Undefeatable – Ch369

Chapter 369 – I Cannot Hold Back Anymore


The moment for his sexual happiness had finally arrived.

After wishing upon the stars and the moon, the day he had yearned for was here.

His heart was feeling incredibly excited.

Evil flames of desires mixed with excitement made his crotch area release a faint killing intent. Looking at the peerless beauties inside the main hall, Luo Tian started rubbing his hands together that had a trace of hot sweat.

It was similar to the impending moment of facing a powerful boss. Luo Tian felt like he was even a bit more excited than when he was dealing with Devil Monarch Skysoul.

This was the tragedy of being a virgin!

Luo Tian stepped into the courtyard and quickly walked into the main hall. He cleared his throat and said: “Oh yeah! I remember last night you girls said… said… said something about giving me your bodies?”

He was trying to summon his courage!

Luo Tian’s palms started becoming clammy with sweaty again. He was thinking that he would rather deal with Devil Monarch Skysoul again than experience this scene.

Qin Yue’er shrugged her shoulders and her twin peaks were pushed to their highest elevation. It was pure white and veins could be seen. Her white twin peaks looked like they wanted to burst out of her clothes to expose themselves. This made the beholder want to fiercely grab it and fondle it for a long period of time.

Those twin peaks faintly shook and her shirt looked like it was about to rip at the seams. Qin Yue’er put on a very pure and innocent look and said: “We said something like that? Did we ever say such words? How can innocent girls like us say such things? You definitely must’ve heard wrong.”

“That’s right!”

Tang Tang walked over while trying to push her chest out as well, but realized her chest wasn’t able to replicate the effects of Qin Yue’er. She shrunk back and said: “Smelly scoundrel, you definitely heard wrong. We never said those words and are still waiting to get together with the boss.”

Da Ji covered her mouth and softly giggled.

Luo Tian became depressed.

“Damn it!”

“How can you girls play me like that? I almost cannot hold it back anymore! You girls say that you never said those words to me? You all… you all… good! Watch how I take care of you girls!” Luo Tian rolled up his sleeves and revealed an evil smile. He grabbed Tang Tang and fiercely gave her little butt a big slap. “Did you say it?”


“I never said those words!”

“It’s still no, even if you slap my little butt rotten.” Tang Tang said through clenched teeth but a strange feeling was stirring in her heart. This kind of feeling was rather special and somewhat delightful, which was completely different from when Luo Tian slapped her butt in the past.

It was like…

Something she had never felt before! When he slapped her butt, she actually felt a trace of pleasure!

She even gave off a faint moan that she never thought possible!

Her face couldn’t help but turn red. It was fortunate that Luo Tian didn’t hear that or else her face would be even redder!

“Big sister Yue’er, big sister Da Ji, save me! Smelly scoundrel is smacking me, wuuu~…” Tang Tang pretended to look aggrieved while her heart was hoping Luo Tian would slap her butt a few more times so that she could experience this delightful feeling again.

Qin Yue’er smiled charmingly and pretended to be calm while she said: “You can ask Chunchun if you don’t believe it. She will never lie. Just ask her if we’ve ever said such a thing.”

An Chunchun didn’t wait for Luo Tian to ask and directly said: “They never said such a thing. Big sister Tang Tang, big sister Yue’er, and my mother never said those words. Big brother Luo Tian, you must’ve heard the wrong thing.”


“Could it be that I was hallucinating?”

“Impossible! I swear I heard it very clearly.”

Luo Tian mumbled to himself in thought for a bit before saying in doubt: “Could it be that I was overly anxious last night?”

After saying that, An Chunchun looked over at Qin Yue’er and giggled. She then made a victory pose sign and said softly: “Big sister Yue’er, you promised me two sticks of candied haws.”

Her voice wasn’t loud.


Luo Tian still heard it clearly. His eyes widened and immediately said: “Great! You girls actually bribed a child. You all… you all aren’t even letting a little girl off. You girls are really bad, so I need to punish you all.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian held onto An Chunchun and said: “Chunchun is a good girl. Tomorrow, big brother Luo Tian will bring you out to buy you three sticks of candied haws. You tell me; did they say they were going to give me their bodies last night?”

An Chunchun giggled with a cute expression, easily making any beholder feel like she was extremely adorable. “Big brother Luo Tian, I’ve already promised big sister Yue’er. But… if you were to offer me five sticks, then I will definitely stand on your side.”

After saying that…

An Chunchun whispered at the side of Luo Tian’s ear: “They did say it.”

There’s no need to mention how cute her expression was.

Luo Tian started laughing. A flash of golden light appeared in his eyes as he stared at Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er. He then started chuckling in an evil manner and said: “You have all heard it, heh heh… tonight we shall roll around on a big bed.”

“What 3000 rounds? We’re going for 30,000 rounds!”

“If we’re going to battle, we might as well do it until dawn!”

Evil flames…

Were crazily burning up!

Luo Tian’s whole body was burning hot. The strong aura of a man coming from him made Qin Yue’er intoxicated, causing herself to have a strange reaction inside. This feeling was something she had never experienced before and was quite delightful.

Tang Tang felt her body loosen and gently bumped Qin Yue’er: “Big sister Yue’er, should we just let him have it? We’ll be his sooner or later, so I was wondering… wondering what it would feel like.”

After saying that, Tang Tang’s face turned so red that even juice could be squeezed out from it.

It’s not like Qin Yue’er didn’t want it.

She wanted it, quite badly.

Her body was burning hot as well. She was deeply attracted to the aura of Luo Tian and even her lower region was getting wet.

The defensive lines of those two had been loosened up.

One could say they were about to be broken through by Luo Tian.

But at this moment…

An Chunchun suddenly cried out: “Chunchun wants to join you! We will battle ‘til dawn together! We will battle 3000 rounds together! Yeah!”



“Hee hee…”

The three women laughed at the same time.

The peculiar feeling amongst them gradually disappeared.

Qin Yue’er gave an enchanting look with a seductive gaze and asked: “Bastard, do you still want to battle now?”

Luo Tian’s expression sank.

Even if he wanted to and couldn’t endure anymore, he still couldn’t do such bestial acts in front of a child.

An Chunchun was only a child not even 8 years old yet.


Luo Tian’s evil flames had been dampened quite a bit. He could only mumble bitterly: “I won with Chunchun, but was also defeated by Chunchun.”

An Chunchun maintained her innocent look. Her large eyes blinked a few times at Luo Tian before asking: “Big brother Luo Tian, what are you talking about? Aren’t you all going to have a big battle? That game sounds really fun so I want to play too, hee hee…”

Luo Tian faintly smiled and replied: “We will play this game when you get older. The only thing you need to do right now is to quickly grow up!”

After saying that…

Luo Tian looked at Qin Yue’er and said: “You girls just wait and see, there will eventually be a time when An Chunchun isn’t around! Humph!”

The tent in his crotch area was already pushing up into the sky.

It was swelling bigger and getting uncomfortable, and he really almost couldn’t hold it in anymore.

In the end, due to An Chunchun’s cute adorable face, Luo Tian managed to endure.

Qin Yue’er looked at Luo Tian in a serious manner and said: “Wait until we meet the boss first. Once she gives the okay, we will immediately give ourselves to you. Don’t worry you bastard, we will still be your women this life even if we die!”

Tang Tang nodded.

An Chunchun copied and nodded her head.

Very serious!

There was a feeling of warmth inside his heart as Luo Tian said with a grin: “I will hold it in for now but there will certainly be a big explosion in the future!”

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