Undefeatable – Ch364

Chapter 364 – Target Locked!

A melodious alert tone sounded off.

Luo Tian’s mind blanked out for a bit before he smiled bitterly. “Some random devil fiend just got killed and the experienced points landed on my head at a time like this?”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining All Hearts United As One. The War Leader System as leveled up! You are currently at level 5!”

After hearing this…

Luo Tian’s body started shaking in excitement.

He was lying amidst the rubble with extreme pain throughout his whole body. But at this moment, his body exploded with an unparalleled force. He was roaring internally: “Level up! I’ve finally leveled up motherf*cker!”

His teeth were clenched so tightly that it was making cracking sounds.

The feeling of being suppressed for two days finally had an outlet.

At this moment…

A sense of strength started rising inside his heart.

Level 5 War Leader System can summon the Heavenly Sword!

An out of this world divine sword that could kill with just one strike!

Luo Tian’s blood started boiling when he thought of this.


Luo Tian struggled to stand up before using all his strength to roar into the sky: “Old Devil Skysoul!”

His voice shook the skies!

This was accompanied by a powerful surge of momentum.

Luo Tian’s voice made the entire Heavenly Sword City become silent. Everyone had turned around to look at him standing in the deep hole.

Face covered in blood.

His whole body faintly shaking and unable to stand properly. He was just like a decrepit old man that was going to fall over or maybe even die any second.

But he maintained standing in a stubborn manner.

“Prince Consort has really survived.”

“He stood up.”

“This is too great!”

Many people started crying emotionally but their bodies didn’t move away. The continued standing there to block Devil Monarch Skysoul. A determined look appeared in their eyes; one that showed they didn’t even fear their oncoming death.

To these people…

Luo Tian had already done a lot for them.

If it weren’t for Luo Tian, they would’ve died already; Heavenly Sword City and their country wouldn’t exist anymore.

Their hearts were filled with gratitude.

Everyone feared death, but there were times when death wasn’t so scary. They knew they weren’t opponents of Devil Monarch Skysoul but they were infected by Luo Tian’s unyielding spirit, so they all became united in an instant.

They were standing firm blocking in front of Luo Tian.

Inside the void…

Those experts were faintly shocked but then started laughing in ridicule.

“I didn’t expect him to be still alive.”

“He may be alive right now but he’s going to die pretty soon.”

“Looking at his condition right now… not to mention Devil Monarch Skysoul, even a three year old child can kill him. It’s merely a pipedream wanting to kill Devil Monarch Skysoul with his strength, and he wanted to kill us afterward? Overestimating his own abilities! Even if he manages to survive this ordeal, he will still be smashed into pieces by us. People like him are delusional about their own powers are basically living laughingstocks!”

“That’s right!”


They were mocking.

They couldn’t understand why the common citizens of Heavenly Sword City were standing firm trying to protect Luo Tian.

And what was the point in protecting these ant-like normal people?

These experts felt like that were martial artists possessing the most supreme powers, and these common citizens were not related to them at all. Even if all the common people of the world died off, it wouldn’t even cause them to raise an eyebrow.

That’s why they couldn’t understand.

The way they looked down on regular people came from deep inside their bones.

They felt like they were superior to them.

In fact…

They had forgotten their roots. Once upon a time, their parents or their grandparents or even ancestors were once regular people. They started off as an unknown common person and cultivated with all their efforts in order to become strong.

When these people became supreme experts, they hated their past and felt like it was something shameful in their life.

These types of people are the ones that are beneath an animal!

Luo Tian ignored them because these people in his eyes weren’t even qualified for him to pay attention to. These were a bunch of annoying flies that he will one day kill. This was beyond a doubt!

At this time…

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s gaze darkened. Being unable to kill Luo Tian already made him extremely angry. He was even angrier now that Luo Tian was standing up. The devilish flames on his body were billowing out and enshrouding the entire Heavenly Sword City.

Immediately after…

The city was wrapped up like a cocoon.

Streams of devilish flames that looked like demons and monsters were crazily flying around Heavenly Sword City while making ghostly wails that made people shudder in fear.

Heavenly Sword City…

Had become something like hell on earth!


A very normal looking little girl ran forward.

Upon running to the front of Devil Monarch Skysoul, she pulled out a piece of candy. This was her most favorite candy. She raised her head and looked up at Devil Monarch Skysoul and said in an immature voice: “I will give you this candy to eat so can you spare Prince Consort?”

A child.

An extremely kind child.

It created a big contrast when standing next to a huge devil fiend.

The girl’s mother was crying her eyes out but didn’t stop her.

Devil Monarch Skysoul showed no signs of sympathy or mercy. The rage inside his heart had actually become even stronger!

This was a rage he had never experienced before.


He realized that everyone was using their life to protect Luo Tian. The more it was like this, the angrier he became. His eyes slowly widened to glare at the fragile looking girl on the ground. His right hand rose up as he shouted in anger: “Die for me!”

The palm was slapping downwards!

The girl’s mother could only scream out the girl’s name as she almost fainted from shock.

The little girl didn’t move and only looked up at Devil Monarch Skysoul in a sincere manner. Her eyes were unprecedentedly clear without a trace of impurity.

“Save her!”

“Oh, Heavens! Please save the little girl!”

“Please save us! Save Heavenly Sword City!”

Inside Heavenly Sword City…

A series of cries were heard as people fell into despair.

This was true despair.

Even the heavens and earth was moved by it.


Dull thunderous roars seem to explode from the nine heavens.

Heavenly Sword City started shaking violently.

Shaking, shaking, and more shaking. With the imperial palace as the center, the shaking and tremors rippled out. Wave after wave of energy ripples surged out affecting half the Tianxuan Continent. The devilish flames enshrouding Heavenly Sword City was instantly shattered!

Tang Qingtian’s brows quivered as he said to himself: “This power…


Tang Qingtian’s eyes widened. He stood up with an incomparably shocked expression before saying: “Heavenly Sword! This is the energy of the Heavenly Sword!”

“Could the Heavenly Sword be moved by the plight of the common citizens of Heavenly Sword City… causing the Heavenly Sword that has been silent for ten thousand years to break out of the earth?”

Even though he was the old ancestor of the Tang family, he too couldn’t quite understand this.

At this moment…

All the devil fiend soldiers were shaking. The devil race in hiding over tens of millions of kilometers away was shaking as well. They were lying on the ground and murmuring something with complete fear in their eyes. The might of the Heavenly Sword made every member of the devil race shudder in terror.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s expression faintly changed.

He could feel this force cause his mind to tighten, making him unconsciously becoming more careful.

Luo Tian!

He walked out of the rubble one step at a time. The crowd naturally made a path for him as he displayed the faint smile of a grim reaper. Looking at Devil Monarch Skysoul who had raised his palm but forgot to smash down, Luo Tian coldly smiled and said: “I’ve already said it before… I’m going to explode you!”


“Target Locked!”

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