Undefeatable – Ch363

Chapter 363 – All Hearts United As One, Level Up


Luo Tian’s crashing body created a deep hole.

“Playing Shadow Clone with me? You’re still too tender!”


As the voice faded…

Devil Monarch Skysoul was holding onto Luo Tian’s leg while flinging him overhead to smash down again. A building immediately collapsed into a pile of rubble. He then shouted: “This daddy gave you face by giving you a choice to save your life, yet you don’t know how to appreciate it!”


Another smash.

“You killed my Little Dark.”


Another smash.

“A lowly human being like you dares to insult me, Skysoul? Who gave you that qualification? You aren’t even qualified to fight with me! You really think by gaining a bit of power, you can become my opponent? Too weak! Practically weak to a complete mess!”


Being smashed one right after another.

Two big holes about several hundred meters deep were smashed on both sides.

Luo Tian’s face was covered in blood.

His life was hanging by a thread.

The rage inside Devil Monarch Skysoul’s heart had completely erupted. He kept on roaring and treated Luo Tian like a rag doll; smashing him left and right. Luo Tian’s entire body was drenched in blood.

His entire body was a bloody mess.

“Die for me!”

Devil Monarch Skysoul roared out with eyes wide. He then tossed Luo Tian’s body into the air before summoning a powerful force from the sky. It directly slammed into Luo Tian’s abdominal area, smashing his body back down onto the ground!


Heaven and earth shook.

The rippling shockwave from the collision shot out over a million kilometers.

Countless structures inside Heavenly Sword City collapsed due to the shaking. Even the imperial palace standing for over ten thousand years was shaking like it could collapse at any given moment.

A cloud of dust was seen spreading out and up into the sky.

The deep hole looked like it was created by the explosion of a missile. It was a complete mess and no signs of life were seen in it.

Inside Heavenly Sword City.

Everyone was dumbstruck by this scene. At this moment, their hearts sank into the abyss as they all worried about Luo Tian’s safety.



“Dragon head!”

“Big brother Luo Tian!”

Feng Lei and others looked like they had lost their minds as they rushed over. Their hearts felt like it had become dead silent!

There was an unspeakable pain and a wave of indescribable anger in their hearts. They only wanted to rush to the side of Luo Tian to be by his side. Just one look at him would be good enough.

A heavy atmosphere.

Incomparably heavy!

Over ten million people in Heavenly Sword City felt like their hearts were suspended in midair. This kind of feeling was really uncomfortable. Each and every one of them was silently praying for Luo Tian. They had clasped their hands together and sincerely looked up to the sky, “Please bless Prince Consort so that he is safe and sound. I am willing to use up ten years of my own longevity for it…”

“Please bless Prince Consort so that he can get through this calamity. For the rest of my life, I will become a vegetarian…”

“Please bless…”

In the frontlines…

They had lost Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi, these two powerful Generals. The Commander of the Imperial Palace Guards was screaming: “We must avenge Prince Consort! Avenge Prince Consort! Kill them!”


The desire to kill became much stronger, raising their combat power to a whole new level!


No matter how strong their combat powers were, there was no way to resist the unparalleled devil fiend army. They were slowly forced to retreat. The devil fiend army had already killed their way into the city and the dead could be seen lying everywhere. Even babies in their parent’s arms weren’t spared.

The blood on the grounds of Heavenly Sword City was slowly turning into a river!

Dead people.

Crazily killing people. The devil fiend army was killing purely for fun and would kill any human they saw.

Sounds of mourning.

Sounds of wailing.

Scenes of pain.

But no one bothered with them, as if Heavenly Sword City had been abandoned by the rest of the world. This kind of feeling made others despair without a single trace of hope. People’s hearts and minds were enshrouded by nothing but death!

In the midst of the rubble.

Below the scattering dust cloud was a body entrenched inside a deep hole. A body covered in blood could be seen lying there – the body of Devil Sovereign Xingtian.

At this moment…

The body was crazily going through a transformation.

It had reverted back into a human’s body and was still covered in blood. Devil Monarch Skysoul’s attacking method and smashed both bodies into serious injuries.

This was reality.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s strength was just too powerful. The ancient world’s powers; cultivating in Tianxuan Continent for a hundred thousand years; the things he had endured and experienced were completely different from what martial artists on this continent had encountered. This made his powers extremely fierce and unparalleled!

The devil body hadn’t even reached the ten minute limit yet and already started reverting back.

There was no way of supporting it.

The human body of Luo Tian was now lying in the rubble with a pale white face. His eyes were unfocused while he coughed a few times, bringing along a mixture of blood and saliva. He clenched his fists in a dejected state, “Is there no other way?”

“He hasn’t died!”

“Prince Consort is still alive, hahaha…”

“He’s really still alive! I can hear his voice!”

As the dust settled, many common citizens rushed over and surrounded the deep hole. Looking at Luo Tian’s ash pale face, the faint rise and fall of his chest, they instantly became excited and started yelling.

He hasn’t died yet!

This was because the Devil Sovereign body was quite tough.

If it was the body of the human race, Luo Tian would’ve been smashed into pulp already.

Add on the Blood God’s Armor to beef up his defense, Luo Tian had barely resisted Devil Monarch Skysoul’s attack.

“He hasn’t died?!”

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s rage surged out endlessly. His expression was extremely ferocious as he shouted: “I would really like to see how many attacks you can resist! You damn lowly dog thing, die for me!”


Feng Lei transformed at crazy speeds and instantly blocked in front of Devil Monarch Skysoul. He pointed at Devil Monarch Skysoul and shouted: “The only way you can get past is through me! There’s no way I’m going to let you harm a strand of hair from my young master!”


Devil Monarch Skysoul waved his right hand and directly smashed Feng Lei away.


Feng Lei’s body was smashed flying through dozens of buildings for thousands of meters. His body was buried in the rubble and his life and death unknown!

Feng Lei was down.

Xuan Yuanyi quickly stepped up.

There was no hesitation.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s rage had already reached an extreme. He palm once again swung out horizontally while he shouted: “Scram for me!”

Xuan Yuanyi was instantly smashed flying.

Blindman Liu’s ancient huge devil body was entrenched into the ground. He had a ferocious look while smile excitedly: “Dragon head, if there’s really a next life, this blind guy will play you a good song…”

Before he was able to finish his words…

Devil Monarch Skysoul swung his palm. No matter how deep Blindman Liu’s hands and legs were entrenched into the ground, his huge body was still struck flying.

A huge difference!

The cultivation difference was simply too huge!

In front of Devil Monarch Skysoul, these guys weren’t even considered an ant! This was complete suppression where they couldn’t even put up an ounce of resistance!

Tang Tang, Tang Jiu, Qin Yue’er, An Chunchun, and Da Ji all stood forward. Their gazes were unmoving as they blocked in front of the deep hole.

It wasn’t just them.

All the common citizens of Heavenly Sword City stood forward.

The elderly, the children, the women, all blocked in front of the deep hole. The look in their eyes were as hard as steel!

At this moment…

All the hearts of the people in Heavenly Sword City were linked together.

All hearts united as one!


“This is good too!”

“Since you guys enjoy blocking the path of this Devil Monarch, then you can all go to hell for me!” The devilish flames on Devil Monarch Skysoul surged into the sky.

Also at this moment…

Inside the deep hole…

An alert tone sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


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