously terrifying.

The explosive powers of the Extreme Yin Divine Pearl was released but didn’t harm Devil Monarch Skysoul.

As for Luo Tian, he was fiercely pulled out of the void by Devil Monarch Skysoul.

Lifted up into the air…

And then heavily smashed down!


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