Undefeatable – Ch365

Chapter 365 – Devil Monarch Skysoul, Explode!


“Target locked!”

Luo Tian smiled with excitement when he heard the alert tone.

His expression had turned arrogant to the max.

The rage in his heart erupted all at once. He looked at Devil Monarch Skysoul ferociously and scolded with disdain: “Your granny! Now it should be this daddy’s turn to be arrogant! You dared to f*cking touch my brothers? Destroy my city? Injure my Great Tang’s citizens? Now you’re not even sparing a little girl? Do you still have any humanity left in you?”


“I forgot that you aren’t even human.”

“You’re just an old dog that’s lived for a few hundred thousand years.”

The words Luo Tian spoke made everyone dumbstruck.

He actually dared to say those words to Devil Monarch Skysoul? He…

He… did he go insane?

All the common citizens of Heavenly Sword City were staring at him. All those martial artists in the frontline were staring at him. A majority of the powerful experts in Tianxuan Continent were staring at him. They all thought Luo Tian had lost his mind! Who the hell gave him the courage to say something like that?!

Or should we say that Luo Tian was trying to mock Devil Monarch Skysoul one last time before his own death?

With his body filled with injuries, even a low leveled cultivator could defeat him easily. So what kind of power allowed him to say those words?

At this moment…

Luo Tian had an extremely cocky and arrogant look on his face. There was an unexplainable excitement to his expression which made him look like a mentally ill person.

What’s going on with him?

Without a doubt…

If you were playing a game and were about to kill a super boss, wouldn’t you be excited? Would you be arrogant? Would you act all cocky and show off?

One definitely would act arrogant!

Devil Monarch Skysoul couldn’t understand what qualifications Luo Tian had to stand in front of him maintaining that arrogant expression. Looking at Luo Tian’s fearless attitude, he started laughing in disdain. “A damn trashy existence wishes to act overbearing one last time before dying, huh?”


“This Devil Monarch will allow you to act wildly to your content!”

As his voice faded…

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s rage erupted as the devilish flames on his body surged out like a tsunami. His eyes turned fierce while shouting into the sky: “Devil flames bury the sky! Complete suppression! I want Heavenly Sword City thoroughly erased from this continent!”

Not just destroyed but completely obliterated!

Turn everything here into ashes!

Devil Monarchy Skysoul’s rage was endless as he released his full powers. The dark devilish flames once again wrapped Heavenly Sword City up like a cocoon. His terrifying powers were surging about like crazy as it suppressed the entire city.

Space was continuously being distorted.

It looked like it could burst at any time.

At this moment…

Everyone in Heavenly Sword City was staring at Luo Tian.

Although they were at the brink of despair, they were still looking towards Luo Tian.

Luo Tian didn’t show a trace of fear and his expression of excitement actually turned stronger. He looked up the churning energy in the air and grinned excitedly: “What a powerful force! It’s truly really strong! But all these powers will soon become mine.”


Crazy laughter!

A burst of crazy savage laughter.

As the laughter faded…

Luo Tian leaped into the air and used his last ounce of energy to stay afloat. Since he was covered in blood, he looked like a floating entity that had just crawled out of a blood pool. Looking at Devil Monarch Skysoul, he roared out: “Come out Heavenly Sword!”



A loud sword ringing sound surged into the sky.

It sounded like it wanted to penetrate the sky and also sounded like a flying sword coming from beyond the heavens.

A golden colored sword!

The sword’s blade wasn’t very big and looked no different than your average sword. Except the powers coming from the blade can cause the beholder’s mind and heart to shiver in cold.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s expression drastically changed.

He started feeling afraid.

At this moment, a trace of fear arose in his mind. This was a feeling that had hadn’t felt in over a hundred thousand years. There was no hesitation when he saw the golden sword as he instantly turned around to escape!


Devil Monarch Skysoul was actually trying to run away!

And his actions showed no hesitation! The devilish flames instantly pulled back as his figure drilled into the void. There was no intent to fight and no intent to bother with his little brothers in the devil fiend army. He was directly escaping by himself!

He was scared!

Incomparably scared!

No one knew why he was trying to escape.

They were absolutely confused.

Even the common citizens of Heavenly Sword City were clueless. Some actually thought Devil Monarch Skysoul was about to release an even more powerful spell.

Luo Tian didn’t chase after him and just laughed crazily. He then said with incomparable arrogance: “Old Dog Skysoul, who knew you’d feel fear as well?! You wish to run away huh? You f*cking dared to touch my brothers, this daddy will make you die without a burial!”


Luo Tian pointed with his finger towards the void. He then harrumphed in a gloomy manner and said: “Each and every one of you just wait for this daddy. You love watching shows, right? You love mocking this daddy, right? This daddy has memorized every one of your names. You guys just wait patiently for the day when this daddy sends you all to hell.”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian’s mind tightened. He then roared into the sky: “Come out Heavenly Sword! Slash for me!”


A golden sword behind Luo Tian flew out like lightning…

Before piercing into the void.

Before anyone could react, a huge black hole appeared in the sky.

A black hole due to space shattering!

It was twisting and distorting. The energy coming from the black hole was of unparalleled intensity. Thunderous sounds one louder than the next was heard, just like a nuclear bomb explosion. Within a few square miles, space continued to look like it was shattering.



A huge figure suddenly fell out of the black hole.

Right after it was a golden sword.

The golden sword made a slashing motion and directly chopped down.


A seemingly normal looking energy glided past Devil Monarch Skysoul’s body. Both his eyes bulged out as he desperately resisted. He wailed out: “No! No! Don’t kill me!”


“Old Dog Skysoul, so you can feel fear too, huh?”

“Didn’t you want to f*cking kill me? Weren’t you about to destroy my Heavenly Sword City?”

“Aren’t you some supreme soul remnant from the ancient world?”

“Weren’t you just very arrogant?”

“Motherf*cker! Why don’t you f*cking show this daddy how arrogant you were just then?!” Scolded Luo Tian before continuing: “Those who mess with my brothers, die!”

“Kill for me!”


Luo Tian had entered a state of insanity.

He was venting all the unhappiness inside his heart.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s whole body was shaking. The crotch of his pants was drenched with urine and his face had turned pale. There was no way for him to resist when dealing with the energy on the golden sword. No matter what type of power he used, they were all completely useless. His body was similar to bamboo as it was split into two.

What scared him the most was…

His ancient shattered soul remnant was also destroyed!

This meant he was truly going to die.

He will forever disappear from this world.

He was unwilling!

Extremely unwilling!

The hard work he put in for a hundred thousand years was gone just like that.

He roared into the sky and said his last words: “Luo Tian! My master will not spare you! Just wait until you enter the ancient world and that will be the day of your death! Hahaha…”


Devil Monarch Skysoul’s body suddenly exploded.

The devilish flames on his body turned to powder as his body was completely obliterated!

Obliterated with one sword strike!

This power…

Was too motherf*cking awesome!

Luo Tian was excited as the moment he was waiting for had arrived. He started praying internally: “Teacher Sola Aoi, please give me a big loot explosion!”

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